Pictures of Blaze and Twiztid from the ABQ Show are at the bottom of the page. So after you hear what Monoxide has to say, you can see him rockin it in the 505.

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Suplex: Describe a typical day for Twiztid before a show.
Monoxide: It's different in two different ways because we spend our days differently. You know, the larger one being sleeping until doors, and bein' a kaldascope of different things. I'm usualy up and walking around, fucking with the Juggalos. I go down to the venue and fuck around with them, smoke some weed with em. You know what I'm sayin'? Hang out, read through the book of spells. Stuff like that. But... it's different. We don't like the day. You know what I'm sayin'? If everything was night that would be awesome, because that's when we get our gig on.

Suplex: What does it take to put a tour together?
Monoxide: Well what it is, i'd say about 85% of the cities in the United States Of America already don't want us to play there. It has nothing to do with us, you know what I'm sayin? We know there's Juggalos everywhere and if we could go anywhere we could... But for example Milwaukee was a place, I mean, they didn't want us there. Their city officials were like 'Hell no.' Their governor was like 'Fuck you,' their mayor, everything. It comes down to shit like that, it comes down to politics. It has nothing to do with us, we don't make that. I mean, there are cities where we're like, we gotta go here, we gotta go there, but there's never been a time where we've been like 'We're never going there again' or shit like that. it's never like that. it's all up to the city. and it's getting harder and harder, dude they're doing shit like they won't let juggalos show up until, you know, 20 minutes before doors, shit like that. It's fuckin insane.

Suplex: Does ICP make it harder?
Monoxide: Oh yeah. you know, we're thrown right into the same boat. Everybody who hates ICP, at least they have a reason to hate them. They'll give you a reason, but if you ask why they hate us, it's because we're with ICP. that's everybody. kids, parents, radio stations, video stations, record labels, promoters, booking agents. if they don't like them, 9 times out of 10 they dont like us. So what are you gunna fuckin do? Go around em.

Suplex: Why did you release Mirror/Mirror as an EP? While it was very fresh, it had 10 songs. Why not wait a make it full length?
Monoxide: Well, actually we were doing something else. We were doing this Black Majik project. And that just kinda fell through, cuz it wasn't what we wanted. it was close, but it wasn't what we wanted. it was no different than a Twiztid song to me. it's like the song alone was a Black Majik song, but I could picture it on Freekshow. So it was like, fuck, this shit's dope, we needa come out with an album. But we didn't want to come out with a full length. We didn't want everybody to take this album, like, this IS the big one, so to speak. there's no major label behind it, minimal distribution, you know, something strictly for the juggalos. We figured we'd say it was an EP to flip everybody's wig when they see, you know, 'Oh shit, there's 10 songs on here.' so that's dope, that's why we didn't print the track listing until you bought the cd and opened it and said "Damn, there's a lot more than 5 songs on here."

Suplex: After last year's Gathering, numerous rumors were flying around the internet about the incident with Myzery. What exactly happened?
Monoxide: They were just trying to fuck with the Juggalos. We had to go represent for the Juggalos, and now they're known as some Juggahoes, if that helps you out any.

Suplex: On "Through Your Eyes" off Mirror/Mirror, you said:
Iím not a puppet, so donít pull my strings
I donít need nobody trying to hold me, console me, control me, shit
Youíre the one trying to change me, make me into something that Iím not.
People have been speculating on the internet that this was a diss to ICP. What can you say about these lyrics and those theories?

Monoxide: It's nothing like that. It's about the mainstream. Mainstream America and what happens when something like us is filtered into that. it's like, we were on Island-Def Jam, and the first thing they did was send us back a track listing with every word to every song, every line on the album, with fuckin lines crossed out of it. They want us on their record label, they want us to make them money, but they don't want us to do it our way. They want to change us. So we're like fuck you. We left that record label. No, hell no. Anybody who thinks that we're dissin ICP is a fuckin juggahoe. And you can print that.

