Riddle Box CD W/ Blue writing on spine
I was going through my collection and noticed in my riddle box copies, that on the spine, the usual text that's green is blue. On the other side of the insert though the text is green. At first I thought this might've been an error, but I seen pics of sealed tapes with the same blue coloring.

Left Side
[Image: rcIGEk9l.jpg]

Right Side
[Image: mHoS3iil.jpg]

[Image: CHJyd3Yl.jpg]
[Image: la1OYDHl.jpg]
[Image: pSYuZaLl.jpg]
[Image: K7BODcVl.jpg]
Og without sticker is blue too.
i have a non sticker one
Got the same one
[Image: olskoolhands.jpg]

I have a few like that, I think it's just sun faded
[Image: 2012-05-19155131.jpg]

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