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  Twiztid 4/20 show VIP vinyl
Posted by: StrangeN9ne - 04-08-2017, 03:09 AM - Forum: Trading Discussion - No Replies

If anybody is going to this show and plans on buying a VIP package I would happily buy the 7" record that comes with the deal! PM me and we can discuss a price.

Also, I would be interested in any vinyl from ICP (except ToL/Riddlebox), Twiztid I'm pretty set on except I need a copy of their Be My Bloody Valentine 7", and I'm looking for some KMK records. Mostly looking for albums and not singles but feel free to offer any records!

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Posted by: Adubb315 - 03-31-2017, 08:50 PM - Forum: Trading Discussion - No Replies

Looking for PSY hoodies size XL

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  mr_rottentreats want list
Posted by: mr_rottentreats - 03-23-2017, 02:03 PM - Forum: Trading Discussion - Replies (3)

Cassette Tapes:

Anything (Preferably sealed)


OG Riddlebox Blacklight (face and text only;no box)  Remake has box.  http://psychopathictraders.com/images/Po...Lightx.jpg
Bizzar Bizaar Blacklight  http://psychopathictraders.com/images/Po...lightx.jpg
Hells Pit Blacklight  http://psychopathictraders.com/images/Po...aseBLx.jpg
Original Great Milenko Blacklight (Hollywood w/ Arabic writing)  http://psychopathictraders.com/images/Po...rabicx.jpg
Black/White AJB Pose  http://psychopathictraders.com/images/Po...Whitex.jpg

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  wantlists (looking for jerseys and realistic joker card hats)
Posted by: chickenhunter17 - 03-20-2017, 08:28 PM - Forum: Trading Discussion - Replies (5)

[Image: 2qpvaNv.png]
Looking for any of these hats, they have the original jokers cards outlined in 3D stiching that goes off the hat a little, and then a realistic picture on the inside ( I have the ringmaster one currently, and I saw wraith on ebay) I'm located in ontario canada. Willing to pay money for any of the pictured ones, don't really have anything good for trade
also looking for any of the joker card jerseys in xl or xxl,hockey or football (i have a ringmaster one of those too thats it though, and not looking to get rid of it)

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  Who has Twiztid Kix_List your Number
Posted by: mr_rottentreats - 03-16-2017, 01:07 PM - Forum: Trading Discussion - Replies (1)

I know it would be tough to complete it, but I want to work on a list of who has which number.

If you have a pair,...list your name and number.


Number                    Owner                                                         Social Media

99/1200                  jesus_tramp                                              IG
109/1200                officialmatthagen                                      IG
120/1200                srynshit                                                      IG
127/1200                majik_ninja_misanthrope                        IG
168/1200                zacharypablo                                             IG
181/1200                Hatchet King                                             YT
229/1200                jc_nyx                                                        IG
334/1200                Matt Tomlin                                               FB
373/1200                chongette710                                           IG
376/1200                dfresh0620                                               IG
493/1200                sam.iam9                                                  IG
603/1200                porter_705                                              IG
619/1200                zoeysmomma18                                      IG
689/1200                dj_madhatter402                                    IG
777/1200                Paul Rex                                                   FB
847/1200                syrupanda                                                IG
866/1200                Mastiffthaklown                                       IG
996/1200                trueharmx                                                IG

1070/1200              Brittany Garrett                                       FB
1075/1200              majikninjay420                                        IG

1080/1200              Troy N Barbie                                           FB
1135/1200              Eagle Cosens                                            FB

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  Wanting to buy Hallowicked Detroit 97 shirt
Posted by: walking tacos - 03-13-2017, 06:58 PM - Forum: Trading Discussion - No Replies

Just like the title says. Looking for Black 97 Detroit Hallowicked Milenko shit. Size doesn't matter. Pm me if you are selling. Paypal ready.

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  Woo woo woo DVD
Posted by: detroitbigdog - 03-01-2017, 05:55 PM - Forum: Trading Discussion - No Replies

Anyone have the DVD version of Woo Woo Woo by esham they'd like to sell? PM me. Also looking for any and all RLP cassettes.

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Posted by: Joamees - 02-28-2017, 08:49 AM - Forum: Trading Discussion - No Replies

Dealing with with embroidering could be was involved with time for Cro-Magnon nights as well as 30,000 BC. Through an up to date historical discover, fossilized continues to be with seriously hand-stitched plus furnished attire, shoes along with a loath have been found.