Suplex: It's just that, you guys didn't used to do make-up, people thought that you used to be more hip hop/rappier, and then Freekshow you got more rockier, like ICP was doin.
Monoxide: if you think about it, ICP is not the only ones who did that shit. Papa Roach did it, Limp Bizkit did it, Kid Rock did it. You know, everybody did it. All these motherfucking rock bands are trying to be rap, and they sound like shit. They can't hold a candle to it. So, it was kind of like a pun almost, kind of like a joke. All these motherfuckers are doing it, so we're like "We'll show you how easy it is." We like it it's cool, but that aint us. All there motherfuckers are doing it, but we only get compared to icp. Which is cool, it's fine. We dont trip. But for people to think that we're dissin them, fuckin insane. I can't beleive that shit. But I dunno, I guess. It sounds like the juggalos want us to diss them sometimes.. fuckers are lookin for some drama. That's why I stay off the internet. For real dude, monoxide has nothing to do with the internet.

Suplex: Can you give us any insight as to what the "Green Book" is?
Monoxide: You'll see. That's all I can say. Everything from the last year will make sense, you know. A lot of shit will make sense. But now it seems pretty insane, but beleive me, it'll pan itself out.

Suplex: Can you give us any clues as to who the mystery guest at the Gathering will be?
Monoxide: We don't even know dude! We knew who the first one was, and I don't want to spill that, but somehow they're going on before we are, so it's gunna be just as a big of a surprise for us. We dont know. and i love that shit. We're juggalos just like everybody else. We dont even like knowing all the inside shit. We like the surprise. We like gettin the shock value just like the juggalos and juggalettes. We love that shit. We just happen to be in a priveleged place to know a lot of the inside shit. That's one thing I don't know.

Suplex: Do you design your own merchandise?
Monoxide: All of it. Every piece.

Suplex: What new merch can we expect from Twiztid at the Gathering?
Monoxide: Yeah, you know, we got some odds and ends and shit like that. I know about one shirt we put together, it's the atom bomb, because it has all the different faces of me and Madrox, all the different ways we've looked over the years, just like a collage shirt. It's going to be devastating, Ii've already seen a proof for that. We went all out on that. I seen all kinds of shit. We're trying to branch dude. We're trying to branch into some designer type shit for the juggalos. Juggalos don't want to pay 65 fuckin dollars for a fubu t-shirt, but they might think that shirt's cool. So now what we gotta do is devise a way to make a 65 jersey look like a 35 dollar shirt and still is dope. But now instead of some fubu platinum phat albert shit on it, it's got one of your serial killers. Coverin all angles. I like to have court clothes, I wanna wear shit to court. Everybody's gotta dress up for court. So who knows. We just got so many fuckin plans it's insane. That's why we get yelled at all the time. We spill the beans on all this shit, but thats just all whats in our head at the time. We're in a direct connect because we're doing all the merchandise, we take care of the tours, we take care of all this shit.

Suplex: How many Mostasteless Babies CDs were released and where?
Monoxide: Nobody's got that dude. It might be released at the Gathering, that's a possibility. All speculation if you will. But nobody's got that. We're trying to freak something with it. Too many people are getting mad at it, we're like what the fuck are you so pissed off about? It's a god damn picture, a prop from x-files. Would that make it any different? If we were like, it's not even real, it's a doll. There. Calm your fuckin nerves down. These people are crazy, losin their minds.

Suplex: What happened to the Black Majik Project? Were any other songs recorded besides "Wrong With Me?"
Monoxide: Yes. there's another one.... there's several of them that we started on. It was because there wasn't enough rock and roll. We were still using keyboards and drum machines. I'm like 'fuck that I want a live drummer.' I thought the drummer from zug izland was the atom bomb, Lil Pig, He's the shit. If I could fuckin kidnap him at the studio, and be like "This is what i'm looking for" it would be devastating. you know the live guitars, live bassists, and then go out live on the road dude, blowing shit up, flippin the script every possible time we can. We're gettin yelled at right now cuz we cut our hair off.

Suplex: Speaking of which, I have my set of questions, plus I have questions that were submitted by juggalos to our website, and I might as well get this out of the way now.
WikidLotusRyda wants to know, why did you cut off your hair?

