Looking to buy a collection up to $2000 LOTUS CREWS?? hats masks jerseys
Looking to buy another collection! Updated December 2015! Whatchu got? If you include any crew items I'd probably jump on that deal before hot topic merch lol

Magic the Gathering
Hallowicked Fright Fest merch
Jonco K1 Sportsrock jerseys
Charms Rings Chains
Gold chain
Action Figures
anything pre 1998 original merch

High possibility of you sending first or part. I've bought multiple collections and can have refs jump in. Or ask the people on Traders Crypt about me. Depending on the price it might need to wait till I get my tax money but within 2 months I'll buy another collection
my boys got some jerseys he is looking to move, def a crew in there, cant remeber what he has though, ill hit him up
i was born inside a moshipit

[Image: up-gwarLG.jpg]
thanks man
Don't mail anything before you get paid.
I'm not about to be jacked. I've done this multiple times on here set a schedule for payment and on that day you will be paid. so that means mail a few days before then. boom. solid deal. I'm Craig Durden on Facebook I work with multiple websites and record labels if you need references
So what happens when I mail you something and I don't like your offer? Are you going to spend more money to send it all back? I just wanna know how this works.
if it's someone I dont know they are shipping first after we make a deal. trust worthy name I'll put more down. But I'll never send full payment again to anyone on a collection up front as I'm not trying to get ripped off... I have a solid trading name minus being able to find merch in a mountain full of merch and little time. .. but if we trading as long as you see a pic of what I gathered and it's put in a box no big deal gets shipped on time. there is the option of getting trade credit for my webstore if i don't have enough money for it all or if you want a better deal.
Buy my cds
I'm buying a collection tomorrow OR I might wait until Monday OR next friday. but I got a $365 bonus on my check tmrw! so who ever gives me the best offer gets cash
I got 1000 to spend and I can borrow up to 1000 from other friends but it cost me interest or giving them free merch
Got money. Waiting to hear from a few people then on Monday and/or Friday I'll be ready to send payment
I ended up buying two collections. If anyone has charms or jerseys and wants a bunch of little things in trade I'll clear out some space and give good deals if you have requests cuz I don't have pics of 2/3 my merch
Looking into buying another collection

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