1. Ringmaster PSY 1006
    Versions: 1) RM tape w/ black case; Black shell w/ gold writing
                          (313 399 7284)  [open]  $30+
                     2) RM tape w/ black case; Gold foil w/ black writing
                          (313 399 7284)  [open]  $25+
                     3) RM Gold 'Foil' CD (313 399 7284) [open]  $70+
                     4) RM Silver 'Foil' CD (313 399 7284)  [open]  $65+
                     5) Ringmaster CD (810 399 7284)  $20 [[$25]]
                     6) Ringmaster CD (810 967 0022)  $20 [[$25]]
                     7) RM tape w/ Bronze Writing & Gold Foil
                          (810 347 3313)  $20
                     8) Black RM tape w/ Black Case & Gold Writing
                          (810 347 3313)  $20
                     9) Ringmaster CD (810-347-3313)  $15 [[$20]]
                     10) Ringmaster Remastered Promo CD [Never Sealed]  $40
                     11) Ringmaster Remastered tape/CD  $10/15
                     12) RM "Shock Records" CD  CTX160CD  $15+
    Tracks: Wax Museum; Murder Go Round; Chicken Huntin; Mr. Johnson's Head; Southwest Song; Get Off Me, Dog; Who Asked You; The Dead One; My Fun House; For the Maggots; Wagon Wagon; The Loons; Love Song; Bugs on My Nutz; House of Mirrors; Ringmaster's Word
    Comments: Like COC, Ringmaster has been through many different pressings and Psychopathic phone numbers. The most sought after Ringmaster variations are the Gold and Silver "Foil" OG Cds. Here is the story, as far as I know it. Looking at the pictures, you can see that the Silver version has Silver Ringmasters on the actual CD. Now the Gold version has Gold Ringmasters and the bottom of the CD is Gold, and not silver, as most CDs are. Also, the font on the back of the CD case of both are Bronze instead of 'gold.' Both are pretty rare, which only a handful of the Golds in the Trading Game that I know of. Also, I have never seen either 'sealed' (since their bronze backs could tell them apart from other OG's) so we do not have a price on that, but it would be slightly higher then they are priced for being open. I have also heard that there are Gold Foil/Bottomed REMASTERED Cds. The Remastered Promo CD has a Gold Stamp on the cover and a hole in the barcode. Speculation says that there is a Ringmaster 12" Vinyl, but Violent J himself said there were only a handful of 12" Vinyls, not including RM. The OG tapes are in black cases, so they need to be opened to see which tape there is, thus no [Sealed] price on some of these. Also of note, some of the Remastered CDs are circulating with nothing on the front (an all black cover.) These are rare in number, but there is not much demand for them. In 2002, Ringmaster was also pressed on Shock Records, for distribution in Australia.

  2. Terror Wheel  PSY 1007
    Versions: 1) TW tape/CD w/ w/ Orange Writing
                          (313 399 7284)  $15/20  [[$20/25]]
                     2) TW tape/CD (810 967 0029)  $10/15
                     3) TW tape/CD (810 347 3313)  $10/15
                     4) TW "Shock Records" CD  CTX161CD  $15+
                     5) TW CD  PSY 4001  $15+
    Tracks: Dead Body Man; Skitsofrantic; The Smog; Out; I Stuck Her With My Wang; Amy's in the Attic
    Comments: Basically, if you look at the CD, you can easily tell when it was pressed. On the back, on the bottom, there is writing. If it is orange, it is an original pressing. If it is white, it was a secondary pressing. I have also heard the newest versions have gone back to the orange writing, but it says "The Label That Runs Beneath the Streets" below it, as well as a line about ICP.com, and "Psychopathic Records 1994,2000," which you can see here, and god knows there may be more after that. Note they also removed the line about being manufactured by Disc Makers. In 2002, Terror Wheel was also pressed on Shock Records, for distribution in Australia, and in 2003 it was released with the PSY 4001 catalog number.

  3. Dead Pumpkins  PSY 1002
    Versions: 1) DP tape [Sealed] w/ Sticker  [[$125+]]
                     2) Reissue DP tape  $15 [[$25]]
    Tracks: Dead Pumpkins
    Comments: This item was only produced on tape. It was originally given away at the first Hallowicked Show in Detroit on October 29, 1994 to the first 500 people in clown facepaint. It came sealed with an orange sticker on the plastic. Like all early releases, most people tore into it to listen to the new single, so sealed ones with a sticker are one of the rarest items out there to collect.  To my knowledge, about 5 are floating around the Trading World right now. The reissues soon popped up, also sealed and in a plastic case but WITHOUT a sticker. To compare an open OG and Reissue tape, they are identical. The ONLY way to see if it is an original is if it is sealed. Otherwise, it can go either way. So, the value of an open one is up to the buyer/seller to determine.

  4. Xmas 1994  PSY 1009
    Versions: 1) Xmas 1994 tape/CD w/out barcode
                          (810 967 0022)  $25/50 [[$40/75+]]
                     2) Xmas 94 CD Gathering 2000 Reissue
                          (810 347 3313)  $20 [[$25]]
    Tracks: Santa's a Fat Bitch; Red Christmas; Santa Killas; It's Coming
    Comments: With 2 songs that haven't been placed on any other audio, and a very limited release in the winter of 1994, this CD was one of the rarer items for a collector to find. They were reissued at the Gathering 2000 to give more people a chance to own it.

  5. 2Dope's Fuck Off
    Versions: 1) Fuck Off Yellow 2 Track tape
                         (810 399 7284)  $100+ [[$150+]]
                     2) Fxck Off Yellow 4 Track tape
                          (810 399 7284) $40 [[$50+]]
                     3) Fxck Off Blue 4 Track Tape
                          (810 399 7284)  $50 [[$65+]]
                     4) Fxck Off 4 Track CD
                          (810 399 7284)/(810 967 0022)  $45+ [[$75+]]
                     5) Fxck Off 4 Track Reissue CD
                          (810/248) 347 3313)  $20 [[$25]]
                     6) Fxck Off "Shock Records" CD
                          CTX168CD  $15+
                     7) Fxck Off CD (Full Case)
                          PSY 4015  $15+
    Tracks: Fuck Off; Clown Luv; [I'm Not Alone; 3 Rings]
    Comments: In simplest terms, the 2 Tracks are singles for the 4 Track tape/CD. The 4 Track was the EP for the forthcoming Shaggy solo which never surfaced. The two extra tracks this has is shown above in [Brackets]. The spines of the tapes are also different, and you cannot see them in the above pictures, so here they are -- Fuck Off Spines. The Fxck Off Cds were reissued in late 1999, thus bringing overall value and rarity down, if you are a serious collector. There are both 810 and 248 versions of that reprint, but both are equally unrare. Now, there has always been rumor of the Blue 2 Track, but none have ever officially been found, so for now, this item is still just rumored to exist. In 2002, Fuck Off was also pressed on Shock Records, for distribution in Australia. In 2003, to go along with J's solo CD, Fxck Off was re-rereleased, this time in a Full Case, as PSY 4015.