Monoxide: To show everybody we're not a fuckin' hoax, to flip the script. It's like, I don't know, I'm not gunna be on some shit like "Mushroomhead was out before Slipknot so they're copying them" but it was like, when we first hit the stage with that hair, being as underground as we were we didn't see that shit anywhere. We didn't see that makeup like that anywhere, we made sure of this. Then all of a sudden, we'd be touring with bands and they'd be putting their hair up like us. Kottonmouth Kings all braided their hair like us, what the fuck is that all about? all these bands started doing it all of a sudden. The motherfucker from Static X did it a little bit. all over the place. So we're like fuck it lets cut it off. Let's keep everybody on their toes. and who knows? It'll be back, I'm sure it will, but we dont want motherfuckers to think we sell albums because... damn that would make us kind of like a hair-band dude. like Winger and all them. just to flip the script bro, honestly. to show everybody it's not about some fuckin hair.... and cuz all these other people started doing it.

Suplex: Now I don't know if this was from Madrox or you, but there was an internet rumor that one of you guys had a free style battle with Eminem in like high school, you won, and he pushed you off the stage or some shit?
Monoxide: Me. that was me, dude. That never happened. If he had pushed me I woulda fuckin knocked him out. But also, I'll keep it real, in high school I didn't even fuckin rap dude, seriously. It wasn't even about that. I was slangin weed, doin my bad shit. I was into the wrong game, the dope game, fuckin around. bein a wild ass. I was never even in high school, basically. in 9th grade I went like 22 days. and that was the last time they saw me. but no... I don't even freestyle. I mean I could if I wanted, it doesn't look too hard, but yeah, a lot of people take it seriously, sayin that if you cant freestyle you aint no fuckin rapper, and I'm like well, call it what you want, I know a shit load of freestylers that have never sold a nickel's worth of album, you know, I leave the reputation alone for 350,000 albums sales. I'm good with that. I don't have to be repped up in the hood by homies that say i can freestyle, you know. But damn those niggas be sayin that motherfucker's been to every country just about, all 52 states, been around the world with that shit that he writes down on a piece of paper. So it's cool... I wish I could sing. I wish I could sing like Michael Jackson just for the bitches. I'll be singing everything... "Whats ya name baby" just be on some dumb shit. Can't go up rappin on some girl though. A juggalette will buy that shit for a couple of seconds...

Suplex: How was life in the House Of Krazees?
Monoxide: You know what dog? It was crazy, because we never knew what the fuck we were doing. We never really had a clue if we were doing it right or wrong, or how much progress we were making... it was very weird. very strange, but, to step outside, and look at where I'm out now, House Of Krazees kind of had it going on when we were doing that shit. It was really weird dog. We talked to all kinds of these other local mother fuckers, and they never sold more than a couple hundred albums. and we're like damn dude... we didn't sell a shitload, but we sold like 3 or 4 thousand in Michigan of that House of Krazees. Like so, that's smashin. their first show, mothafuckas get like 30 people. the first time HOK did their first show we got like 250 kids. But to us, we were like we just saw ICP sell this place out with 2000 kids. But, in retrospect, in everybodies first show, how everybody develops, it was onto something. Very hard work. But it's harder now bro, can you believe that?

Suplex: How so?
Monoxide: Because it's like if we dont make it happen, it dont happen. Now instead of trying to appeal to 3 or 4 thousand motherfuckers, we have a whole undeground scene of 3 or four hundred thousand kids who are like 'What are you going to bring to the table' believe that. So it's like we do our own t-shirts, jersies, We do all our own merchandise. every peice. marketing is done by us. Tours are booked through us, the songs are done through us, We produce the albums. We put together the posters, the flats, everything. we have our hands in everything. Tt's alot more stressful, it's on a bigger level. Shit was hard work back then too.

Suplex: Whats in your stereo right now?
Monoxide: Nappy Roots and Cee Lo. I can't distinguish between the two, I like both of them. I'm a fuckin huge south rap head. dude, that's my shit.

