1. The Calm  $10+
    Tracks: Intro; Rollin Over; Rosemary; Crop Circles; Deadbeat Moms; We'll Be Alright; Like It Like That; Off The Track
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD, and it's the, yes... Calm before the Storm. This little EP looks to be the transition between the old ICP era of the Joker Cards, and the new Era... whatever that may bring. We shall see.

  2. Wicked Hellaween  $15+ [[$20+]]
    Tracks: Wicked Hellaween
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD, and it is the 2005 Hallowicked Single, given away at the Detroit show on October 31st. It also marks the return of Mike E Clark to ICP. Notice that the CD itself has artwork, but it came sealed in an all black cardboard case.

  3. Forgotten Freshness 4  $15+
    Tracks: Intro; The People; Clown Walk; If I Was King; Dear ICP; Madhouse; Feels So Right; Homies (Remix); Staaaaaale; Bodies Fly; Wicked Rappers Delight; Panties; If You Can't Beat Em, Join Em; Nobody Move; Yours Begins Tonight; CPK (Remix); Swallow This Nut; Intro; Dead Pumpkins; Mr Rotten Treats; Halloween on Military; Mr Johnsons Head; Pumpkin Carver; Sleepwalkers; Toxic Love; Every Halloween; Silence of the Hams; Thug Pit; Murda Cloak; Wicked Hellaween
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD. This double disc came out in November of 2005, and it features some old stuff, some new stuff, some remixes, and all the Halloween tracks on one cd. Good times for all.

  4. Murder City Xmas  $20+
    Tracks: Murder City Xmas
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD, and it was given away at the annual 2005 Big Ballas Christmas Party. They also slipped the song online for a free DL, but only the people at the show got the actual cd.

  5. "Keep It Scrubbin" Single  $5+
    Tracks: Keep It Scrubbin (Radio Edit)
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD. With the 2Dope solo on the horizon, HatchetGear put out this radio-friendly single with the first track off of F.T.F.O..

  6. F.T.F.O.  $15+
    Tracks: Prequel; Fuck the Fuck Off; Keep It Scrubbin; Forever & Always; Memories; Make It Happen; Meltdown; They Shootin; Half Full; Always Fuckin With Us; Pull Me Over; Ball Bounce; Red Moon; Owl Face Hoe; Cobwebbs in My Attic; It's About Time; Your Life
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD. Shaggy's solo CD was... many years in the making, but here it is, in February of 2006.

  7. Blood Redrum  $15+
    Tracks: Blood Redrum; Blood Redrum (Instrumental)
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD, as most Hallowicked singles have been lately. Also asusual, this CD was given away on October 31st in Detroit, and it came sealed in a white sleeve.

  8. The Wraith: Remix Albums  $15+
    Tracks: Walk Into Thy Light; Welcome to the Show; Get Ya Wicked On; Murder Rap; Birthday Bitches; Blaaam; It Rains Diamonds/Bitch Slappaz; Thy Staleness; Hell's Forecast; Juggalo Homies; We Belong; Cotton Candy and Popsicles; Crossing Thy Bridge; Thy Raven's Mirror; Thy Wraith; Walk Into the Darkness; Suicide Hotline; CPK; Truly Alone; Everyday I Die; The Witch; Bowling Balls; 24; Burning Up; Sedatives; In My Room; Angels Falling; Manic Depressive
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD. This double disc came out in November of 2006, and as yo ucan see, it has a majority of the songs from both Wraith albums. But wait! They are all remixes, from such people as Mike Clark, KMK, Tech Nine, the Wolfpac, and others.

  9. The Tempest 3 Track Sampler  $10+
    Tracks: Haunted Bumps; The Party; I Do This
    Comments: Originally given out at The Tempest Release Party Tour to promote the newest ICP album. Theres 3 track samples played out like a WFUCKOFF Radio show with hosts Violent J, Shaggy 2 Dope and Razor Ray introducing each song. I doubt we'll see any other promos or samplers pop up, like most Psychopathic CD's in the last 4 years.

