1. Halls of Illusions 1 Track Promo CD  [Never Sealed]  $20+
    Tracks: Halls Radio Edit
    Comments: This was sent to radio stations in the United States, to promote the song and the upcoming Great Milenko. This CD was produced with a full jewel case.

  2. Halls of Illusions 2 Track CD  $20 [[$25]]
    Tracks: Halls LP; The Smog
    Comments: This CD was produced in a cardboard case and distributed through Europe. I believe there is also a USA version with a Halls Clean Edit instead of The Smog, but I cannot confirm this at this time.

  3. Halls of Illusions 3 Track Test Press CD  [Never Sealed]  $45+
    Tracks: ICP Radio Edit; Back to Reality Motherfucka; Back to Reality (DJ Slim remix)
    Comments:This may be the Test Press for all of the Halls CDs, or perhaps each version has it's own test press.

  4. Halls of Illusions 3 Track Promo CD  [Never Sealed]  $20+
    Tracks: Halls Radio Edit; Halls Back to Reality Motherfucka; Halls Back to Reality
    Comments: This CD was produced in a full jewel case. Take note that there is NOTHING on the back. There is no insert, so it is just blank.

  5. Halls of Illusions 4 Track CD  $15 [[$20]]
    Tracks: Halls LP; Southwest Voodoo; The Smog; Cotton Candy
    Comments: The 4 Track Halls was made in England and used to promote ICP over there. It was produced in a slim jewel case.

  6. Halls of Illusions 7" Vinyl  [Never Sealed]  $100+
    Tracks: Halls of Illusions; Santa's a Fat Bitch; Red Christmas
    Comments: The 7" vinyl was given away by a music magazine in England called Kerrang!. There were 1000 made, and they are numbered on the back of their sleeves. Not but two years ago these were very rare, but a lot of popped up in the last 6 months, driving the value down.

  7. Halls of Illusions 12" Vinyl  [Never Sealed]  $$++
    Tracks: ??
    Comments: The 12" exists in very limited quantities, so says Jumpsteady. No traders own it that I know of, so its value is very high.

  8. Hokus Pokus 4 Track Red CD #1  $10
    Tracks: HP Headhuntaz Edit; HP Radio Edit; HP Headhuntaz Instrumental; HP LP
    Comments: (CID 705/572 318-2)  This Hokus Pokus version comes in a slim jewel case, and can be found in most decent music stores across the US. They may be Imports or not, but either way, they are pretty unrare. *The "color" refers to the color of the actual CD, NOT the cover as is sometime mistaken. This is true for all of the HP CDs.*

  9. Hokus Pokus 4 Track Green CD #2  $10
    Tracks: HP Headhuntaz Edit; Prom Queen; My Kind of Bitch; Skitzofrantic
    Comments: (CIDX 705/572 316-2)  This Hokus Pokus version comes in a slim jewel case, and can be found in most decent music stores across the US. They may be Imports or not, but either way, they are pretty unrare.

  10. Hokus Pokus 2 Track Orange CD  $30+
    Tracks: Headhunters Edit; HP LP
    Comments: (572 306-2)  This version comes in a cardboard case w/ a sticker on the front in the upper right corner.

  11. Hokus Pokus 4 Track Orange CD  $25+
    Tracks: Headhunters Edit; Headhunters Instrumental; HP LP; Prom Queen B-Side
    Comments: (572 307-2)  This HP comes in a slim jewel case, and was most likely distributed in Europe because of Prom Queen, a song that was previosly unreleased in Europe.

  12. Hokus Pokus 2 Track Red Promo CD  [Never Sealed] $25+
    Tracks: HP Radio Edit; Headhunters Clean Edit
    Comments: (CIDDJ 705)  This comes in a slim jewel case, and sometimes has stickers, but others I have seen do not. I do not believe they really make a difference in rarity, but someone may value it differently.

  13. Hokus Pokus 2 Track Red Spanish Promo CD   [Never Sealed]  $30+
    Tracks: Headhunters Clean Edit; Great Milenko LP
    Comments: (ICP-1)  This promo CD was released in a cardboard case. 

  14. Hokus Pokus 2 Track Blue Promo CD  [Never Sealed]  $20+
    Tracks: Headhunters Clean Edit; Headhunters Edit Intro 2
    Comments: (PRCD 7841-2)  This Promo CD came in a full jewel case. The rarity has dropped significantly since it has popped up in many online stores, and even Psychopathic sold them at the Gathering 2000 I believe. There used to be rumor of a Slim Case Blue Promo, but I do not believe that ever surfaced.

  15. Hokus Pokus 3 Track Orange Promo CD  [Never Sealed]  $35+
    Tracks: HeadhuntersClean Edit; Headhunters Edit; HP LP
    Comments: (572 286-2)  This Promo CD comes in a slim jewel case.