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For the best results, we recommend including the following details Url: http://www.AmericanStitched.com

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  scottyjuice87 Legit?
Posted by: Ian - 02-23-2017, 11:01 PM - Forum: Trading Discussion - Replies (6)

I've not made a post like this in years, ha!

But yeah, just wanted to find out if others have made successful deals with him.

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  My wantlist and my stash (looking buy/trade for underground horrorcore)
Posted by: Fulci Lives - 02-22-2017, 01:27 AM - Forum: Trading Discussion - Replies (18)

Looking for a few underground releases, mostly 3rd Shift Entertainment or 3SE-related. I'd prefer to buy but would probably trade as well if you see anything in my stash.

Sycksyde - Secret Ingredients extended single
Monsta Squad - The Beauty & the Violence single
Deadphellaz - Dead Above Ground (Limited Edition reissue)
Dash-10 - Raw N Rugged Mixtape
Halfbreed - KontamiNATION cassette sampler
*I might also be interested in any 3SE or 3SE-related stuff that's not listed in my stash*

I've sold almost all of my PSY and RLP collection but here's what I've got left that might be of any collector's interest. All are CDs unless noted.

PSY & PSY-related:
ICP - Bassment Cuts (CD reissue)
ICP - A Carnival Xmas 1994 EP (2000 reissue)
ICP - The Great Milenko (Hollywood Records, purple)
ICP - The Tempest sampler
Twiztid - Mostasteless (OG 1998)
Twiztid - Mostasteless (OOP 1999 comic book cover)
Twiztid - The Cryptic Collection (OG)
V-Sinizter - Hunting Season (OG)
Myzery - Para la Isla EP (has orange letters on the spine instead of red)
Ozzfest '98 Rock Pile Sampler (contains 2 ICP tracks)
Mancow - In the Kingdom of the Blind, the One Eyed Man is King (contains the ICP song, Down with the Cow)
Silver hatchetman charm (stamped 2000 on back)

PSY & PSY-related Pics: https://s22.postimg.org/jy0f7y2ch/20170316_183514.jpg

Hatchetman Front Pic: https://s17.postimg.org/m8x783k6n/20170319_134945.jpg

Hatchetman Back Pic: https://s16.postimg.org/5nody5orp/20170319_135114.jpg

Esham - Boomin Words From Hell (OG)
Esham - Closed Casket (RLP/Warlock)
Natas - Doubelieveingod (OG)

RLP Pics: https://s7.postimg.org/k8a6zfvx7/20170316_183636.jpg

Virus Independent:
Halfbreed/Bedlam - Virus Shit Sampler '99 cassette (signed by Prozak on the case; signed by Madness twice, once on the case and once on the cassette)
Halfbreed - Serial Killaz EP (OG)
Halfbreed - Serial Killaz EP (White Devil Productions reissue)
Halfbreed - KontamiNATION
Halfbreed - KontamiNATION (Hot Hits version)
Halfbreed - Rage of the Plague EP
Halfbreed - The End
Sol46 - Wormholes EP
Level Jumpers - The Red Pyramid

Virus Independent Pics:

Versions of KontamiNATION Compared Pics: https://s27.postimg.org/v7q7f6wnn/20170316_184054.jpg

