(07-27-2015, 08:14 AM)skidmark Wrote: Throw out some prices for any you want. I have all those you mention except the PR Day Parade. I don't believe it was ever pressed and sold. I have 4 different Twin Gatz CDs too. The DP Inc. will not go cheap since its pretty fucking rare. All are in amazing condition. A few are even sealed. Let me know.
What you email? Please can I have it so I can by the cdc
(07-25-2015, 07:11 PM)skidmark Wrote: I have 14 different Myzery CDs. Which one are you looking for and how much are you willing to spend?
I n o what goin un her do myzerry half mor then what on spycopathic recods if sew i wom to by them all from neon who half them ok
Hear what i half icp shirt phat or wacc and some rare drawings of twiztid from my frand who draw the for me but nott for sale everrr ok
Lemmy kno
allso whoever do the trade weth me bfor the week get xtra merc that i ttrade to?
What the duck is going on here and if someone made a deal with this guy
I sold this dude a myzery CD.
[Image: cd_zpsj7dadr4c.jpg]
Haha damn man that's funny as fuck, but yea my bad.
I sold my dp inc to slim for about 40
yea people are trippin talkin bout 500 bux for a myzery cd. nobody gives a fuck about that guy.  myzery wouldn't even still be around if jumpsteady hadn't of married his sister or whatever happened.
i always find it astounding how much some literal crap became worth because of the juggalo collectors.. Fuckin abks homie dead mikes cd somehow pulls more than any single michael jackson piece of audio out there lmao.. I find it weird that audio collectors collect even the peripheral artists that were somehow related to the scene and pay top money for them. Myzery cds being sold for anything over 30 dollars (for collectors at that) drives me crazy.
[CENTER][Image: randomflavor121.jpg][/CENTER]
my head fucking started hurting from reading the first page of this shit. And for some reason I had to finish it all. what the fuck.
[Image: aazGU.jpg]

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