1. Coup Detroit  $$$++
    Comments: I always thought this was only produced on tape, but I have come to hear now it was only produced on CD. Coup Detroit was a local band, that hooked up with ICP through Mike E. Clark. They did a track by ICP called Get Your Ass Off of the Couch for their self-titled album. Now, little known fact is that Rich Murrel, aka Legs Diamond, was their bassist, and Psychopathic was trying to sign the band with Rich as the lead man. Well, things broke down, and Rich left the band and joined Psychopathic. Anyways, a lot of people have heard the song, but the originals of the CD are very hard to find, as barely enough were pressed for the band members. There were a few extras that were made just to put in jukeboxes around the city. There is also the notion that this was done in 1996 for some reason, but actually it was 1992/1993 that the song was composed. When the "shit hit the fan," if you will, with Psychopathic, the two founders took all the songs that had been made, and put them out together in this "compilation," as it is often known as. If we can judge Rich joining Psychopathic in 1995/1996, this is where that date comes from, I suppose.

  2. The Fear soundtrack
    Versions: 1) The Fear soundtrack Promo CD [Never Sealed]  $25+
                     2) The Fear soundtrack tape/CD  $15/20
    Comments: This horror movie has Dead Body Man by ICP on the soundtrack, but nowhere was it actually played in the movie. The soundtrack is mostly dominated by Esham tracks. The Promo has a hole in the barcode, the word "Promo" on the CD itself, and the serial number found on it has a "P" in front of it, showing it is a Promo.

  3. Cykosis "Bloodstains" $20 [[25+]]
    Comments: This item was only produced on tape. Cykosis is a group from Toledo, Ohio, and ICP did a remix of a song with them called Bloodstains. This single was only available in the Toledo area, but it is not as rare as you would expect with such a low distribution.

  4. Great White Hype soundtrack  $15/20
    Comments: ICP's Chicken Huntin played for about 3 seconds in this stellar movie starring Samuel L. Jackson and Damon Wayans, but it was still included on the soundtrack. I believe this is out of print, so it is a little hard to find.

  5. Humble Gods "No Heros"  $15/20
    Comments: The Humble Gods toured with ICP twice, most likely because they were both on Hollywood Records at the time. And for those of you who don't know, the Gods are now Kottonmouth Kings. Back here though, they had a little different sound. The last track, Running Out of Time is a remix of a song done earlier on the album, done with Violent J.

  6. Mancow's "In the Kingdom of the Blind"  $20
    Comments: This was one of Mancow's many CDs, mostly with "Best Of's" of guests and parodies and skits, etc etc. It also includes two tracks with ICP, done just the Mancow Show. The only way you could have gotten this is by ordering straight from the show at 1-888-2-MANCOW, and maybe in some Chicago music stores. I have also been told this was made on tape. I assume this to be a little rarer/more valuable than the CD.

  7. The Corner Samplers
    Versions: 1) December 1997 tape w/ "Halls of Illusions"  $40+
                     2) September 1998 w/ "Hokus Pokus"  $40+
                     3) April 1999 tape w/ "The Oddities Theme"  $40+
                     4) May 1999 tape  $40+
                     5) June 1999 tape w/ "Fuck the World - Edit"  $40+
                     6) August 1999 tape w/ "Another Love Song"  $40+
    Comments: "The Corner" is a series of monthy samplers that were given to record stores, to promote a handful of new songs for that month. If there are tapes or CDs of those listed as the other, let us know. ICP has appeared on a number of these, and all are pretty rare, because that limited a number of them were actually made. I also assume these were never sealed.

  8. A Wicked Good Sampler  $15+
    Comments: This was a promotional CD put out by PolyGram Records that contained Halls of Illusions, as well as other classics from Jimmy's Chicken Shack, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and more!

  9. 5150 Mentally Insane's "Her Pussy Smells"  $20
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD. Another compilation CD done by  5150 Mentally Insane at Five Mile Productions in Detroit. Flyers for this were handed out during Twiztid's first instore at Hot Hits in Detroit. J is on a track called Suicide, which just takes his verse from 85 Bucks an Hour and puts it into another song.

