1. Party at the Top of the Hill
    Tracks: Party at the Top of the Hill
    Comments: In 1989, the JJ Boys (Jagged Joe, Kangol Joey and Master J) recorded a song on the 4-track recorder of one of their friends. The song they made was Party at the Top of the Hill. Very few copies were made, so this song is all but lost.

  2. Enter the Ghetto Zone
    Tracks: ???
    Comments: This was the first time that Joe Bruce used the name "Violent J" in his music. This tape was recorded with two tape players, and used instrumentals of the Geto Boys, 3rd Bass, Kwame, and others. No copies were ever sold, as they were all just given away for free.

  3. Ghetto Territory
    Tracks: ???
    Comments: After J made his, Joey and John wanted to come back and make a tape, which became Ghetto Territory. This was made the same way as Enter the Ghetto Zone, and is the first "ICP" (Inner City Posse) album. And like the others before it, none were sold, and only a few were ever made.

  4. Intelligence and Violence
    Tracks: Intro; Wizard of DelRay; Intelligence and Violence; J's Da Mack; Gangsta Codes; Intro #2; Gangsta Times; Somethin to Say; Violent Crimes; D-Day
    Comments: This was a tape done by Violent J and a guy named D-Lyrical, who owned a karaoke machine. Now, this isn't nearly as rare as other tapes of this era, and here is why. In late 1998, a Juggalo by the name of James walked into a store looking for ICP shit. The owner saw this and gave him a CD-R, and told him to give it a listen. Before this, I&V was only a rumor. He gave a copy to someone.. they gave one to someone... and boom, now it is not rare. Be warned -- there are TEN tracks to this. Some people tried mixing up the songs and taking tracks off, and claiming it was something different. The real version has ten tracks, so know what you are getting if you get a copy.

  5. Bass-Ment Cuts
    Versions: 1) Bass-Ment Cuts Tape  $$$$++
                     2) PSY 2800 Bass-Ment Cuts CD  $25+ [[$30+]]
    Tracks: Intro; Set It Off; Lock Down; Bitches; Insian Like; Play That Hoe; Ghetto Style; The I.C.P.
    Comments: Much like the other OG tapes, the "originals" of these tapes are technically dubs, but they are marked and have real covers (Notice the cover of this is the same picture as Enter the Ghetto Zone). So OGs do exist, and there is actually one in the trading world. The CD dropped at the Gathering 2001, so now everyone can hear these songs.

  6. Bass-ment
    Tracks: Set It Off; Tear Shit Up; Lock Down; Interlude; The Pimp You Wish For; Immune like a MF; Fan Mail; I Beat Asses (??); Style of the St.; Crime Pays
    Comments: This is the "second version," if you will, of Bass-ment Cuts. This tape has an all white cover with a picture of all 5 members (J, Shaggy, John, Greez-E, and Ghetto Style). The "originals" of these tapes are technically dubs, much like the others above, but they are marked and have real covers, even though they are on solid plain tapes. Now, most of the information for the tapes above comes from "Behind the Paint," yet they left this out, so we are not sure if this is exactly where it goes in chronological order, but it's as good as we can do.

  7. Dog Beats
    Versions: 1) 1CD25 DB tape w/o Barcode & Writing, 4 Member
                           (313 399 7284)  $100+ [[$150+]]
                     2) 1CD25 DB tape w/ Writing & 4 Member
                            (313 399 7284)  $60 [[$80+]]
                     3) PSY 1003 DB tape w/ Writing & 4 Member
                           (313 399 7284)  $50 [[$70+]]
                     4) PSY 1003 DB tape w/ Writing & 2 Members
                           (313 399 7284)  $50 [[$70+]]
                     5) PSY 1003 DB tape w/out Writing
                           (313 399 7284)  $50 [[$75+]]
                     6) PSY 1003 Dog Beats CD  $25+ [[$30]]
    Tracks: Ghetto Zone; Wizard of the Hood; Life At Risk; Dog Beats
    Comments: The original versions of Dog Beats didn't have barcodes, had writing on the inside booklet, and were numbered 1CD25, instead of a PSY Number. Then, they added the barcode for the next pressing, also with the 1CD25 code. Finally, some with no writing inside the booklet were pressed. Other variations are the Number of member names in the booklet. Also, sometimes the tape and the booklet's Psy/1cd25 Numbers don't match. The rule of thumbs usually is to go by the Booklet, I do believe. I think all of our phone numbers are correct, but if you know otherwise, please let us know. The CD dropped at the Gathering 2000, but I believe it is on Comic Cons, tours, etc. There has also been a 2 Track tape on eBay, but there was no picture to support it.

