Gathering 2000, Novi, Michigan. Great times. On the second and last day, right before the concerts, the Auction was held. Hosted by Rich Murell, aka Legs Diamond aka Slick Rock Buggles aka The Golden Warrior, about a thousand juggalos crowded into the Trading Area to partake in the first of many Psychopathic Records auctions.
  1. Promotional Banner
    Final Price: $70 (Approx.)
    Official Description: 300 of these vinyl banners were made as a means to promote the ICP web site. Street teams went out nationwide and hung these banners illegallyacross bridges that spanned over highways where they would hang until ripped down by authorities. They also, with the aid of climbing equipment, attached them to giant billboards.
    Notes: Not many of these are really seen around, but even with the limited number, the price paid is pretty accurate with value I believe. The guy that won this, most locals used to call "Faygo Man" because he always wore a Faygo shirt, and always colored his hair and goatee weird colors. I haven't seen him around since the Gathering 2000, sadly. Also of note, the one auctioned was black on white, but I have heard of white on black also.

  2. AJB Promotion Banner
    Final Price: $70 (Approx.)
    Official Description: 250 of these banners were originally made. They were used by the Psychopathic street teams as a toll to promote the album before it dropped. This one was accidentily shoved under the seat of one of the street team's vans and was never used.
    Notes: Truth be told, I think they are way more than 250 of these. I saw some stores get 3 each, and it seems that every traders that wants one can easily get one.

  3. ICP's Wrestling Collection
    Final Price: $500 (Approx.)
    Official Description: These items are a part of ICP's wrestling history and include the following: NAW program, 1996; Hellfire Program, 1998; JCW Program, 2000; wrestling backstage passes from Violent J's collection; and a Brotherhood of Justice poster which features The Deacon (Alex Abbiss), The Preacherman (Jumpsteady), and The Bishop (Stephan Kudek).
    Notes: Very cool lot, I felt. There were three passes - one WWF, one WCW, and one ECW. Also the poster was very cool, and I wish we could get a better picture of it to show everyone. Also of note, I am not sure exactly which NAW program was with this lot.

  4. Great Milenko Collection
    Final Price: $250 (Approx.)
    Official Description: This is comprised of the following: Halls of Illusions European Maxi Single (1997) with Halls of Illusions, Southwest Voodoo, The Smog, and Cotton Candy; Hokus Pokus European Single (1997) with Hokus Pokus (both radio and album versions); Halls of Illusions Promo Vinyl (1997) with Halls of Illusions, Santa's a Fat Bitch, and Red Christmas; and finally, an ICP Hollywood promotional flat.
    Notes: The HP Euro CD is pretty rare, as this is only one of a handful I have ever seen. I also assume we have the right Flat pic here, but I could be wrong.

  5. Dark Lotus CD Single
    Final Price: $60 (Approx.)
    Official Description: This is easily one ofthe rarest CDs that ICP has ever put out. Only 500 of these were made, and they were sold at a record store in Garden City, Michigan, at midnight until they were goen a few hours later. The CD contains the track Echoside, that was originally going to be a song from the much-anticipated Dark Lotus album, but was used instead on the AJB album.
    Notes: No way were only 500 made. Maybe a G is more like it, because Hot Hits had a bunch very soon after, and Rock of Ages (the store they were originally sold at) didn't run out for a long time. Actually, for a while in 2000 or 2001, they had the "last one" for like 100 bucks... yet when someone bought it, they found ANOTHER last one. Fuck ROA.

  6. Dog Beats Promo Flats
    Final Price: $360
    Official Description: Talk about fuckin rare! Two of these promo flats were made in 1991 during the Dog Beats Ear and feature Shaggy's brother. John Kick J'azz! Notice how cracked-out they look in the pool table shot, and how fresh and in effect Shaggy looks with his high top fade. The third promo flat was taken in 1992, around the Beverly Kills era. Also included with the flats is the super-rare and original front stage pass.
    Notes: Well, you know the deals on these flats. As for the pass, it technically is from the Beverly Kills era, not Dog Beats, I do believe, as it has two members, says Insane Clown Posse, and the picture is almost the exact same as the BK Era flat. Anyways, it could be called a front runner for today's "Front Stage Pass." They weren't used by crew during shows, as a real backstage pass would be, but I believe they were sold in very limited quantity in the early days of Psychopathic. There are 3 or 4 different versions, this is just one of them. They are still extremely rare, and very collectable.

