Updated Stash List

[b]Audio: Vynil-[/b]Myzyery-Para La Isla (sealed)
Tapes-ICP-Chicken Huntin single (sealed) ICP-Jokers Wild single (sealed/open) ICP-A Carnival Xmas 97 (sealed) ICP-Dead Pumpkins (open) Phat or Wack (sealed/open) ROC-Exposed (sealed) House of Krazees-Limited Edition 97. House of Krazees-Head Trauma. Cykosis featuring ICP (sealed/possibly sold)
CDs: Psychopathic Sampler 1998 (sealed) & 2001. Hallowicked singles from 1999 (sealed) 2001 (sealed) 2002, 2003, 2005, 2010 (sealed) & 2012. Bizaar Bizzar sampler (sealed) Freekshow sampler. Xmas 97 single (sealed) Mad Professor (sealed) Phat or Wack OG. Phat or Wack reissue. Halls of Illusions 1 track single. Halls of Illusions 3 track single. Halls of Illusions 4 track single. Hokus Pokus green. Another Love Song single. Terror Wheel OG (sealed) Ringmaster OG (sealed) Fuckoff OG (sealed) Pendulum singles 1-12. Mutilation Mix OG (sealed) Humble Gods "No Heroes" featuring ICP (sealed) The Fear soundtrack featuring ICP (sealed) Great White Hype soundtrack featuring ICP (sealed) Mancow in the Kingdom of the Blind featuring ICP (sealed) Tunnel of Love (sealed) Bizaar (sealed) Amazing Jeckel Brothers (sealed) The Great Milenko (sealed) WWF the Music w/ICP (sealed) WCW the Music w/ICP (sealed) Drive By OG (sealed) Blaze-Colton Grundy (sealed) Hatchet History (sealed) Used but great Riddlebox & The Tempest.
POSTERS: AJB tour. Twiztid Green Book. Blaze Colton Grundy. Myzyery Para La Isla. Rydas Ryden Dirtay. ICP Shangrila. ICP Shangrila Everywhere now. ICP Hells Pit cartoon. AJB instores May 25th.
ADS: Taken from Metro Times & Real Detroit Weekly. Great Milenko Clowns are Coming. House of Horrors Tour w/ICP, Twiztid & Myzery. Strangler Jeans w/2 Dope. Double page Insane Duo ad. Omen Tour. Fxck Theres Something In My Eye (Violent J/Milenko) Rock of Ages Milenko instore. First ICP toys ad. (Ones that I don't think came out) ICP in front of blue back drop Milenko. All Up in Your Face Tour.
DECALS: Insane Clown Posse (spelled out) Wicked Clowns. Big red Hatchetman. Big Carnival of Carnage. Medium Great Milenko. Big Ringmaster. Medium Hatchetman. Small Great Milenko. Medium Fuck Off.
VIDEOS (VHS/DVD) JCW Volume 1 VHS. JCW Volume 2 VHS. JCW Volume 3 DVD. Purple Show. Backyard Wrestling Exposed DVD. Bootlegged in LA. Stranglemania 1 VHS. Stranglemania 2 VHS. Shockumentary VHS. Big Money Hustlas VHS. Born Twiztid VHS.
JERSEYS: Medium Psychopathic Records hockey. XL Twiztid Mostasteless hockey. XL ICP Amazing Jeckel Brothers football.
TSHIRTS: Xmas 97 2x. Hellfire Wrestling 2x. ICP 10th Hallowicked 3x. ICP Hallowicked 2003 3x. Twiztid Xmas 3x. ICP Santas Helpers 3x. Juggalo Day XL. Hatchet Attacks XL. Great Milenko (red clown) OG 2x. Hatchetman Xmas 3x. Psychopathic Records Family Xmas 2x. Cykosis 2x
READING MATERIAL: Orbit Magazine (Local from 10/96) Seconds Magazine with ICP from 1997. Pop Smear (both covers) w/ICP. Circus w/ICP. Murder Dog Best of w/ICP. Orbit Magazine with 2 page 99 Hallowicked ad. AP Feb 2000. AP w/ Violent J sealed with Dirtball single. JCW Program. Behind the Paint (1st edition)
MISC: AJB ashtray. Ringmaster catalog. 1997 catalog. Carnival of Carnage beenie. Ringmaster beenie. Great Milenko beenie. Hallowicked 2003 beenie.

That's the updated list as of now. I'll be adding more to this very soon. If you want pics feel free to inquire & I'll get with you with pics. I'm not to sure how to run this stuff jus yet. Be patient. I see alot of yall want crazy rare shit too lol. Inbox offers or email me at gimikbaw@gmail.com for now if interested in anything here.

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