Suplex: So are you excited for Bubba Sparxxx (playing @ the Gathering)?
Monoxide: Well he dissapointed me, because I thought he was going to be a lot doper than he was. the album kind of let me down... because I hear him on other people's songs, and I'm like "Damn, that's what the fuck im talking about." Like, if he had another dude with him, where it wasn't him kicking 3 or 4 verses, and him on the chorus, and all him, I think his shit would have popped harder than it did. He's talented as a motherfucker dog. I can't stand Limp Bizkit, but, I bought the remix album of theirs because I'm severe into production, that's my shit. I listen to the beats before I listen to the words. but uh, there was some producers on there I wanted to hear, and he's on this song where they remade... I can't even remember the name of it, but if you heard it you'd be like "God damn that's what I'm talking about!" Bubba Sparxxx came so fuckin tight on that shit.

Suplex: IcP pSyChOpAtH IcP asks, What PhatomZone Productions is (Producers Of Blaze's EP)?
Monoxide: Just old school shit when it was just me and madrox.

Suplex: Will you guys do anything in the future with that?
Monoxide: No. I don't think so... You never know. But i doubt it. Right now it's pretty trump the way we got it. it's pretty dope, we got a little team of me, him, and another dude, Fritz... he's the shit.

Suplex: DLP asks, As you know, Twiztid's got a slew of fans north of the border. We all know you guys have your problems with the law, but when we have to drive from Toronto to Buffalo on a Wednesday night for your show, it can really get bad at the border... you guys think you'll ever hit up Toronto again?
Monoxide: Yeah dog! They want us to go to Europe, and we're like no, we don't want to go to Europe, we want to goto Canada. I want to go really bad. We want to do a whole tour up there, even if nobody comes. We don't care, we just want to go over there. I know there are juggalos and juggalettes over there though.

Note From Jelly Nuts and Psychopathic Records: We at Psychopathic Records were reading this interview, and we just wanted to interject a small note to let Juggalos know what is going on with Twiztid, ICP, and other Psychopathic Records Artists touring outside the United States: This is a very difficult thing for us at Psychopathic Records to accomplish. There are a wide variety of issues that can cause problems.

First, and foremost, both members of Twiztid are convicted felons. When you travel to another country to do a musical performance, you need to get permission from that country to work there. Before they give you the license, you need to get papers from the respective government, and they do a background check to determine that you are not a criminal. Come on ninja!!! Everyone at Psychopathic Records has a criminal record longer that your mamas sagging titties. This makes it virtually impossible to get Twiztid outside the US, without spending ridiculous money and time on lawyers and bribes. Once they get the papers, that is no guarantee that Twiztid will make it into the respective country. A customs officer of said country, if they want to be a dick, can send Twiztid back, even if they have all the correct paperwork (which would cause us to have to cancel the entire tour, and leaving all the Juggalos who purchased tickets assed out). And, to top it all off, Twiztid would have to put up a bond to enter the country (often times this can be near a million dollars). This means that if Twiztid got into some sort of trouble (like someone was up in their face talking shit, and they punched 'em in the face... Or they got caught by the police smoking a little greeny green), they would lose that million dollars forever. Now, Psychopathic Records is paid, but we aren't THAT paid, shiiit!

There is no secret Psychopathic conspiracy to keep our artists from performing outside the US. No one wants it to happen more than we do! But we are thugs, not experts in international law, and a lot of these things are simply over our heads. We realize our answer involves a bunch of business and legal stuff, and isn't really that entertaining, that is why you sometimes hear more entertaining rumors, like "Violent J is afraid to fly", or "Twiztid is on a terrorist watch list", to explain our dilemma. However, we never stop looking for options, and we will let the Juggalos know as soon as we make a breakthrough!

Suplex: Mdprofesor2 asks, when you get down and low feeling all depressed and shit, what do you to get back up?
Monoxide: Smoke a joint.

Suplex: Trey asks, I just got back from watching Jason X and was wondering if you ninjas have seen the movie and what your opinion of it is, with him being in space and shit.
Monoxide: Dude, we actually had that movie months ago. We had it on video tape months ago. It's horrible dog! The only good thing is that it has nothing to do with Friday The 13th. They merely licensed the character "Jason" to these people. See that's a little bit of information you can put in there that most people probably don't know. It's not an official Friday The 13th. They just merely licensed it. And it's stale dude.. He's like some fuckin big ass box. He's like... you know how Elvis was when he went out, all bloated and shit? that's how this Jason is, he looks all stale.

