So, I bought what I thought looked to be a legit promo flyer for the HOK "The Evolution Double CD", & I won the bid, for a price I knew might be a little good to be true.

Soon after I won the bid the seller re-posted another auction for the same item, raised the price, & said he had 9 of the same flyer available.

( ).

I received my "fresh off the printer" copy today, & not only was it obviously fake, it was printed on blue paper, obviously the guy was out of white paper when he decided to scam me, & couldn't even be smart about his shit & at least print it on white paper.
I checked his listings & saw that he also has many ICP flyers for sale, I would probably steer clear of them. I've already contacted him, & I am waiting to see the response I get.
so paid less then 12.00 for a hok flyer?and thought it might be the real deal?
(07-27-2012, 02:29 PM)S.K.M.F. Wrote: so paid less then 12.00 for a hok flyer?and thought it might be the real deal?

Laugh (lol)

Definitely heed those words my friend. That's been up for days now, if it was that cheap I would have bought it as soon as I saw it.

But when I saw this in the auction..
I figured that's a pretty big red flag..
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That is why his description says read everything before bidding.
we have been through this before and if he is a pt'er you can't really do anything on here unless you did the deal on here.

but if he does not give you a refund, do the report a seller on ebay and then open a claim for the item to get a refund because it is counterfeit. luckily for you, sellers have no rights on ebay so you will get a refund almost every time for something like this. it's my opinion that's it definitely worth the risk to have the chance of getting something like this real.
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