Updated list of audio
complete current list of all audio. Updated 1/23


Dog Beats 1st pressing no barcode- SOLD
Dog Beats 2nd pressing w/1cd25 on spine -  SOLD
Dog Beats 4 member - SOLD
Dog Beats 2 member SOLD
Dog Beats no writing - SOLD
Carnival of Carnage White Spine blue tape w/o barcode (313) 399-7284- SOLD
Carnival of carnage White Spine blue tape w/barcode (313) 399-7284-SOLD
Carnival of Carnage black spine w/ old font (313) 399-7284
Carnival of Carnage (810) 399-7284 [sealed]- SOLD
Carnival of Carnage (810) 967-0022 [sealed]- SOLD
Carnival of Carnage 347-3313[sealed] SOLD
Carnival of Carnage remastered w/13 trks [sealed w/sticker]-SOLD
Carnival of Carnage remastered w/15 trks [sealed w/sticker SOLD
Beverly kills w/green foil (313)399-7284- SOLD
Beverly kills clear shell (810) 399-7284- SOLD
Beverly Kills tinted green 347-3313 [sealed]- SOLD
Beverly Kills solid green 347-3313-SOLD
Beverly Kills Green foil 347-3313- SOLD
Ringmaster black shell w/gold writing [313] 399-7284 -SOLD
Ringmaster gold foil w/black writing [313] 399-7284 (sealed)- SOLD
Ringmaster gold foil 967-0022- SOLD
Ringmaster w/gold foil (810)347-3313 SOLD
Ringmaster remastered w/gold foil
Terror wheel (313) 399-7284-SOLD
Terror Wheel 967-0022 - SOLD
Terror wheel 347-3313-SOLD
X-mas 94  (967-0022)
Fuck off yellow 2trk- SOLD
Fuck off Yellow 4trk- 20 bux
Fuck off Blue 4trk-SOLD
Fat sweaty betty- SOLD
Dead pumpkins [sealed with sticker]- SOLD
Dead pumpkins open w\o sticker
forgotten freshness (810)-967-0022-SOLD
Jokers wild sampler
Riddle Box clear shell [sealed W/ Sticker]-SOLD
Riddle Box clear shell [sealed W/O sticker]- SOLD
Riddle Box solid orange SOLD
Riddle Box solid orange [sealed w/sticker]- SOLD
Riddle Box (Polish Pressing W/white letters)- SOLD
Riddle Box  with blue letters spine- SOLD
Mr Rotten Treats og SOLD
Mr. Rotten Treats re-issue - SOLD
Chicken Huntin 2trk [sealed] - SOLD
Chicken huntin 3trk open w/red sticker on case
Chicken huntin 3trk sealed w/red stciker- SOLD
Chicken Huntin 3trk open without sticker SOLD
Witches & Warlocks Detroit (sealed)- SOLD
Witches and Warlocks Toledo -SOLD
Tunnel of love x x x version w/o sticker SOLD
Tunnel of love xxx version [sealed w/sticker]-SOLD
Tunnel of love  967-0022
Tunnel of love 347-3313- SOLD
Mr. johnson's head re-mix SOLD
Great Milenko island BMG no foil- SOLD
Great Milenko island
Great Milenko [hollywood] open w/sticker on case SOLD
Mutilation mix  SOLD
X-mas 97 [sealed w/sticker] - SOLD
Forgotten Freshness vol. 1&2
Forgotten Freshness vol. 1&2 BMG -SOLD
Mad professor [sealed] SOLD
Phat or wack [sealed] SOLD
Amazing Jeckel brothers Jack {tinted red} [sealed w/sticker]- SOLD
Amazing Jeckel brothers jake {tinted red} [sealed w/sticker]- SOLD
Amazing Jeckel Brothers jake [polish pressing] (clear shell)-SOLD
Amazing Jeckel brothers jake Solid red- SOLD
Bizzar [sealed w/sticker]- SOLD
Bizzar Thialand pressing - SOLD
Bizaar [sealed w/sticker]-SOLD

HOK/Twiztid Tapes:
Home Sweet Home- SOLD
Season of the Pumpkin- SOLD
Head Tramua- SOLD
Outbreed [sealed]- SOLD
Collectors Edition 97 orange [sealed]  SOLD
Collectors Edition 97 green-SOLD
Collectors Edition 97 blue [sealed]- SOLD
Casket Cutz [purple, sealed] SOLD
Casket Cutz [orange,sealed] SOLD
Casket Cutz [black,sealed] SOLD
Mostasteless Clear shell- SOLD
Mostasteless solid yellow [sealed w/sticker]- SOLD
Mostasteless re-issue cover [sealed w/sticker]- SOLD
Freekshow- SOLD

Chickin Huntin 12"
Riddlebox [sealed]
Hokus Pokus 7" pic disc
Hokus Pokus 12"
Halls of illusions (#603/1000) SOLD
Wraith LP vinyl
Wraith die cut vinyl #341/1500
Wraith Limited pic disc
Leck Mich Im Arsch/Mountain Girl 7"