  10. WWF The Music Volume 3  $10/15
    Comments: In 1998, ICP was a part of the World Wrestling Federation. They led the Oddities to the ring for a while, before turning on them and joining with the Headbangers. Then, they left after refusing to do the Job to Luna. The WWF used their song, The Oddities Theme, and that is on this compilation of entrance music. The "real" version of this song appears in mid-2000 as a Pendulum single called "The Great Show."

  11. Ozzfest Rock Pile Sampler CD  $15+
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD. ICP wasn't on the Ozzfest Tour, but for some reason, Fuck the World and Another Love Song made it onto this CD.

  12. Rock Tune Up  $10+
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD, presumably. It came out in June of 1999, and features Another Love Song bu ICP, as well as tracks by Powerman 5000, Sheryl Crow, the Deftones, and System of a Down among others.

  13. WCW Mayhem The Music  $10/15
    Versions: 1) Mayhem w/ Sting cover
                     2) Mayhem w/ Goldberg cover
    Comments: In 1999, ICP joined WCW for the first time. The formed the Dead Pool with Raven and Vampiro, and WCW used their song Take It as their entrance, and put it on this really shitty CD.

  14. Star Warped Promo [Never Sealed]  $20+
    Comments: This item was only produced on tape that we know of. This tape was distributed in Canada, and contains Jack Jeckel, as well as tracks by The Cranberries, Ja Rule, Juvenille, Slick Rick and others.

  15. Faceplant!  $20+
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD, I do believe. It was a Universal Music sampler, that featured ICP's Fuck the World, as well as Twiztid's Rock the Dead. The booklet shows the AJB and Mostasteless rerelease covers, and features other bands like Powerman 5000, Drain STH, Sevendust, and Ash.

  16. Punk and Disorderly  $20+
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD that we know of. This is an Austrailian compilation CD, produced in 2000, that contains Another Love Song, as well as tracks by Slipknot, Type O Negative, and others.

  17. Kottonmouth Kings' "High Society"  $10/15
    Comments: ICP appears on a track on this tape/CD called Wicked Klowns. There were a limited number of CDs that had a bonus CD in them, but that does not affect the value of the CD from a Pyychopathic Collector's stand point. There was also a Sampler Tape for this, which included clips from the song with ICP.

  18. Three 6 Mafia's "When the Smoke Clears"  $10/15
    Comments: Both ICP and Twiztid are featured here on a track called Just Another Crazy Click.

  19. Race Riot Compilation CD  $15+
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD. It contains Terrible and House of Horrors from ICP, as well as Rock the Dead by Twiztid and an Esham song called Cunt Killer featuring Violent J. There is also an 8 Track Promo CD (cardboard case) that includes the Twiztid and both ICP songs. This seems to only go for slightly more than the regular CD

  20. Heavy Metal 2000 Soundtrack  $10/15
    Comments: ICP and Twiztid's Dirt Ball was featured on this soundtrack. There seem to be 3 different covers of this release, and they come in both 1 CD and 2 CD sets. Odd indeed. There was also a Sampler Tape, that contained 6 songs I believe, including Dirt Ball, and this would be be worth slightly more.

  21. Route 666 Volume 2  $20+
    Comments: This double CD compilation was produced and distributed in Australia in September of 2000, and includes Terrible off of AJB, as well as songs from Slipknot, Sevendust, Pantera, Incubus, and more.

  22. Island Records Holiday 2000  $15+
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD, that I know of. This 14 track CD was given out to promote different artists from Island records, including Bon Jovi, Relative Ash, and ICP's Let's Go All the Way. Also, the CD only comes with no front insert.

  23. Take a Bite Outta Rhyme  $10/15
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD. ICP appears on this CD performing a cover of Posse on Broadway for this "Rock meets Rap" Compilation CD. There is also a Promo CD for this w/ 6 Tracks, including ICP's.

  24. Esham's Tongues  $10/15
    Comments: J is on a track here called Panic Attack. In another way, J is also on another track, when Esham spits the lyric "You're two-faced like Joe Bruce." Anyways, Esham ain't cool with Psychopathic right now, but this is still an ICP appearance on a CD.

  25. Vanilla Ice's "Bi-Polar"  $15
    Comments: After Ice on a JCW show and performing at the Gathering 2001, his CD finally dropped with Insane Killas on it, featuring ICP. This song was originally called Natural Born Killas, but that was changed, obviously. Why Ice, of ANYONE, would cover a song that has even the slightest of ties to Suge "Don't drop me off this hotel balcony" Knight, I have no clue.

