I'm selling a few things I have left. Send me offers. No set prices and very negotiable Also, I sold things on herea few years back under steezynyc and had all positive reputation points. My profile was apparently deleted somehow...

Original Tunnel of love poster has some wear and tear

[Image: IMG_2552.jpg]

viloent J Purple pimps xl reprint from the 2000 Gathering

[Image: IMG_2557.jpg]

Original xmas 97 shirt Xl

[Image: IMG_2555.jpg]

original Twiztid flat signed.

[Image: IMG_2593.jpg]

Fifth is coming promo poster has a bunch of wear around the edges.

[Image: KGrHqVpUE-q8Vs5zBQDH6hm96Q60_57.jpg]

more to come

MISC Flyers all original

[Image: IMG_2752.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2751.jpg]

Original ICP Comic 2nd run with Riddlebox ad

[Image: IMG_2755.jpg]

signed AJB flyer

[Image: IMG_2753.jpg]
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Steezy, what up? Long time no see.

This dude is a legit trader btw. Done a few deals with me
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AJB Zippo some chips in the metal as shown

[Image: IMG_2758.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2760.jpg]
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MISC Cd's the Mirror Mirror Cd is sealed and signed

[Image: IMG_2766.jpg]
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Im not sure WHY I never bought MirrorMirror.. was the first album I ever heard by twiztid...lol Had it via CD-R... fucking Mail trades back in 2002 lol
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all flers gone except the signed 2 dope one and the Twiztid flat
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anyone interested in anything?
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How much for the comic?
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I want your fifth coming soon and Tunnel of love poster ballpark?
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(08-19-2012, 05:10 PM)steezb Wrote: all flers gone except the signed 2 dope one and the Twiztid flat

Shoot. Who scooped those up?

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I got em
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TOL and 5th is coming posters gone
Chaos comic poster Great shape

[Image: T2eC16hy8E9s2fl8QDBQDH3cU9-60_57.jpg]
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