1. Fat Sweaty Betty  PSY 1011 $75+ [[$90+]]
    Tracks: Fat Sweaty Betty; Fat Sweaty Betty (Celluloid Bubble Remix)
    Comments: This item was only produced on tape. It was given away on April 7th and April 8th in 1995, at the Mental Warp shows at the Ritz in Roseville, Michigan, to those who came to the show with facepaint. The Ritz held 1800, so figure if they sold out... half the people both nights wore facepaint, well under 2000 of these are out there. And judging by the steady demand for it, and the limited number of people that own it today, that number could very well be 50% less, easily, if not lower. This tape is also the only place where you can find the Celluloid Bubble Mix of the song that was originally supposed to be on Riddle Box.

  2. Forgotten Freshness  PSY 1012  $30/60 [[$40/100+]]
    Tracks: Ghetto Zone; Santa's a Fat Bitch; Clown Luv; Dog Beats; Southwest Strangla; Hey Vato; Life At Risk; Fat Sweaty Betty; Ask You Somethin; 3 Rings; Dead Pumpkins
    Comments: Available on both tape and CD, this album was released in August of 1995 in Michigan only, but eventually got out into the greater part of the Midwest. It contains songs that never made it to albums, singles, solos, and other rare songs for its time.

  3. Chicken Huntin 6 Track Promo CD  [Never Sealed]  $65+
    Tracks: [Slaughterhouse No Blood Radio; Slaughterhouse Radio/Video; Original Recipe; Slaughterhouse Street; Radio Acapella; Slaughterhouse Mixtramental]
    Comments: This Promo CD has a Black sticker on the case, and does not have a barcode.

  4. Chicken Huntin 2 Track Promo CD  [Never Sealed]  $75+
    Tracks: [ Slaughterhouse Radio/Video; Slaughterhouse Street]
    Comments: This Promo CD is considerably rarer than the 6 Track. It is believed to be a European Promo, and there also may be a 3 Track Promo CD of similar origin.

  5. Chicken Huntin 12" Promo Vinyl  [Never Sealed]  $50+
    Tracks: [Slaughterhouse Radio/Video; Slaughterhouse Street; Radio Acapella; Slaughterhouse Mixtramental; Street Acapella; Original Recipe Radio]
    Comments: This 12" Vinyl comes in a Black case with a Sticker in the upper right hand corner. This used to be one of the most sought after items, but a recent flux of them have brought the value down dramatically.

  6. Chicken Huntin 2 Track Sampler Tape  $30 [[$40]]
    Tracks: [CH Slaugherhouse Mix; CH Slaughterhouse Radio Mix; Riddle Box Sampler]
    Comments:The Two Track tapes were given away at shows and in-stores, as can be seen by "FREE" in the upper left hand corner of the case. Some also have been found to have a sticker on the back.They are called the CH 2 Track, but in reality, there are 3 tracks. Also of note, these were also packaged up in Buckets, with 15 or 16 tapes to a bucket, then the whole thing sealed. I have only seen one or two of these around, so they are fairly rare and valuable as a whole unit.

  7. Chicken Huntin Slaughterhouse tape single  $20 [[$30]]
    Tracks: [CH Slaughterhouse Street; I Didn't Mean to Kill Him; CH Original Recipe; Riddle Box Sampler]
    Comments:The sealed versions of this tape always contain a sticker on the lower right corner of the plastic.

  8. Chicken Huntin Slaughterhouse CD single  $50+ [[$75+]
    Tracks:[CH Slaughterhouse Street; CH Slaughterhouse Mixtramental; I Didn't Mean to Kill Him; Fabulous; Riddle Box Sampler; CH Original Recipe]
    Comments: This is the only official Audio Item that contains the track "Fabulous."

  9. Jokers Wild  $20 [[$25+]]
    Tracks: Joker's Wild; Dead Body Man
    Comments: This item was only produced on tape. It was made to promote the upcoming RiddleBox as a second single in Jokers Wild, as well as Dead Body Man. At one time, was one of the most sought after items, but an influx in these tapes at a cheap price has lowered the demand and rarity greatly. And just because some stores sell this for $100 does NOT mean that is what it is worth, at all.