  16. Hokus Pokus European Promo CD  [Never Sealed]  $60+
    Tracks: Hokus Pokus Radio Edit; Hokus Pokus Album
    Comments: (#3725) This Promo CD comes in a cardboard case. It is by far the rarest of the Hokus Pokus CDs. It was auctioned as part of a Lot at the Gathering 2000, and I personally have only seen it once on eBay. This is also the only HP single that is not part of the Headhuntas Remix series.

  17. Hokus Pokus 7" Promo Picture Disc Vinyl  [Never Sealed] $20
    Tracks: Hokus Pokus Headhuntaz Edit; Prom Queen
    Comments: This 7" Vinyl, originally released in Europe, comes in a plastic sleeve and with it, is included a card to become a member in the ICP Fan Club. Some people complain that when they play the Picture Disc, it does not "work," but they should work.

  18. Hokus Pokus 12" Promo Vinyl  [Never Sealed]  $60+
    Tracks: HP Headhuntaz Edit Intro 2; HP Headhuntaz Instrumental; HP Headhuntaz Edit Intro 1; HP LP
    Comments: This 12" Vinyl was released in Europe, and comes in a white sleeve with a gray sticker in the upper left corner. Like most of the other vinyls, this used to fetch 100-150 bucks, but so many have gotten around that the value has dropped.

  19. How Many Times Promo  $30+
    Tracks: How Many Times (Radio Edit)
    Comments: In 2008 this popped up on ebay and a loud consecutive "huh?!?" was heard in the trading community. A Island How Many Times Promo CD? Hmm. No other information is know at this point so if you do have some info you're willing to share, hit us up.

  20. Great Milenko (Hollywood)
    Versions: 1) Hollywood White Promo CD [Never Sealed]  $20+
                     2) Hollywood Red Promo tape [Never Sealed]  $75+
                     3) Hollywood White Promo tape [Never Sealed]  $50+
                     4) Hollywood Promo CDs [Never Sealed]  $20+
                     5) Hollywood Red tape/CD  $10/15  [[$20/25]]
                     6) Hollywood Green tape/CD  $10/15  [[$20/25]]
                     7) Hollywood Purple Tape/CD  $10/15  [[$20/25]]
                     8) Hollywood Gold CD  $30 [[$45+]]
    Tracks: Intro; Great Milenko; Hokus Pokus; Piggy Pie; How Many Times?; Southwest Voodoo; Halls of Illusions; What is a Juggalo?: House of Horrors; Hellalujah; Down with the Clown; Just Like That; Pass Me By
    Comments: If you don't know the story by now, you never will. Anyways, naturally Hollywood items are harder to come by than Island stuff. Also as you know, there were four colors, with Gold being the rarest. When sealed, all four have a black sticker on the plastic. There are Hollywood Promos of the 3 main colors around, with the Gold Stamp on the front and the hole in the barcode. These aren't "true" promos, but people collect them nonetheless. The rarest of all of these, would be the Red Hollywood Promo tape. Here is the scoop on that. It was put out by Hollywood and has 3 tracks (notice the spelling) -- Gang Banger Skit/Southwest Voodoo, What Is A Jugalo, and Hellaloujah. Couple of misspellings there, as you can see on the picture. It also comes in a case with a Red Cover with all of that info, and more. Notice also, bootleggers and collectors, that we altered that picture. So if you get something that looks EXACTLY like that, bootleg, which is also why we didn't give a picture of the cover. Another thing of note, it has the year 1996 on it, which is odd because Milenko came out in 1997.

  21. Great Milenko Island UK Promo Tape  [Never Sealed]  $50+
    Tracks: Intro, Hokus Pokus, Halls of Illusions, What is a Juggalo, The Neden Game, Down With the Clown
    Comments: The was only released on tape, and was never sealed. It was released by Island, to obviously promote the Milenko CD in the United Kingdom. These are pretty rare, as I only really know of one out there, and I suspect many people do not even know that they exist.

  22. Great Milenko (Island)
    Versions: 1) Island Promo CD (cardboard case)
                          [Never Sealed]  $60+
                     2) Island White Promo tape [Never Sealed]  $50+
                     3) Island Promo CDs [Never Sealed]  $20+
                     4) Island Red tape/CD  $10/15
                     5) Island Green tape/CD  $10/15
                     6) Island Purple tape/CD  $10/15
                     7) Island Gold CD  $40+
                     8) Great Milenko w/out Foil  $15+
                     9) Great Milenko Japan CD  $15+
    Tracks: Intro; Great Milenko; Hokus Pokus; Piggy Pie; How Many Times?; Southwest Voodoo; Halls of Illusions; Under the Moon; What is a Juggalo?: House of Horrors; Boogie Woogie Wu; The Neden Game; Hellalujah; Down with the Clown; Just Like That; Pass Me By
    Comments: Like the Hollywood, Island versions come in all four colors as well. Also, when sealed, all four have a black sticker on the plastic different than that of the Hollywoods. Contrary to what was said earlier, I think the Island Gold and Island Promo CD are RARER than their Hollywood counterparts. I got word that the Promos are from the UK, something I never knew, so thanks for that tip. Also, if you bought Milenko from BGM, they came without foil on the front. I also have heard that these were found in certain regular music stores. Again, I am clueless on this, but a lot of people have them, so that must mean something. I have also heard while some are just blank where the foil should be, some have grey printed, but it's not foil, like right here. Crazy. Also... I believe the Great Milenko got pressed/released in Australia. and only came in Green, although a Red version has also popped up more recently.