  10. The Tempest DJ Mix Kit  PSY 3073  $10
    Tracks: Haunted Bumps; I Do This; The Party; Haunted Bumps (Polar Bear Remix); I Do This (Polar Bear Remix); The Party (Mike E. Clark Remix); Haunted Bumps (Akuma Remix); I Do This (Akuma Remix); The Party (Akuma Remix); Haunted Bumps (Instrumental); I Do This (Instrumental); The Party (Instrumental); Haunted Bumps (Acapella); I Do This (Acapella); The Party (Acapella); Haunted Bumps (Clean); I Do This (Clean); The Party (Clean)
    Comments: Originally given out at the Tempest Release Party Tour, this CD I guess is for DJ's to play and Producers to tinker with? The latest WFW said this will be on sale at HatchetGear.com so we weill see.

  11. The Tempest  PSY 4036  $15
    Tracks: The Sky Is Falling; Ride The Tempest; Alley Rat; Haunted Bumps; Growing Again; Hum Drum Boogie; I Do This!; What About Now?; Watch My Ride; News At 6 O'Clock; The Tower; The Party; Bitch I Lied; Play My Song; Mexico City; If I Was A Serial Killer;
    Comments: The Tempest hit stores On March 20, 2007, Hit Number 20 on the Top 200 Albums, and hit you across your face at the same time. Originally slated to be a Enhanced CD, this was later not the case when it was released. Included with some cd's were a Tempest Patch. I've heard that they were included inside the case or outside the case, and that it could only have been a HatchetGear/Best Buy deal.

  12. Eye Of The Storm  PSY 4100  $10
    Tracks: Intro; The Madness; Yellow Bus; High Rise; The Perfect Night; Scatter Brain; Thrill Of The Kill; Wind Me Up;
    Comments: Billed as outtakes and rarities from The Tempest album, this is a short EP originally sold at the 2007 Gathering and later the webstore (although 10+ days after they said it would be up). I'm pretty sure this also won't be sold in stores and is only a HG/Gathering thing.

  13. Evil Is Afraid  $15+ [[$20+]]
    Tracks: Evil Is Afraid
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD, and it is the 2007 Hallowicked Single, given away at the Detroit show on October 31st. There seems to be a lot of these compared to previous years so we shall see how rare these will end up being.

  14. Jugganauts: The Best Of ICP  $15
    Tracks: The Great Milenko; Hokus Pokus; Piggie Pie (Old School); The Neden Game; Halls Of Illusions; Mad Professor; Boogie Woogie Wu; Cherry Pie (I Need A Freak); Another Love Song; Rainbows & Stuff; I Want My Shit; Fuck The World; Bitches; My Axe; Tilt-A-Whirl; Please Don't Hate Me; Lets Go All The Way; What Is A Juggalo?
    Comments: Released on October 30. 2007, the story behind this is that basically Island/Universal still owns the rights to The Great Milenko, AJB, Forgotten Freshness 1 and 2 and the Bizzar/Bizaar CD's. To squeeze that last dollar out of ICP they threw a bunch of random songs off those albums together and called it a Greatest Hits CD. So this isn't an official Psychopathic release but ICP promoted it heavily anyways. Also if you bought this at Best Buy you got a free DVD with 5 videos on it, and if pre-ordered at Newbury Comics you recieved it Signed by J and Shaggy.

  15. A Violent J Solo $20
    Tracks: Here I Come; Wake Up; I'm Dead; Fight Club; When I Rap; Candy Land; Get Out The Way; Spinning; I'ma Fuck You Up; The Gatekeeper; Overcome By Jealousy; Ice Cold; Hoes; Knock, Knock; Burn; Let It Go;
    Comments: These were given away to those in attendance at ICP's only seminar Friday afternoon at the 2008 Gathering Of The Juggalos. The actual CD came in a white sleeve and is a plain CD-R with "Violent J' stamped on the top and can easily be duplicated and passed off as real so be careful. Also there is no official tracklisting so I'm just going by what others have labeled them as.

  16. I'm Your Killer  $15+ [[$20+]]
    Tracks: I'm Your Killer
    Comments: Like the previous 14 years these exclusive CD's were given out at the October 31st Hallowicked show in Detroit. These actually ran out pretty early, either because they didnt make enough or because the people handing them out would give each kid like 3. When sealed they come in an all black slip case.