  10. RiddleBox
    Versions: 1) Riddle Box Promo CD w/ Sticker [Never Sealed]  $60+
                     2a) Riddle Box tape/CD [Sealed] w/ Sticker  $60+
                       b) Riddle Box tape/CD w/ Order Form  $15/20
                       c) RB Clear tape w/ Blue Writing  $25-30
                     3) Riddle Box CD  $15
                     4) Riddle Box Orange Tape  $10
                     5) Riddle Box CD w/ Reversed Colors  $65+
                     6) Riddle Box CD w/ hed PE snippet  $30 [[$40+]]
                     7) Riddle Box Vinyl  $25 [[$30+]]
    Tracks: Riddle Box; The Show Must Go On; Chicken Huntin (Slaughterhouse Mix); Toy Box; Cemetary Girl; 3 Rings; Headless Boogie; The Joker's Wild; Dead Body Man; Lil' Somthin Somthin; Ol' Evil Eye; 12; The Killing Fields; I'm Coming Home
    Comments: The Promo CD has a sticker on the actual case, as well as a hole in the barcode. Originally, RiddleBox CDs and tapes had stickers on the plastic to hide the Face of the Jokers Card. Since everyone opened them to listen to the CD, these are considerably rare and sought after. When opened, however, the tapes were clear (no color tint) and both CD and tape booklets had order forms in them for merchandise. Another rare version of the tape had blue writing on the clear tape. So open or sealed, these are still recognized as original, as opposed to #3, which is what you can find now, as well as the Solid Orange shelled tape. On that note, if you notice, Psychopathic tapes ALWAYS have a color tint to them. This is to warn buyers against bootleggers who use clear tapes. RiddleBox, however, was released by Jive/Def Jam, so they used clear tapes originally, until they bought out their Jive contracts. Next, on some of the CDs, the picture of the RiddleBox has reversed colors, that is, where purple should be, there is green, and reversed. These are rare, and there are people out there in search of them. Also, in 1998 or so, Jive/Def Jam, who still had the rights to RiddleBox re-released it with snippets of the band (hed) PE on it as well. There is a sticker on the plastic sayin "Containing exerpts from the debut album of (hed) PE). It also has this right on the CD, and a card for their fan club is included with the booklet. Soon, Psychopathic got the rights back to the album, but as with all rarities, people pursue this rare item for their collection. Fast forward 10 years and the Riddlebox album is released on Vinyl for some reason. The back actually lists "The Smog" being on the record but it appears to be just a error. I also dont think this was endorsed by Psychopathic because they have yet to sell it themselves.

  11. Mr Rotten Treats
    Versions: 1) Original MRT tape  $40 [[$50+]]
                     2) Reissued MRT tape  PSY 1013 $25 [[$30]]
    Tracks: Mr Rotten Treats
    Comments: This item was only produced as a tape. It was given away at the 2nd Annual Hallowicked shows on Oct. 30/31, 1995 in Royal Oak, MI. The original came sealed without a case, so the tape looks like it was shrink wrapped. Also, it does not have any Psy Number or Info on it. The reissue soon popped up and was in a cardboard case, also sealed, and DID have the Psy Number. Also, the lettering/fonts of the word "Mr Rotten Treats" is different on the tapes. Now, here comes the tricky part. Everyone has a different opinion on what was reissue and what was OG. From what I have gathered, the way the pictures are on right now is the correct way. Except, the reissue came in a cardboard sleeve, not wrapped like the pic. Also, I always thought the Reissue had white lettering. So, I am either wrong on that, or, they had different tapes for the two nights, which is kinda crazy. Anyways, if you think we are wrong and have some good solid reasoning, please let us know.

  12. Tunnel of Love 
    Versions: 1) PSY 1015 TOL Tape/CD (810 967 0022)  $10/15
                     2) PSY 1015X TOL XXX tape/CD w/ Sticker
                          (810 967 0022)  $30+/50+ [[$55+/80+]]
                     3) PSY 1015 TOL tape/CD (810/248 347 3313)  $10/15
                     4) PSY 1015X TOL XXX CD w/ Sticker (810/248 347 3313)  $25
                     5) TOL "Shock Records" CD CTX163CD  $15+
                     6) TOL CD PSY 4002  $15+
    Tracks: Intro; Cotton Candy; Super Balls; Ninja; Stomp; Prom Queen; My Kind of Bitch; When I Get Out; ??? [Mental Warp]
    Comments: The regular versions of TOL, like Terror Wheel, have been pressed numerous times and you can tell by the phone number, per usual (and the newest versions have ads for FF1&2 and Dark Lotus). The XXX Rated version of the Cd and tape were originally available with the number from the first pressing and the sticker was on the PLASTIC. For the Gathering 2000, they reissued the CDs and used the new number, and the sticker is clearly on the CD CASE under the plastic. All of the XXX versions have the track "Mental Warp" as a bonus track. In 2002, TOL was also pressed on Shock Records, for distribution in Australia, and in 2003, is was rereleased with the PSY 4002 number.

  13. Join the Show / 12 Minute Interview  $40+ [[$50+]]
    Comments: This item was only produced on tape. It was given/sold at the Clown House instore in September of 1996 at Rock of Ages in Michigan. Since everyone tore theirs open to listen to it, there are hardly any sealed. In fact, I personally don't know of one that is still sealed.

  14. Witches and Warlocks
    Versions: 1) PSY 1000 Toledo WnW w/ White cardboard case  
                          $40 [[$50+]]
                     2) Detroit WnW w/ Black/Orange case  $40 [[$50+]]
    Tracks: Dead Pumpkins; Mr Rotten Treats; Halloween on Military; Interview
    Comments: These items were only produced on tape. They were originally given away to those attending the 3rd Hallowicked Tour. There are a few questions that linger over this release. The tour had about ten shows, half of which were rescheduled until December (The Resurrection Tour) after J broke his collar bone in Ohio. Now, I personally attended two shows on that rescheduled part of the tour -- in Detroit and Kalamazoo, and both nights I got the "Detroit" version of the tape. Now, the Toledo show was in between those two shows that I saw. I am not sure if the other version was really given away in Toledo, or if it follows with the first two Hallowicked singles and is just a reprint. Regardless, it is still sought after. Another question is that of if they came sealed or not. In 1996/1997, Psychopathic ran a promotion where if you sent in wrestling figures, you got a StrangleMania shirt. But they ran out and ended up sending out a lot more shit, one item being a WnW tape -- sealed. Now again, I was at two shows and don't recall it being sealed. But, a few people have told me they rememebr it being sealed, so we will now accept that as fact.