  23. Mutilation Mix  PSY 1016  $20/25 [[$30/40]]
    Tracks: Cemetary Girl; Hey Vato; Wagons Wagons; Psychopathic; Southwest Strangla; Never Had It Made; Chicken Huntin (Slaughterhouse); I Stuck Her With My Wang; The Loons; Red Neck Hoe; I'm Comin Home; Superballs; The Stalker; Wizard of the Ghetto; Skitzofrantic; 3 Rings; Murder Go Round; Southwest Song; Fuck Off; Dead Body Man; Cotton Candy; 17 Dead; The Neden Game; House of Wonders
    Comments: Available on both tape and CD, this was billed as a collection of "hits that never were hits" along with a new song and some funny phone clips in between songs. It also basically served as a way to show the world who ICP was in a nut shell, before they went national with Milenko. Beware of bootlegs, however. I have seen copies with a cover of a regular, red nosed clown, with Mutilation Mix printed on it. It was bootlegg ass cover that could be printed on a computer, and I assume there was a CD-R inside. I also heard of people selling these as Promo copies, so beware of that. In late 1999, a good number of these resurfaced, bringing rarity/value down. In 2002, Mutilation Mix (CTX164CD) was also pressed on Shock Records, for distribution in Australia, and in 2003 it was rereleased under the PSY 4011 catalog number.

  24. Mr Johnson's Head  $25 [[$35+]]
    Tracks: Mr Johnson's Head
    Comments: This item wasonly produced on tape. It was given away at the 1997 Hallowicked Show in Detroit, and the free show afterwards to those with facepaint. When sealed, it has an orange sticker on the plastic. It was not reproduced after this show, but the song itself was placed a few more audio items, and ironically not the one it was first advertised to be on -- the 5th Jokers Card.

  25. Xmas 97  $3/5 [[$5/10]]
    Tracks: Santa's a Fat Bitch; Red Christmas
    Comments: This tape/CD was released around the Christmas season of 1997, and it included two of the 4 songs from the Carnival Christmas 1994 CD. Why these were released at this time, it is unknown.

  26. Forgotten Freshness 1&2
    Versions: 1) FF2 tape/CD  $10/15
                     2) FF2 Promo CD  $25+ [[$30+]]
    Tracks: Hey Vato; Dead Pumpkins; Fat Sweaty Betty; Willy Bubba; Graveyard; Fuck Off; I Didn't Mean to Kill Him; Southwest Strangla; Santa's a Fat Bitch; Witching Hour; Mr Johnson's Head (Remix); Clown Luv; Hokus Pokus (Remix); Red Christmas; House of Wonders; Mr Rotten Treats; Piggy Pie; I'm Not Alone; 85 Bucks an Hour; Halloween on Military St; Dog Beats; Mental Warp
    Comments: This double album was billed as a rerelease of the OG Forgotten Freshness, but ended up being a fairly big disappointment, with only one new song, and another new version of another song, with the rest being already released songs. But, this was nationwide, so it gave many more people a chance to hear the songs than had ever heard them before, so it was a success in that way. The Promo CD has a Gold Stamp on the cover and a hole in the barcode. What is odd about this Promo is that it actually can be found sealed! PolyGram distributed them sealed for some reason, so you can find them out there. I have also heard of versions where both discs are yellow. I assume this to be a printing error, or a different pressing.

  27. Pumpkin Carver  PSY 1020  $30+ [[$40+]]
    Tracks: Pumpkin Carver; Interview
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD. It was given away on the 1998 Hallowicked Show, and marks a few firsts for Hallowicked Singles. It is the first to feature groups other than ICP (Twiztid and KMK). Also, it is the first CD Hallowicked single. One could argue that this is one of the least rare of the Hallowicked Originals, because Gwar was also on the show, bringing in a good number of their own fans who got this CD and gave it to the Juggalos in the parking lot, added to the number of shows. Also included was a new Interview.

  28. Party Mix  [Never Sealed]
    Versions: 1) Party Mix Test Press  $55+
                     2) Party Mix CD  $40+
    Tracks: Party Mix Clean Edit; Party Mix Clean Version
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD. It contains remixes of Boogie Woogie Wu and The Neden Game for Radio stations to presumably play. It is technically a radio promo, so it will never be sealed, and it comes in a slim plastic sleeve, I believe. The test press is considerably rarer, but is still out there to be found. Recently a Silver Version popped up on ebay to confuse us even more.