  17. The Shining  PSY 4101  $15
    Tracks: Intro; Wake Up; Fight Club; When I Rap; Candy Land; Get Out The Way; 14 Year Old; I Get Mad; Faster; Jealousy; Home Invasion; 4 The Hoes; Pyromaniac; Let It Go; ???
    Comments: 8 months after the 2008 Gathering where he said he wasn't gonna release his solo album and instead gave it away for free, Violent J released "The Shining" on his birthday April 28th, 2009. This version features better sound quality and some new songs that wern't on the GOTJ version so all could be happy.

  18. Bang Pow Boom Sampler  $5
    Tracks: Bang Pow Boom Sampler
    Comments: This sampler was handed out en masse. Every ticket to GOTJ came with one, vans drove across the country handing them out, every Hot Topic got at least 200, and Spencer's got about the same. They did come sealed, but there is no price difference because of how many are out there. The sampler also came with a super fresh ninja decoder to help you decode the secrets inside the booklet of Bang! Pow! Boom!

  19. Bang! Pow! Boom! PSY 4012-2  $15
    Versions: 1) Green
                     2) Red
                     3) Blue
    Tracks: Intro; The Clowns Are Back; Freaky Creep Show; Beautiful Doom; In Yo Face; The Bone; Zombie Slide; To Catch A Predator; Boing Boing; I Found A Body; Love; Fonz Pond; Imma Kill U; Juggalo Island; Vultures; Vera Lee; Miracles; Bang! Pow! Boom!; Chop Chop Slide; Rebecca; Over A Bitch
    Comments: This album marked the return of the Dark Carnival and came in 3 fantastic flavors! For the first time in Psy history, each version had different tracks. There have been talks of a super edition of Bang Pow Boom coming out soon, but no definitive date has been set, or adhered to.

  20. If I Ate Your Brains  $15+ [[$20+]]
    Tracks: If I Ate Your Brains
    Comments: This was the Hallowicked for our year of The Carnival, 2009. While they didn't run out as early as 2008, some kids still didn't get any. As with the previous years, when sealed they come in an all black slip case. Personally, I've been writing what year it is on the outside of the plastic with a silver Sharpie before it goes in the collection so I don't stumble across a pile of x amount of black sleeves and don't know what is what.

  21. Bang! Pow! Boom! Nuclear Edition PSY 4012-2  $15
    Disc 1:: Intro; Triple Threat Mix; In Yo Face; The Bone; Zombie Slide; To Catch A Predator; Boing Boing; I Found A Body; Love; Fonz Pond; Imma Kill U; Juggalo Island; Vultures; Vera Lee; Miracles; Bang! Pow! Boom!
    Disc 2:: Over A Bitch; Our Hero; Chop Chop Slide!; Supernatural; Tonight; It's All Over; Bang Pow Boom Sampler
    Disc 3:: A Family Underground DVD
    Comments: This album is the compilation of all 3 versions of Bang Pow Boom. Most of the time when an artist puts out something like this, it's a rip. Psy, however, seriously hooked up the fam with this. First, BPB! is an incredible album. Then, disc 2 is all 3 bonus tracks, 3 NEW bonus tracks, AND the sampler. On top of that, it comes with the DVD, A Family Underground. To sweeten the deal, it's only $15!

  22. The Old Shit  $15+ [[$20+]]
    Tracks: Ghetto Zone; Toy Box; Bugz on my Nugz; Hellalujah; Get Off Me, Dog!; Night of the Axe; What Is A Juggalo; 17 Dead; Cotton Candy; 3 Rings; Bitches feat: ODB; Kiss The Clown; Southwest Song; Boogie Woogie Wu; Terrible; For the Maggots; Stomp; Amy's In The Attic; Blackin' Your Eyes; The Killing Fields; I Stuck Her With My Wang; Clown Love; My Kind of Bitch; Fuck The World; The Neden Game; Dead Body Man; Fuck Off; I Stab People; Fat Sweaty Betty; $85 Bucks An Hour
    Comments: This album dropped on the Happy Daze tour and is ONLY sold on HG and at shows now. It's a great collection of, well, Old Shit. Remastered tracks abound, this CD certainly has something for everyone. Although, I think that $85 an hour is now on at least 6 CDs, holding the belt for Psy song that appeared on the most CDs.