  7. Hokus Pokus CD Collection
    Final Price: $80 (Approx.)
    Official Description: These CDs include the following: Hokus Pokus Single (1997) European release w/ Headhuntaz, radio edit, instrumental, and LP version of Hokus Pokus; Hokus Pokus Maxi Single (1997) European release with Hokus Pokus (Headhuntaz Mix), Prom Queen, My Kind of Bitch, and Skitzofrantic; Hokus Pokus Promotional Single (1997) with Headhuntaz clean edit and the Headhuntaz Edit (Intro 2) of Hokus Pokus.
    Notes: These were nothing that spectacular, considering they are about the 3 least rare HP Cds. I think the person who won them really just wanted to be in the pot at the end for the money.

  8. Chicken Huntin Collection
    Final Price: $250 (Approx.)
    Official Description: The first of these two items is the 1995 Chicken Huntin Slaughterhouse Mix/Riddle Box Sampler, which was passed out by Psychopathic street teams in the Midwest as a means to promote the RiddleBox album. The second item is the Chicken Huntin vinyl promo, given out to radio station DJs in the hopes that they would spin it (yeah, right). This was very limited, and never for sale - a collecter's wet dream.
    Notes: Again, nothing huge or groundbreaking that serious traders could not come across otherwise.

  9. Shaggy's Video Hookup
    Final Price: $400 (Approx.)
    Official Description: These are the actual clothes that Shaggy wore during the video "How Many Times," down to his shoes (underwear not included). Also included are the silver pants and flame belt he wore during the commercial ICP made which aired on MTV for two weeks. If you haven;'t seen the commercial, you can view them at the Gathering of the Juggalos in Movie Booth #3.
    Notes: Pretty cool item, I think, as this was the start of a little trend of giving ICP's clothes as prizes.

  10. Carnival of Carnage Collection
    Final Price: $500 (Approx.)
    Official Description: These two items were dug up at Psychopathic's warehouse. The first is the only left of its kind: a Carnival of Carnage promotional poster. The second item is the ultra-rare Carnival of Carnage vinyl. There are some out there who bust a nut just thinking of this vinyl. They think about this item when they tap fat hairy bitches in order to stay hard. This is an item you don't want to pass by.
    Notes: Pretty good lot here. They also had the poster (or a laminated copy of it) up in the COC tent, and that got jacked. So two people came home from Novi with that prize.

  11. Wicked Clowns From Outer Space Prototype Stage
    Final Price: $400 (Approx.)
    Official Description: This is the replica of the stage set that ICP is currently on tour with. Basically, how this model came to be was that set designers took ICP's ideas for a stage set and made this prototype to see if it met their standards. This one of a kind item is truely a treaure to behold. Just to make this replica cost Psychopathic Records 500 bucks. It is without a doubt one of the top items up for auction.
    Notes: This also was the first of many "stage set prototypes" that were later auctioned off to Juggalos. I believe the model was about 2 feet wide, and a foot deep.

  12. ICP Prototype Hollywood Record Dolls
    Final Price: $800 (Approx.)
    Official Description: These two cuddly serial killer dolls were the first ICP dolls ever made, but unfortunately would never come to be. These prototypes were disapproved by ICP because they look like Ken dolls wearing a wig and clown makeup. The second prototype dolls were in the process of being made when Hollywood Records dropped ICP, so the dolls never came to be. Along with the dolls you get their original ad as well.
    Notes: Very unique items here. I don't fully buy the story of them being sent back by ICP, because I personally saw that ad in the local paper (Metro Times), so why would they run an ad for something that wasn't going to be made. Anyways, the owner of a local music store (Desirable Discs) won these. In 2001, however, he was selling them on eBay. No word on if he actually sold them.

  13. Hallowicked Clown Collection
    Final Price: $150
    Official Description: These items include the following: Dead Pumpkins tape - this was the tape that was passed out for free in 1994 at the first ever Hallowicked Show at the Majestic Theater in Detroit. Mr Rotten Treats tape - this was the tape that was passed out for free at the 1995 2nd annual Hallowicked SHow at the bitch-ass Royal Oak Music Theater. Finally there is a Hallowicked Backstage Pass - this was used during the 1997 4th annual Hallowicked Show at the Ritz in Roseville, MI.
    Notes: No typo. This went for 150 bucks, and the tapes were sealed. I was talking to someone while this was going, turned around, and it was over. Crazy shit, but someone got hooked up.

  14. Big Money Hustlas Magic Ninja Suit
    Final Price: $650 (Approx.)
    Official Description: This is the actual suit worn by the yellow ninja in the movie, Big Money Hustlas. This extremely phat suit was mostly handmade to appear like the ninjas you see in B-rated ninja flicks the world over. Whoever walks away with this will be jocked by Juggalos everywhere. The only reason it's up for auction is that we feel we have to provide some devastating shit in order to make this event hype.
    Notes: This item may have brought the crowd to the always popular chant from the movie, but for the guy that won it, it was worth it because he won the drawing at the end, and walked away with 25% of the pot, which gave him this suit for free, plus a few hundred bucks.