Bass-ment cuts
Intelligence and Violence cd-r
Carnival of Carnage 2005 pressing
Carnival of Carnage remastered w/all trks
Beverly kills (810) 399-7284- SOLD
Beverly kills (810) 347-3313 w/broken grass SOLD
Beverly Kills 50187 (248) w/full grass 2000 pressing
Beverly Kills PSY4000 pressing
Beverly kills red distribution w/sign artwork on disc
Ringmaster remastered
X-mas 94 re-issue 347-3313-SOLD
Terror wheel (313) 399 7284- SOLD
Terror wheel 347-3313-SOLD
2dope fuck off  967-0022-SOLD
2dope fuck off   347-3313-SOLD
2dope fuck off full case
Riddle Box regular version
Riddle Box promo w/sticker- SOLD
Riddle Box w/hed pe sampler- SOLD
Riddle Box regular w/white ring
Forgotten Freshness OG- SOLD
Chickin huntin 6trk SOLD
Chickin huntin 6trk promo - 35 bux
Tunnel of love x x x  w/sticker
Tunnel regular version
Tunnel of love (248) 347-3313
Great milenko gold (hollywood)w/sticker on case SOLD
Great milenko white (hollywood) SOLD
Great milenko green (hollywood) sealed-SOLD
Great Milenko Green (polish pressing)- SOLD
Great Milenko red polish [sealed w/hologram]- SOLD
Great milenko green australia W/green letters disc
Great milenko green canadian w/no foil [sealed]-SOLD
Geat milenko purple (island)
Great milenko red (island) bmg version w/no foil
Great milenko red (island) promo w/gold stamp -SOLD
Great milenko green (island)promo w/gold stamp-SOLD
Great milenko purple (island) promo gold stamp-SOLD
Great milenko gold (island) SOLD
Mutilation mix
Carnival christmas 97
Halls of illusions 1trk SOLD
Halls of illsuions 2trk- SOLD
Halls of illusions 3trk SOLD
Halls of illusions 4trk SOLD
Forgotten freshness vol.1&2 columbia house pressing
Forgotten freshness vol. 1&2 promo w/gold stamp- SOLD
Red hokus pokus 2trk SOLD
Red hokus pokus 4trk SOLD
Green hokus pokus 4trk SOLD
Orange hokus pokus 3trk SOLD
Orange hokus pokus 4trk- SOLD
Blue hokus pokus 2trk SOLD
Psychopathic sampler 98
Mad professor single
Amazing Jeckel brothers Limited  slipcase (Jack)-SOLD
Amazing Jeckel Brothers Limited slipcase (jake)-SOLD
Amazing jeckel Brothers (jack red case sealed w/sticker)
Amazing jeckel Brothers split face promo cd- SOLD
Amazing jeckel Brothers european pressing (jack)
Amazing jeckel Brothers US Test Press - SOLD
Amazing Jeckel Brothers Japan import (sealed w/obi strip)-SOLD
dirtball single (sealed w/magazine)- SOLD
echoside single SOLD
Another love song 3trk
Another love song slim case SOLD
Fxck the world 2trk promo SOLD
Phat or wack black disc
Phat or wack silver disc w/black writing
Phat or wack green disc SOLD
Jacob's word single- SOLD
b/b sampler
Bizzar SOLD
Bizaar SOLD
Bizzar full length promo W/sticker- SOLD
Bizaar full length promo W/sticker- SOLD
Lets go all the way promo-SOLD
Lets go all the way Test Press- SOLD
dark carnival action figures EP- SOLD
Ray day cd-rom
Forgotten Freshness vol. 3
pendulum#1-the amazing maze
pendulum#2-i dont care
pendulum#3-$50 bucks
pendulum#4-the great show
pendulum#5 toxic love
pendulum#6-ain't nuttin but a bitch thang
pendulum#7 rydas ep
pendulum#8 confessions
Pendulum#10-R U Wicked
Big Money Hustlas soundtrk (sealed)
GOTJ 2002 trivia cd
Wraith sampler- SOLD
Wraith shangri-la advance promo
The Wraith: Shangri-la w/concert dvd-SOLD
The wraith: shangri-la w/seminar dvd-SOLD
The Wraith re-mix album
Homies 2trk (sealed) SOLD
Homies 5trk slim case
Wizard of the hood tin (sealed) SOLD
Wizard of the hood (regular)
Forgotten freashness 4
Hells pit w/concert dvd-SOLD
Bowling balls single (sealed)
Hells pit w/bowling balls dvd-SOLD
The calm ep
Eye of the storm
The tempest DJ mix
The tempest sampler (sealed)
The tempest
Featuring Freshness
Keep it scrubbin single
Fuck the fuck off (sealed)
Bang bow boom samplers (sealed)
Bang bow boom nuclear edition -SOLD
The old shit
Mighty death pop (red)
Mighty death pop DJ kit (sealed)
When I'm Cowning single [sealed]

