This was to good to be true........

I knew right away the dog beats wasn't real, and the other 2 I knew were in Behind The Paint so I checked and guess what? Not only were they bolth in there but the black flyer was missing the same corner in the book as on the flyer.

He's also selling a blue coc catalog which I'd say is also probally fake. But he does have a couple nice shirts up.
Man you gave away the entire story, why would anyone click that link.
[Image: esham1994.jpg]
There seems to have been an explosion of bootleg flyers as of late. I try not to buy flyers off ebay but once in a blue moon it pays off. Plus anyone who doesn't except returns is a big red flag to me.
i dont accept returns ever

its a as is market
dudes too lazy to even write a good description
too bad the shirts aren't original like he says.
here he is

(05-25-2012, 12:31 PM)ieatpeople17 Wrote: here he is

i reported his flyers and messaged him on facebook to stop selling his fake crap and that more people will be reporting his items as well
[Image: 2012-05-19155131.jpg]
[Image: esham1994.jpg]

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