Suplex: syxdaifoo asks, What you think about Mike E Clark and Marz
Monoxide: I don't. You know, we don't, absolutely. It's all in the past.

Suplex: TaDow wants to know, Is there beef with Necro?
Monoxide: No we don't actually. I was listening to his shit... somebody gave me his shit... some cats were hating on it, and I listened to it, and it was dope, dog. It was some of the dopest shit that somebody just walked up and gave me, like some demo type stuff, and his shit was off the hook! I was like "Woah, he's on some sick shit" but he's got talent, he's got some rapper talent. He was just on somebody elses shit, Sonny Lesford maybe? Their shit's crazy dude, I heard they were from Kosovo or some shit, straight up, or some foreign country. But their off the hook. Necro is in this whole other kind of camp, like he's got his own posse or some shit. We were gunna see if maybe he wanted to do some shows, possibly tour.

Suplex: Ninja Nash wants to know ill there ever be any Madrox or Monoxide solo projects?
Monoxide: If we do, dude, it won't be for a long-ass time. Honestly. We get that all the time. It's very weird, everybody wants me to do a solo project, and I don't understand that. That's how it is though, very weird.

Suplex: Travis From Southern Cali says, I got a question for Monoxide. On that one Mirror/Mirror song he says, "I never hated fags till I got sued by one." Who was the fag? And what did he get sued for?
Monoxide: Well, it's very weird, because we didn't actually get sued. How it turned our was the manager ninja from House Of Krazees...

Suplex: Oh this was that $80,000 deal right?
Monoxide: Yeah, there ya go.

Suplex: So with it being so expensive it's probably slim to none that you'll be re-releasing that House of Krazees?
Monoxide: No way dude we're gunna.

Suplex: So you're gunna do it?
Monoxide: Yeah, 100%. That's why we bought it off, so they couldn't keep doing it.

Suplex: I thought you guys had said it was too expensive or something.
Monoxide: Nah man, we fuckin bought the whole catalog. Dude we were trying to do the Gathering, but we ran out of fuckin time... but what I'm thinkin is that it's gunna be on the next tour that we're on, so it'll be dope.

Suplex: says, I'm sure a Twiztid tour is very interesting already, but have there been any weird/funny/exciting moments that have happened on the tour so far that really stand out in your minds?
Monoxide: Man, there's been all kinds of shit goin on on this fuckin tour. It's so weird, because everyday it's a different city, so it kinda becomes hard to figure out three days ago or four days ago. But um, a good example is the first show of the tour in Denver, Colorado. So from Michigan that's a three day drive. We break it up into like 8 hours or whatever. And we had this fuckin lighting ninja out here that runs the lights... you know we hire him, sub-contract him from another company or whatever and they send him out. Well the first night, this motherfucker gets all drunk and jumps in our tour manager's bunk naked! So everybody is like tripping out or whatever, but we're like fuck it we can overlook it, let's just go. So that was Day 1. Day 2, we drive, we stop somewhere else, and this hotel we're staying at has this big ass fuckin John Deere convention, you know, John Deere lawnmowers? This lighting ninja was like right next door to Mr. John Deere himself, and he's in there smoking pot, so John Deere call the police on him. The police come on the fuckin bus and catch Blaze with 20 grams of weed. So they're threatening to arrest everybody. This tour almost didn't happen, can you believe that shit? Before we even did our first show, we almost all got thrown in the fuckin' slammer. But Matt Nipz got us out of it somehow.... Shit like that, just going "what the fuck?" It's insane.

Suplex: eXistenZ asks, What other rap/hiphop do you enjoy other than horrorcore? Underground stuff or mainstream.
Monoxide: I'm into a lot of the underground South shit, but the South is starting to blow up, you know? Like I like Outkast, but I don't like them as much as I did 3 years ago. I love Outkast, I like a band called Jim Crow, they're off the hook. Another one is called the Young Bloods, they're off the fuckin hook. A lot of that. I like E-40 a lot. Madrox is into the rock shit, I don't even think he could tell you his favorite rapper of he has one. Probably Biggy or 2 Pac. I like 2 Pac more than Biggy. Biggy was the shit but 2 Pac was the heart. It was the shit man. I'd pay that guy a million dollars to do a song with us just for us. I don't think we'd even release it. It would be the shit.

