PT Shirt’s Anybody Killa

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    1. Anybody Fuckin’ Killa  $20+
      Colors: Red; Black; Black/Red 2005; Grey 2005
      Comments: Here marks ABK’s first solo Psychopathic shirt. Debuting in Ohio on the Mirror Mirror tour, it shows ABK on the front with a gun, and his long shadow behind him. The first Black version debuted at the Gathering 2002. Fast forward to June of 2005, and the new Black version debuts, with the Grey following at the GOTJ.
    2. Anybody Killa Skull
      Versions: 1) ABK w/ Circle Hatchetman  $30+
      2) ABK w/ Fire Logo  $20+
      3) ABK “Chachi” Style  $15+
      Comments: This first version debuted at Hallowicked 2002, but never made it to the Web Store. Along comes the Diamonds Raining Tour, and the shirt comes back with the new logo on the back. This only really jacks up the rarity of the first version. Fast forward to October of 2003, and the Web Store pops out this sleeveless black shirt, with the Skull Logo on the front and back. I still can’t believe they called it “Chachi” style, but hey, whatever tickles your pickle.
    3. ABK “Up Close”/”Giant Head”  $20+
      Colors: Black; Red; Black 2005
      Comments: This shirt debuted on the Shangri-La Tour of 2003, where ABK opened for ICP and 2 Live Crew. Now, in April of the same year, a very similar shirt appeared at Hot Topic. I believe that the Mall Version has a stronger Green outline for the front and back pictures than the originals. The Red one came out towards the very end of his run on the Shangri-La Tour, through his stint with KMK, and eventually onto the Web Store. In June of 2005, the second Black version appeared, and as you can tell, there are slight differences.
    4. ABK “Hatchet Warrior” Picture  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: This shirt debuted on the Shangri-La tour in early March of 2003. No official name for it, though, for they never hit the Web Store, so we just have to roll with what comes to us.
    5. “Braids” Logo  $20+
      Versions: 1) Braids Logo
      2) “Reflective” Braids Logo
      3) A-Shirt Braids Logo
      4) Red Braids Logo
      Comments: This shirt debuted on the Shangri-La tour in early March of 2003. The second version debuted when ABK joined up on the Green Book tour, and soon made it onto the Web Store. Notice the different backs, as to more easily tell the difference between the two. The Red Version was also available on stops on the Green Book Tour, although I thought it was also at the Faces of Death Tour. Who knows. The A-Shirt/Wifebeater shirt with this Braids logo appeared on in mid-May of 2004.
    6. “Space Warrior”  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: This shirt came out when ABK was on tour with Kottonmouth Kings, and it is the CD cover, with the track listing on the back. This soon made its way to the Web Store, like so many shirts before it.
    7. ABK Endless Highway Tour  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: This shirt debuted on the KMK Tour that ABK jumped onto after the Shangri-La Tour. ABK gets around.
    8. Faces of Death Tour  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: ABK jumps from tour to tour… to tour! This time, he hopped on the Faces of Death Tour with Ice-T, Body Count, and Esham on a tour that included the Gathering 2003. And, like Esham, ABK got his own tour shirt right here.
    9. “Vogue” Pose  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: Whoever names the new items must have been out of the office the day this was made. Anyways, you may notice it has the same front picture as the FOD Tour shirt, but has the nifty Hatchetman logo on the back.
    10. Ghetto Neighbor  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: This shirt debuted on the Web Store in mid-October of 2003, and features a cartoon rendition of ABK. Yup. Also, on the back is a small white HatchetGear logo.
    11. ABK Lightning  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: This shirt debuted on the Black Rain Tour for Dark Lotus. This quickly made its way onto, and all were able to own it.
    12. Death’s Head/Woods  $20+
      Colors: Red; Grey; Red #2
      Comments: I have no clue why they called this Death’s Head, but hey, whatever floats your boat. It was available on the Web Store in early June of 2004. The Grey version debuted at the Gathering 2004, and then came onto the Web Store with the “Woods” name. Exact same shirt, different name. Now fast forward to April 2008. ABK rejoins Psychopathic and Hatchet Gear produces another red Deaths Head shirt but this time featuring the ABK skull logo on the back. Yup.
    13. Bloodbath  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: This shirt debuted in mid-June of 2004 on Notice the bleeding Hatchetman on the back. Nice touch.
    14. ABK Silhouette  $20+
      Color: Red
      Comments: This shirt also debuted in mid-June of 2004 on Dirty History. ABK. Red. Yup.
    15. “New Braids Logo”
      Versions: 1) 3/4 Sleeve New Braids Logo  $30+
      2) White New Braids Logo  $20+
      Comments: This shirt busted out in late June of 2004. A lot of new ABK stuff in June. Anyways, this is a new design of shirt that they call the “three-quarter sleeve,” but you can call it the white trash baseball shirt if you wish. In February of 2005, HatchetGear gave us the White shirt with the same logo. I can’t wait for the New New NEW Braids Logo.
    16. ABK Split Face  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: Early July of 2004, this shirt came out, yes, promoting the new ABK cd. Now, the split face idea is actually pretty cool, and I am curious if we will get this for other artists, Lotus, etc. That could be a nice little gimmick.
