I'm looking for any myzery this I can by or trade
I Got OTHER Underground CDs THAT Aren't Open Got THE Went I WAS Drunk A shows. I have axe murder boys come pleat beside hite know did sound to good.i like gods hanks the mostly but the cds are all sing. New going to by those it's going cost you.. I got a baseball jersey it green real bad ass but it have a weed pot on the back with is not bad but I did you what other people would say to you kick you out bad for getting your food. I got prozac long sleeve it's bad ass. 2 amb shirts that are up 2x and 3 x
.but I got a shirt sing buy ever one there if I decide to sell you will in the 1000ths I got great shot to sale to Niki and kangaroos boot shore
+ I GOT SOME twiztid accession figure look in to my eye. I don't know it it's a rare but it's all white face box not drop and them I keep me stuff in boxes when I get thing any one intorestid? Tell me what your looking for I'll tell if I dog it. Try clean sell stuff to get a car
I lookin to brown dog beet no salad. Trap for purple juggle brothers lol no amb signed picnic bench. Mom took my drunk now I just eat sizzler. Have gas mask guy shirt too chickens look for Prozac twice large . Hold dogs hand signed amb for twitted eyes look lol.
I want the amb fuck goats shirt
Dude love that show but an eat real stop fucking around.

An ok cool I got it the amb I'll throw in a wemon shirt of twiztid for 50? You still wanted it I also got a poster sing by thing I made it dope put the safe cardboard this on it so it tron an and herm.
I have all there cds sing too but I'll only sell a pray promo. But it's the whole cd lol.

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