  26. JagerMusic Volume 2  $20+
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD. It features national artists like Drowning Pool, hed PE, Pantera, and Coal Chamber, and it also has a different versions of Cartoon Nightmares. There is a different intro, and one of Shaggy's lyrics is changed. We will try to get the MP3 of this up and running soon.

  27. ODB's "Trials & Tribulations of Russell Jones"  $15
    Comments: ODB's cd dropped in March of 2002, and features the song Dirty and Stinkin with ICP. This song is also the first single off the CD, thus has a Promo CD Single, which has the Dirty and Clean versions of the song. Its value hasn't been very high so far, but that should change over time. There is also a Promotional Vinyl for the single, with 4 mixes (Main Mix, Instrumental, Rock Remix, and Instrumental) was put out by D3.

  28. HipHop and Hard  $15+
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD, I believe. it is a collection of top rock and rap tracks, including Tilt-A-Whirl, as well as tracks from Kid Rock, Nickelback, Jay-Z, Marilyn Manson, Luda, Wu Tang, and others. it was released in July of 2002, and I believe it was an Austrailian release.

  29. Kerrang!: Noise Annoys Vol. 2  $10+
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD, does not come sealed (as it comes in a plastic sleeve) and was given away, I assume, through the Kerrang! magazine. I thought that the mag was from Europe, but it seems that this CD comes from Australia. Regardless! ICP is featured with It's Time, and other artists featured are Superheist, Breed 77, Cradle of Filth... uhh.. and 14 other jobber acts, basically, and a CD Rom trailer for Red Faction 2. Wowzers....

  30. DTS Entertainment Sampler Vol. 2  $10+
    Comments: This item was only produced on Audio DVD, however, I do not know if it comes sealed or not. With The Wraith, Psychopathic got pushed into the 21st century, and we have these Audio DVD deals. Since The Wraith got put onto one, I assume we will have many things like this, which is a Sampler, featuring Ain't Yo Bidness (Radio Edit), as well as tracks from Frank Zappa, SheDaisy, and more!

  31. DTS Entertainment Demo Disc  $10+
    Comments: This item was only produced on Audio DVD, but again, I do not know if it comes sealed or not. This Audio DVD has 3 songs on it, one being ICP's Ain't Yo Bidness. God knows how many different little demos like this they got put on from The Wraith.

  32. Backyard Wrestling Promo CD (Double Disc)  $15+
    Comments: This item was only produced CD. and it came with Disc One, and Disc Two. It features the Psychopathic songs Chicken Huntin, We Don't Die, Juggalo Homies, Blaaaam!, Hokus Pokus, Down With the Clown, and Fly, as well as tracks by Rancid, CKY, Anthrax, Sum 41, Rumblefish, and others.

  33. Kottonmouth Kings "Cloud Nine"  $15+
    Comments: KMK and ICP have had a friendship for the past 10 years and occasionally hook up for songs with each other. Released in late August 2007 ICP appears on the track "Think 4 Yourself". The CD also features a bonus DVD that includes the video starring both KMK and ICP. The song is also found on KMK's "Greatest Highs," which is their "Best Of" album. You see what they did with the title there? Yeah, that's nifty.

  34. Concrete Approved - Nov/Dec 2007  $10+
    Comments: The song "Hokus Pokus" appears on this monthly sampler promoting the Jugganauts CD, even though the song at that time was over 10 years old.

  35. Esham "The Butcher Shop"  $10+
    Comments: Released in Spring 2008 on Esham's webstore and online sites like Amazon.com, The Butcher Shop is basically a mixtape Esham put out on his own label featuring hip-hop acts from Detroit. The Violent J track "Global Warming" was included, which you will remember was first on DJ Clay's Let Em Bleed Volume 1.

  36. Prozak "Tales From The Sick"  $10+
    Comments: Released on June 3rd, 2008, Prozak's debut solo CD on Strange Music was a big deal in the world of underground music and in the world of juggalos. It features ICP on "Insane", Blaze and The R.O.C. on "Bodies Fall" and Twiztid on "Fading...". The album also included a DVD featuring interviews with all the Psychopathic guests who contributed to the CD.

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