  15. Southwest Voodoo Mask
    Final Price: $600 (Approx.)
    Official Description: Used primarily during the Amazing Jeckel Brothers tour, this foam mask was worn by stage monsters that would come out during the song "Southwest Voodoo." it is our largest piece for auction, and due to its rugged usage, it is not in mint condition (there is duct tape securing the back.) The mask is custom made, and originally there were four, but now only two remain, with its brother being trashed beyond use. It is part of ICP's performance history, and was even seen at Woodstock.
    Notes: This was pretty huge, if you recall seeing them on the AJB tour. it had to be at least 4 feet tall and 2 wide. Anyways, I heard the winner sold this on ebay, but I don't know for sure where it ended up.

  16. The RiddleBox Christmas Collection
    Final Price: $500 (Approx.)
    Official Description: These items come from Shaggy's personal collection and include the following: the Carnival Christmas pass - this is the actual pass worn during the 1995 Christmas show at the Palladium Theater in Roseville, MI; ICP Backstage Picture - this photo was taken backstage the night of the Palladium show. It features two membersfrom Onyx, two members from Group Home, and ICP. Finally, there is an original RiddleBox Christmas shirt
    Notes: Good ol' Christmas lot here. Interesting that they had an OG Xmas shirt here, because it was at the Gathering 2000 that they reissued that same shirt, and many people who bought one brought it to the Auction table to compare them. I also do not know if this "Carnival Christmas Show" pass is just the Detroit Howl From Beyond pass, as I can only assume it is.

  17. Psychopathic's Photo Collection
    Final Price: $750 (Approx.)
    Official Description: Throughout the years, Psychopathic Records has been compiling photos taken during the careers of ICP and other Psychopathic artists. We have gone through this archive of history and pulled out 48 of the livest and freshest photos we could find. This is one of the greatest things we have for auction and it is a chance to own your very own Psychopathic photo album. The inside of the album is also autographed by ICP, Twiztid, and everyone at Psychopathic Records.
    Notes: Very cool item, I must say. I had a chance to flip through the book, and it had some great pictures. Just like other auctions here, if you won this, we'd love to have pictures. But for this item... if you'd donate each picture, scanned, to us and/or, that would be the bomb.

  18. Prom Night Massacre Banner
    Final Price: $340
    Official Description: This banner was put up during the show of the same name, above the stage. The show took place in St Andrews Hall in Detroit on April 19/20, 1996. It had one of the most bizzare theme ever, with Juggalos coming dressed in tuxedos and dresses. The inside of the venue was decked out with balloons and flowers everywhere. Everything seemed peaceful.. that is until ICP hit the stage. Also included is an actual backstage pass from that same show.
    Notes: The Prom Night Massacre was my first show, and I would have been damned if I lost that auction. Great show, and a great deal on these items, I feel.

  19. Two Gathering of the Juggalos Backstage Passes
    Final Price: $1700
    Official Description: That's right Ninjas, two all access backstage passes that you can use to run around backstage all that you like. See all the behind the scenes flavor, and meet your favorite artists. Only two people may wear these passes (no sharing) and they will have an escort while in the backstage area. The escort will assist you in meeting artists, but while backstage you can go where you please(even on the side of the stage during concert performances.)
    Notes: Now.. some people think 1700 bucks is a LOT for this item, especially since you could only use it for the last day of shows. But, hey.. the kid wanted it, and he got it. And, he sold the second pass to a PTer, I believe. If you see a bootleg of the Project Born set, the winner was over to the right, singing along with every word.

  20. Backstage Passes for Your Asses
    Final Price: $900
    Official Description: This is the most devastating collection we have by far at the auction. It is the most comprehensive collection of backstage passes possible, spanning all the way back to the Dog Beats era. There are 30 passes in all, brought together by every Psychopathic member sacrificing a few from their personal collections to make this possible. There you have it, all that you like and ready for that one person to walk away with - all of the benefits and none of the bones.
    Notes: Now, I heard that these were all Jumpsteady's (or Billy's. Either way, the other's collection was auctioned in 2001). But still a great item. 30 passes for 900 bucks, broken down, is far less than each could go for seperately. From the pics we were given, I see... Hallowickeds 94 through 97, Milenko All Up In Your Face, AJB Tour, Mental Warp shows, Ressurection Tour, Prom Night shows, Pie in your Fuckin Face, Jokers Gallery, Freak Show Tour, XMas show 1995, Flint Howl From Beyond show, Omen Tour, Ringmaster Tour, Terror Wheel show, Dymano Open Air 1998, Rock AM Ring 1998, and a few others that I have never seen before. Again, I am very interested if you know exactly which ones were in here, or have pics of each one.