PT Shirt’s Big Money Hu$tla$/Ru$tla$

  • The Green is the rarity of the item.
  • Anything Underlined is a Link to a picture of that item.
  • Having Anything Signed Recks The Value For Resale.

  1. Big Baby Sweets & Sugar Bear
    Colors: Black OG; Black Reissue; Dark Green
    Comments: These were about the first shirts available promoting BMH. I believe they dropped at the Gathering 2000, and if not, around that time. The Black one was available first, and then the Green followed, but is significally harder to find, although it was on’s store for awhile. Notice the different backs. After the Gathering, you could find these in Hot Topic, and other mall stores, and as you can see, the backs were different.
  2. Big Baby Sweets
    Color: Black
    Comments: These debuted at the Gathering 2000 I believe, and started the trend of “solo” Big Money Hustlas shirts.
  3. Adidass
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt was sold at the Gathering 2000. It may look like a regular Adidias shirt, but you Bootleg Craig fans know the deal.
  4. Magic Magic Ninjas What?
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt was sold on Twiztid’s Freek Show Tour, as it is of Twiztid’s characters in the movie. The front has the large quote, while the picture of Stank and Poot is on the back, and fairly small right between the shoulders.
  5. Big Stank & Lil Poot  Very Rare
    Color: Black
    Comments: I am not sure if this was also sold on a Twiztid tour, but it popped up soon after the MMNW? Shirt, and was found on for a while. This seems to be one of the hardest BMH Shirt to find.
  6. Sugar Bear “Sweet and Fuzzy”
    Color: Black
    Comments: This Sugar Bear shirt debuted at the Gathering 2001. Notice the back is spelled, “Pair.” For those of you who have not yet jumped on the Spelling Bandwagon, it SHOULD be “pear,” although it has been suggested that they meant it to be “pair,” as in.. a pair of nuts. Classy!
  7. Hazad
    Color: White
    Comments: This shirt appeared first at the Gathering 2001, then was at select Comic Cons following, and the BMH Tour. It’s not the most quality shirt ever made, but it’s still pretty funny.
  8. PuBoo
    Colors: 1) Yellow
    2) Orange
    3) Orange/Blue     4)Black/Red Very Rare
    Comments: The first two debuted at the Gathering 2001, and have not been sold since. The Orange/Blue shirt is embroidered, and was sold on the Big Money Hustlas Tour. I also believe there was a Blue w/ Orange embroidered also sold there, as well as who knows how many other color combos. Black and Red Might be very limited never seen another.
  9. Big Money Hustlas Tour
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt, obviously is for the BMH Tour. This shirt made it onto the Web Store soon after the tour.
  10. “Quotes”
    Versions: 1) Big Baby Sweets #1
    2) Big Baby Sweets #2
    3) Sugar Bear #1
    4) Sugar Bear #2
    5) Big Stank
    6) Lil’ Poot
    Comments: These shirts were sold on the Big Money Hustlas Tour. We are calling them “Quote” Shirts, and grouping them together, because in fact, they are all similar and came out at the same time. Word had it that there would be other characters made in this line, so we shall see.
  11. BMH Embroidered Shirt  Rare
    Color: Black
    Comments: Much like the Joker Card shirts of the era, these are embroidered with “Big Money Hustlas” on the front. I believe these were sold at the first few shows, but more recently I have heard they were given away as prizes for winning the costume contest and NOT sold.


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