  23. I Saw A Monster  $15+ [[$20+]]
    Tracks: I Saw A Monster
    Comments: Given out at Hallowicked 2011, this was sealed up in an orange sleeve. For the second year in a row, this can be easily identified when sealed. Unless you're a genius like me and just wrote on the cell wrap with a silver sharpie the years they did black sleeves. I'm awesome. Anyway, this song is one of the stories from Behind the Paint, and is VERY cool. Dope segway to Riddlebox at the end as well.

  24. Featuring Freshness  $15+ [[$20+]]
    Tracks: Lady in the Jaguar ft Boondox; Put it Down ft Blaze and Madrox; Keep It Wicked ft ABK; The Part ft DJ Clay; Marsh Lagoon ft Twiztid; Gang Related ft ABK; The Gathering ft Dayton Family; Birthday ft Blaze; This Bitch ft Twiztid; Always Fucking With Us ft Twiztid; Nightline ft AMB; Hound Dogs ft Twiztid and Blaze; Kept Grinding ft Twiztid, Blaze, Boondox, DJ Clay, and AMB. Disc 2 - I Shot a Hater ft Twiztid and 3 6 Mafia; House of Mirrors ft Capital E; Dead End ft Ice T; Bitches ft ODB; Nobody Move ft Mack 10; Is That You (remix) ft Kid Rock; Shaggy Show ft Snoop Dog; Truth Dare ft Bryan Adams; Mad House ft Tech N9ne; Out There ft Bushwick Bill; Swallow This Nut ft Fresk Kid Ice, Fish N Grits, MC Breed, and Vanilla Ice; Let's Toast ft Afroman; Underground Hot Street Banger ft Tone Tone; Danger Party ft Big Hutch; Surviving the Game ft Paris
    Comments: Not entirely unlike the Forgotten Freshness series of old, this is a collection of guest spots. Disc one is Family, disc two is Homies.

  25. The Mighty Death Pop  $15+ [[$20+]]
    Tracks: Intro; The Mighty Death Pop; Night of the Chainsaw; Chris Benoit; The Blasta; Kickin' Kickin'; Bazooka Joey; Shooting Stars; Juggalo Juice; Hate Her To Death; Skreem! (Ft Tech N9ne and Hopsin); Ghetto Rainbows; When I'm Clownin'; Dog Catchers; Daisies; Where's God?; Forever; Outtakes;

    Tracks (Red): Prelude; Jump Around; Shout (Ft Blaze); Ain't No Future In Your Frontin; Hold Still (Ft Downtown Brown"; Bitch Betta Have My Money (Ft Fred Durst; Ngiht of the Living Baseheads; Beautiful(Indestructable); Mind Playing Tricks On Me (Ft Lil Wyte and ABK); State of Shock; Love for Dem Gangstas (Ft Cold 1878um; Guess My Religion; Outtakes

    Tracks (White): Traveling Circus; Chris Benoit (Kuma's Crub Club Remix Ft Ice Cube); When I'm Clowning (Kuma's Clownin Remix); Lost In The Music; Up Ya Ass; Ghetto Rainbows; Birfday Party; Scrubstitute Teachers (Ft Twiztid); Playin in the Woods; Pass It to the Sky; Shuggston Brooks 1959-2004; Night of the Chainsaw (Joe Strange Remix); Forever; Outtakes

    Tracks (Black): Freaky Tales; Outtakes

    Comments: Card 2, Deck 2, coming for YOU, brother! The Mighty Death Pop...popped it's way into the Carnival with 3 different versions. Red Pop, White Pop, and Black Pop make up the 3 colors, each with it's own bonus disc. Red is covers, White is a Mike E Clark disc of remixes, and Black is an homage to Too $hort with Freaky Tales. Cop em and check out the sweet lenticular art, which is damn near impossible to get a shot of, with the "post" popped face.