Suplex: a d a m COLBY asks, what exactly happened at the Philly show?
Monoxide: If I talk about it they could use it against me. Like, I'll talk about it off the record, but you can't print it. They could hold it against us. It's pending. It got wild, beleive that shit. Just tell Juggalos, don't throw shit.

Suplex: Oh, so somebody threw some shit at you and basically shit started?
Monoxide: Maybe. Just tell juggalos and juggalettes it's not cool to throw pennies and nickels. Or do it, but don't get caught.

Suplex: wants to know, If you could remake and song by any artist, what whould it be?
Monoxide: You know what, we were just talking about that shit. I was thinkin' I want to re-do a 2 Pac song, but there are so many different songs I don't know which one I'd want to do. I think "Me Against The World" was one of the greatest albums ever... rap, rock, anything. Unbeleiveable. But then there's like "Strictly For My Niggas Heads" and shit, i don't know. It would definately be him.

Suplex: eminemisgay06 wants to know, what is your stand on the government of the USA?
Monoxide: The government is a fuckin sham dude, let me explain something... And this is going to flip a lot of people's wigs when I say this shit. But it's like right now... for a while we talked about how we never went to school, never graduated, shit like that. We didn't go to college. But let me tell you, we're a different generation. You know, that shit doesn't happen anymore. This world is built to run against the Juggalos. The only way to survive in this world is to have a fuckin education, beleive it or not. As much as I hate to say it, and hate to tell a fuckin 12 year Juggalo, you gotta go to school, you gotta become something, you gotta help people like us. You know, because the world, the way it's run right now, is against us. We need more Juggalo Lawyers, Juggalo Judges, we need more juggalo politicians and in Congress. Shit like that. If we're ever going to take over the world, that's how we're going to do it. Fuck saying "Fuck you" to everybody, it's time we use our fuckin heads dude, time to be smart about this. If we're going to take over the world, that's how we're gunna do it. We gotta get an education, we gotta be smarter then them. We got hip ourself to their game. They have no concern over what we're doing, as long as we're not doing it where they can see it. They try to shut us down. They can't shut us down. They cannot, right now. But it's getting worse. It's getting to the point where it's like cities are telling us "we're not letting you play anywhere in this motherfucker." It's getting harder and harder and harder, and we're doing everything we can. But to change my whole view on shit that I've been bumpin for the last 5 years, that shit's gotta really mean something to us, beleive me dog. Motherfuckers have got to do something. Our generation is done with. You know. We slipped by, whoever made it, they made it. Whoever didn't, they're fucked. They're in jail or they're dead. And now it's about these young motherfuckers, and if they can go through the same thing, there ain't gonna be none of us left. It's time for us to grab our fuckin balls and say we gotta do what we gotta do. You know, that's how we're gunna make a difference. We're not gunna make a difference destroying a venue. We'll have fun doing that, but we'll make a difference taking a top spot on that fuckin legislature, if you will. That's what the fuck I'm talking about. Some people might think that shit's crazy, but i'm telling you, that's the key to taking over the world. Put yourself in a key position.

Suplex: The Black Lotus Jerseys you guys wore on Hatchet Rizing have become very hot on the internet, going for sometimes over $1,000. How many of those were made, and were they all given away at shows or do you still have some?
Monoxide: I have one to myself, everybody kinda kept one of their own. But that was it.

Suplex: Anybody Killa and Zug Izland did not play our show as was once advertised. What happened?
Monoxide: Zug Izland's got some personal shit, Anybody Killa is doing his shit for Dark Lotus.

Suplex: He's doing the re-recording for the songs?
Monoxide: Yeah, he's layin his shit down. But he'll be back out here.

Suplex: Ok so do you know if that new Dark Lotus will be at the Gathering with the new lyrics and shit?
Monoxide: Yup. I hate to cut this short, but I gotta go to the fuckin show.

Suplex: That was like my last question, I really appreciate this.
Monoxide: Oh cool, it worked out perfect. If you ever need anything, you have the number just call. You wanna get into the show, we'll put you on the list.

Suplex: Alright I appreciate that.
Monoxide: Peace!

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