3rd Shift Entertainment:
Sycksyde - White Crosses (OG)
Sycksyde - White Crosses (Ressurect Edition) X2
Sycksyde - White Crosses (2006 reissue)
Sycksyde - Bloody Valentines single (3-track red cover)
Sycksyde - Bloody Valentines single (4-track white cover)
Sycksyde - Beyond the Crosses DVD (OG)
Sycksyde - Beyond the Crosses DVD (reissue)
Sycksyde - One Nite maxi single
Sycksyde - Sometimes They Come Back (signed and hand-numbered)
Sycksyde- Sometimes They Come Back (standard unsigned version)
Sycksyde -Lights From the Pumpkin EP
Sycksyde - Sometimes They Come Back: The Live Show
Sinister X - Hell Hath No Fury (OG 2002 version, short-run of only 50 copies, signed as part of horrorcore.com preorder promotion)
Sinister X - Hell Hath No Fury ~The New Era~ (OG 2003 IIE pressing)
Sinister X - X-tras (OG red cover, short-run of 50 or less copies)
Sinister X - X-tras (reissue)
Sinister X - X-tras Vol. 2
Bob E. Nite - Code: Dead (OG)
Bob E. Nite - Dead & Deader (SKR reissue)
Icepick Willie - Snatch maxi single
Icepick Willie - Tales of Woe ("Bob e Nite homemade version" with alternate artwork, only a handful made, sold before the OG release)
Icepick Willie - Tales of Woe (OG)
Icepick Willie - Tales of Woe (2005 reissue)
Icepick Willie - Tales of Woe (2014 Sev'rd Nervez reissue, short-run of less than 30 copies)
Icepick Willie - Tales of Woe (2015 reissue)
Franky Frank - Kold Kasketz EP (OG 7-track homemade version)
Franky Frank - Kold Kassketz EP (reissue)
Majik Duce - Irish K.I.L.L.A. (OG)
Majik Duce - Irish K.I.L.L.A. (LRD reissue)
Majik Duce- Irish K.I.L.L.A (Bulger Bloodline Records reissue)
Majik Duce - One Ireland (reissue)
Majik Duce - Bout 2 Blow sampler
Ensizon - The Verdikt (OG)
Ensizon - The Verdikt (reissue)
Ensizon - Forever Dedicated
II Rel - The Campaign EP
II Rel - The Relionaire (OG 10-track homemade version)
II Rel - Mental Relness
II Rel - Mental Relness (promo? disc)
II Rel - RELigion
II Rel - Class of 92 EP
Midwest Suspex - Funky Violationz EP
Midwest Suspex - The Line-Up
Deadphellaz - Dead Above Ground (OG)
Mr. Kiltcha - Portrait of a Serial Killer
Mr. Kiltcha - Fat Piece of Shit EP
Juz-10 - Mad at the World
Juz-10 - King of the Monsters
Juz-10 - The Bad Trip EP
Monsta Squad - Grindhouse Hip Hop
The J. Hexx Project - The Seven Doorz to Death EP (9-track OG 3SE version)
Phantazm II - The Reincarnation
3SE Presents - Syck Selects Volume 1 compilation
3SE Presents - Syck Selects Volume 2 compilation
3SE Presents - Syck Selects Volume 3: Raven Hunter Edition compilation
3SE Presents - Halloween EP 2008 compilation
Raven Hunter - The Return (post-3SE reissue)
Raven Hunter - Ghost Lives (OG)
Raven Hunter - Ghost Lives (post-3SE reissue)
Raven Hunter - Mind of Its Own maxi single
Raven Hunter - Life, As I See It (OG)
Raven Hunter - Eternal EP
Raven Hunter - Self Deception EP

3SE Pics:

3SE Signatures Pics: https://s21.postimg.org/cnniijh1j/20170316_185010.jpg

Bedlam - Chemical Anthology
Bedlam - Shock Treatment (Collecter's Edition reissue)
Bedlam - Bedlamitez Rize
Bedlam - Wicked Stock Collector's Edition EP (OG)

Bedlam Pics:

House of Krazees - The Night They Kame Home
Phantazm - Poltergeizt (OG pressing, signed as part of preorder promotion)
Dark Scriptures Chapter 1 compilation (OG IIE pressing, personalized by MC D)
L.U. Cipha - Witchez Bible (cassette)
Q Strange - Creation to ExeQtion (2004 reissue)
Komatoze - Attack of the Defaults
Komatoze - Cult Classics
Mad Insanity - Slaughterhouse (sealed cassette)
Poltageist - Katharsis
Poltageist - DSWTVWS
Nightmare on Drouillard compilation
Simken Heights - Smokebox (cassette, missing J-card)
Lavel - I'm a Menace single
Long Range Distribution - Got That Murdercore? Disc 2 promo compilation
Long Range Distribution- Murder Matic compilation
Other Pics: https://s17.postimg.org/5eal3asm7/20170319_133939.jpg

Promo Flats, Stickers, etc. Pics: https://s18.postimg.org/8ncai27tl/20170316_134105_1.jpg

Even if you don't have anything I'm looking for and you see something in my stash you're interested in let me know, I would part with most of it with the exception of the Virus Independent and 3SE releases.

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