My Stash Box (7/1/14)
I didnt know that.. its a repress of an old album right? Where was it sold at just curious?
It's not a reprint of any of his old albums. It's 6's both his songs from the let Em bleed CD. It's the album versions, the edited versions, and Akuma remixes of those songs. It was never sold to the public. From what I've been told only around 3-5 copies ever got made.
I think it's more of a DJ clay promo for let em bleed
There's been some debate over whether its a dj clay CD or an awesome dre CD amongst the audio guys. I feel it's more of an awesome dre CD than a dj clay CD, personally. It has awesome dre written real big on the CD itself and only mentions clay in real small writing with "taken from the dj clay album....". Plus, when I met clay I had the chance to talk with him about it and he referred to it as an awesome dre CD. But that's just my opinion.
I have mine under :p
I also think it as Awesome Dre Cd... Obviously but I see where people would think DJ Clay Promo Cd since AD doesn't have anything released on Psychopathic... And I also know that mine came from Dre Personally so is another reason I say Dre's cd



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