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Looking for - Adubb315 - 09-07-2015

Looking for Gameboy color systems and games for it. As well as any N64 games U might have. PM or text me with anything you have.

RE: Looking for - Tormentid - 09-24-2015

I go video game hunting a lot. Send me a request list and I'll hit you up if I find anything

RE: Looking for - Adubb315 - 09-24-2015

Perfect, I appreciate it. I haven't been able to find anything lately.

RE: Looking for - Tormentid - 09-26-2015

i have 3 gameboy advance systems now!

2 clear and one purpleish color

are you trading anything? charms/jerseys/hoodies?

RE: Looking for - Counterfeit God - 09-28-2015

Currently, I have Mario Kart 64 loose, and Auto Lamborghini boxed. $40 shipped.

RE: Looking for - Adubb315 - 10-06-2015

Tormentid. PM me. CG. I have those, but thanks.