    17. ABK ‘Dirty History’  $40+
      Color: Brown
      Comments: We got an email from someone saying they caught this as it was thrown offstage at the Gathering 2004. Now, I never saw any DH shirts at all, so that is interesting in itself. Another person told us that 5 were made, so there you go. Also to note, the “ABK” is on the upper back while the “Anybody Killa” is along the bottom back.
    18. Window  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: The Window shirt became available amongst the Hells Pit Merch Explosion of August 2004. I guess the graphic is like… peering out of a window? I dunno where they come up with names. Also notice the new logo on the back, which I assume will be on many, many ABK items from now on.
    19. Ghost  $20+
      Colors: Grey; Red
      Comments:This shirt debuted in October of 2004 on and the Hells Pit Tour, where ABK was opening. We have.. what I assume to be the “ghost/spirit” of ABK rising out of the Jaymo persona. Hell, I don’t know… ABK-alos like it. Now in April 2008 Hatchet Gear debuts a red version of the Ghost shirt celebrating his return to Psychopathic.
    20. ABK Black & White  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: Sometimes, they get REAL lazy with the names here. Obviously the shirt is black and white… but anyways, this shirt also double-debuted on the Web Store as well as the Hells Pezzy Tour. Maybe we’ll get different colors of the… Black and White shirt.
    21. ABK In Flames  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: Feb. ’05 gives us a shirt with ABK on fire, and it’s called In Flames. Crazy.
    22. ABK Road Fools  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: Road Fools is ABK’s CD/DVD combo, and to promote it, HatchetGear put out this shirt in March of 2005. Notice the “Road” ABK logo on the back.
    23. ABK Parental Advisory  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: This shirt debuted on the Pychopathic All Star Tour. The Nub is a popular… figure in the ABK world, and now it has its own shirt. I dunno what is has to do with the Parental Advisory gimmick, but whatever.
    24. ABK “Kneeling Pose”  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: This shirt also came out on the All Star Tour. It’s got ABK… kneeling. I don’t know if this has an official name, but I’m rolling with what we have.
    25. ABK ‘Anybody Killa’  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: Who doesn’t love ABK in your local Hot Topic? Well… I dunno, but he’s there now, with this shirt.
    26. ABK Logo  $20+
      Colors: Grey; Red
      Comments: Another shirt name that cuts right to the point. In June of 2005, we get this ABK Logo shirt. It doesn’t have an ABK Logo… it has two! Amazing. The red version followed behind at the Gathering 2005.
    27. ABK ‘Cartoon’ Work Shirt  $60+
      Color: Black
      Comments: ABK gets his first work shirt, I believe, right here in late October of 2005. It has one of the 18 Skull Cartoon Face gimmick deals on the front, and the ABK logo on the back.
    28. ABK Man’s Myth Tour  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: This was available on Twiztid’s Man’s Myth Tour and on the Web Store in late October of 2005. Also note that it has the FrightFest date, which he was not at.
    29. ABK Detroit Chicken  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: This was sold on the Man’s Myth Tour starting at the Glens Falls, NY show I believe. I’m assuming this is an ABK shirt and not Psychopathic because he was seen wearing a green/yellow version a month earlier at the Gathering.
    30. ABK Collage  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: A collage is always a simple litle idea that usually works out well. This shirt with a collage of ABK pictures came out on the Web Store in November of 2005.
    31. ABK Cartoon Face  $20+
      Versions: 1) Blue Cartoon Face
      2) Olive Cartoon Face
      Comments: These two shirts came onto the Web Store in November of 2005, both called the Cartoon Face shirt, just in different colors…. and totally different designs. Not many other Carolina Blue or Olive ABK shirts out there though, so they are easily seen for their colors.
    32. Classic Skull Logo  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: In April 2008 we got the return of Anybody Killa merch back to and with this shirt we get the return of the old ABK Skull logo for all old school ABK’alos to enjoy.
    33. Dream Catcher  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: A update on the classic ABK skull featured in the design of a native dream catcher. Oh ABK, catch me a dream.
    34. Bandanna Skull  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: ABK skull sporting a bandanna is where the name of this shirt comes from. We also got the dream catcher gimmick on the back to round it out.
    35. Raven’s Wings  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: New shot of ABK with the dream catcher and the classic hatchetman on the back making all juggalos happy ABK is back.
    36. Stamp  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: ABK’s face in the middle of a mock stamp graphic with the yellow hatchetman on the back topping everything off.
    37. Hand’s Up  $20+
      Color: Red
      Comments: This was rleased at the 2008 Gathering but later hit the webstore, and features ABK mixed in with some native funk.
    38. Moon Howl  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: This was released at the 2008 Gathering but later hit the webstore, and features ABK staring at you while a wolf howls at the moon in the background. I’m curious where they got the name of this shirt from though.
    39. Native Dance  $20+
      Color: Red
      Comments: ABK always seems to have some nice non-black colored shirts and thats what we need once in a while. This was released at the 2008 Gathering and it too later hit the webstore.
    40. Nightmare Catcher  $20+
      Color: Black
      Comments: This was sold at the 2008 Gathering but not the webstore, which is weird cause I don’t think it sold out. The front features some not so nice looking native dream catchers and thats all I really know.
    41. “Killa” Work Shirt  $50+
      Color: Red
      Comments: Sold at the 2008 Gathering and features the new ABK “Killa” skull.


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