  8. Carnival of Carnage  PSY 1004
    Versions: 1) Silver tape w/ White Spine & w/out Barcode
                          (313 399 7284)  $75 [[$90+]]
                     2) Blue tape w/ White Spine & w/out Barcode
                          (313 399 7284)  $60 [[$75+]]
                     3) Tape w/ "Esham On Taste" sticker [sealed]
                          (313 399 7284) [[$100+]]
                     4) Tape w/ "Esham On Taste" sticker w/out Barcode [sealed]
                          (313 399 7284) [[$100+]]
                     5) CD w/ "Esham On Taste" sticker [sealed]
                          (313 399 7284)  [[$125+]]
                     6) COC 12" Vinyl  $150+ [[$250+]]
                     7) Tape w/ white spine & barcode (313 399 7284)  $35 [[$50]]
                     8) Tape w/ black spine & old font (313 399 7284)  $25 [[$30]]
                     9) Original Press CD w/ Different Font
                          (313 399 7284)  $30 [[$40]]
                     10) COC CD (313 399 7284)  $20 [[$35]]
                     11) COC CD (810 399 7284)  $20 [[$30]]
                     12) COC CD (810 967 0022)  $20 [[$30]]
                     13) COC tape/CD (810 347 3313)  $20 [[$25]]
                     14) COC Remastered Promo CD w/ all tracks
                            [Never sealed]  $40+
                     15) COC Remastered tape/CD w/ all tracks  $20 [[$25]]
                     16) COC Remastered tape/CD w/out all tracks  $10/15
                     17) COC Remastered CD w/ all tracks (UK Pressing)    $15+
                     18)COC CD (insaneclownposse.com)   $15+
                     19) COC "Shock Records" CD CTX168CD  $15+                  
                     20) COC “2005” CD (insaneclownposse.com) $15+
    Tracks (CDs/Tapes): Intro; Carnival of Carnage; The Juggla; First Day Out; Red Neck Hoe; Wizard of the Hood; Guts on the Ceiling; Is That You?; [Night of the Axe]; Psychopathic; [Blacken Your Eyes]; Never Had It Made; Your Rebel Flag; Ghetto Freak Show; Taste.
    Tracks (Vinyl): Carnival of Carnage; Never Had It Made; Guts on the Ceiling; Taste; Psychopathic; Red Neck Hoe; Wizard of the Hood; Is That You?
    Comments: First Jokers Card, been out the longest, so naturally it was reprinted in a variety of versions and types. The FIRST Pressings of the COC tapes had no barcode and were pressed in 1992 by a company called Cinram as opposed to the later pressings. Soon after, they started putting barcodes on. Cinram pressings had a different font used for the artwork (see here) and also had a sticker on the plastic, promoting Esham on "Taste." (see here) Since most people opened theirs, these sealed versions are especially rare and sought after. The 12" Vinyl also appeared around this time. Sometime during the ringmaster era ICP switched from having the cds pressed by cinram to discmakers creating slight differences in the tapes and CDs as time went on. In 2008 it was discovered that there was a reversed colors version of carnival of carnage that was pressed with the 0022 phone number. Will this grow to be as popular and sought after as its riddle box counterpart? Doubtful, but cool none the less. In 1998, Island released a "remastered" COC nationwide. Originally they had all of the OG tracks, but because of some uncleared samples, they had to cut out two songs (shown above in [Brackets]), thus giving the remasters a few versions, as well as the Promo, which has a Gold Stamp on the cover and a hole in its barcode. Island also pressed the CD internationally with at least one European version of the CD being made but it is unknown to us at this time what the track listing is or if there are any artwork differences from its American counterpart. In 2002, COC was also pressed on Shock Records, for distribution in Australia. Sometime after the Shock Records pressing, the cd was pressed again in the US with the website listed in place of a phone number. In 2005 the cd was pressed yet again. this time they added a parental advisory label and a few other minor artwork changes. Special thanks to Lorren K for schooling the COC.

  9. Beverly Kills 50187  PSY 1005
    Versions: 1) Beverly Kills CD w/ "Full Grass"
                           (810 399 7284)  $20 [[$25]]
                     2) Beverly Kills tape w/ Clear Shell
                                  (810 399 7284) $30 [[$35+]]
                     3) Beverly Kills tape w/ Green Foil Shell
                                  (810 399 7284)  $25 [[$30+]]
                     4) Beverly Kills tape w/ Clear Green Shell
                          (810 399 7284)  $25
                     5) Beverly Kills tape w/ Solid Green Shell
                          (810 347 3313)  $10 [[$15]]
                     6) Beverly Kills tape w/ Green Foil Shell (810 347 3313)  $10
                     7) Beverly Kills CD w/ "Broken Grass" (810 347 3313)  $15
                     8) Beverly Kills CD w/ "Full Grass" 2000 (248 347 3313)  $15
                     9) Beverly Kills "Shock Records" CD  CTX159CD  $15+
                     10) Beverly Kills CD  PSY 4000  $15+
    Tracks: Intro; Beverly Kills; 17 Dead; The Stalker; In The Haughhh; Chop Chop; Joke Yo' Mind
    Comments: As before, you can tell how old the Pressing was by the phone number. For the first versions of the tapes, all 399-7284, notice the subtle differences in the cases (fonts, placement of information, etc) as well as the colors of the tapes. On the first versions of the CD case, the writing on the bottom was across the grass, as opposed to the later versions where there is a black bar over the green grass. There are also versions with the phone number of 810-967-0022 out there, but those should not be any rarer/more valuable than the others. There was a 12" Vinyl was advertised on the first Psychopathic Catalog, but it is not known if it was ever actually produced. No one owns one at this time, and Violent J said "We prolly just said we had one so we'd feel like the shit." So until one pops up, we can't speculate if it exists. The newest versions have the full grass again, but it also has "The Label That Runs Beneath the Streets" under it. They also may have ads/notes about The Pendulum and ICP.com, which obviously were not around when this OG came out. In 2002, BK50187 was also pressed on Shock Records, for distribution in Australia, and in 2003, it was rereleased under PSY 4000.