Pumpkin carver-SOLD
Sleepwalker [cardboard sleave] -SOLD
Hallowicked 2001-SOLD
Hallowicked 2002 [sealed]-SOLD
Thung Pit Single [sealed]
Hallowicked 2012 (sealed) - SOLD
Hallowicked 2013

Mr. bonez sacrifice
Season of the pumkin  (FF edition)-SOLD
Head tramua (sealed)-SOLD
Mostasteless dead fetus cover-SOLD
Mostasteless hoods cover- SOLD
Mostasteless advance promo (green & black disc)) -SOLD
Mostasteless (re-issue art cover)
Mostasteless full legnth promo w/sticker SOLD
Freekshow sampler SOLD
Freekshow hallowicked version- SOLD
We dont die promo- SOLD
Cryptic Collection 1 podium cover
Cryptic Collection 1 serial killaz cover (sealed) SOLD
Cryptic Collection 2 monoxide cover
Cryptic Collection 2 madrox cover (sealed)
Cryptic Collection 2 Mono/madrox cover
Black Majik "wrong with me" single- SOLD
Mirror Mirror
Mirror Mirror sampler (sealed)
4 the fam EP (cd-r w/art)
Cryptic collection 3
Mans myth sampler (sealed)-SOLD
Mans myth
Story of out lives (sealed)-SOLD
FrightFest 05 [sealed w/sticker]- SOLD
Phatso sampler- SOLD
Phatso regular
Phatso earth 2 edition- SOLD
Independents day
Toxic terror ep- SOLD
"That's Wicked" Single SOLD
Wicked extended version
End of days ep (sealed w/silver sigs)
End of days SOLD
??? single SOLD
Cryptic collection holiday W/Sticker- SOLD
Heartbroken and homcidal
Cryptic collection 4 (sealed w/red sigs)
Cut Throat christmas (sealed)SOLD
Kronik Collection SOLD
Abominationz (monoixde version)
Abominationz (madrox version)
A new nightmare [sealed w/sticker and sigs]
FrightFest 2013 single SOLD
Get Twiztid EP {pre-order}
Get twiztid EP
A place in the woods vip single -SOLD
4 the fam vol. 2 [sealed]

Other PSY Audio:

PSYR 17 [sealed]
ABK  Hatchet warrior
ABK Dirty history
ABK orange and black
ABK frosty dopeman
ABK Reality VS Perception
ABK pricillia Single
ABK holiday jingle
American psycho EP (sealed)
Blaze 1LGITH Deluxe edition
Blaze clockwork gray
Blaze gang rags tour edition w/o j10- SOLD
Blaze- Let it burn single [signed]
Boondox The harvest sampler (sealed)
Blaze reborn
Blaze rules 2 the game single sealed
Boondox punkinhed
Boodox south of hell
Dark lotus TFTLP red-SOLD
Dark lotus TFTLP yellow- SOLD
Dark lotus Black Rain
Dark lotus Opaque Brotherhood
Dayton Family - psycho
Drive by - pony down (prelude)
Drive- By -Back on da block
Drive-By Run these streets [sealed]
Hatchet History SOLD
Holiday heat (sealed)
psychopathic sampler 2001
Psychopathic sampler 2012
psychopathics from outer space
Zug izland "fire" single CD
Psychopathics from outher space 1- SOLD
Psychopathics from outer space 2
Psychopathics from outer space 3
Soopa villians Furious
Psy ryders dumpin-SOLD
psy ryders ryden dirtay-SOLD
psy ryders backdoor ryda
Murder mix vol.1
Murder mix vol. 2


Fear soundtrack CD
Fear soundtrack tape [sealed]
Great white hype soundtrack
Mancow-in the kingdom of the blind cd (sealed w/sticker)
Mancow-in the kingdom of the blind tape (sealed w/sticker)
A wicked good sampler w/halls of illusions
Ozzfest rock pile sampler
Take a bite outta rhyme sampler cd w/icp
Race riot cd
Corner sampler w/darkness
Yagermusic vol. 2
Virtually Alternative vol. 99 w/Santas a fat  bitch
Virtually Alternative vol. 104 w/ Another Love Song
Rock tune up w/Lets go all the way [sealed]
end of days ep (sealed w/silver sigs)
end of days regular

so by regular you mean no auto?
alright.thought i missed something.but i doubt it.
Few things added:

i want your green island milenko promo cd....only one i need outta the three.
and you have a few cassettes I want.. And I have a few you don't have.. Hmm...
~I RuNz WiTh Da HoWsE, LaBeL mE KrAZeE 4 LyFe!!!~
lol...Damn You!
Hey my offer still stands, you can still toss me a number to play with..
~I RuNz WiTh Da HoWsE, LaBeL mE KrAZeE 4 LyFe!!!~
i gotta look that over again, if i still have the list on my phone.
So at the flea market I just found a TOL cd w/a (248) 347-3313 phone# for a dollar.
Good stuff, I love Flea Market/bargain shop scores like that.
~I RuNz WiTh Da HoWsE, LaBeL mE KrAZeE 4 LyFe!!!~
Yea, I never find a good deal like that.
want to buy/trade for this stuff.



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