PT Shirt’s Axe Murder Boyz

  • The Prices in Green are the estimated values of the Item.
  • Anything Underlined is a Link to a picture of that item.

  1. Blood In, Blood Out $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: The AMB came out with their debut CD, and with it, some mall merch.
  2. AMB Logo $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Time for AMB to get that logo out there. This shirt takes that double axe logo and plops it right onto the front of a new shirt. I have also heard of this shirt without the large hatchetman on the back, so that is out there as well.
  3. Script Logo  $20+
    Color: Red
    Comments: This was sold at the Gathering 2006, but also maybe on tour. I believe the logo was also used on there Pre-Psychopathic Merch.
  4. AMB Pose  $20+
    Color: Red
    Comments: This was sold on Blaze’s Tombstone Terror Tour in the Summer of 2006.
  5. AMB Hatchetman Pose  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Sold on Blaze’s Tombstone Terror Tour, this features the boyz infront of a hatchetman. Like most AMB merch, not much else is know.
  6. Blood In Blood Out Album Cover  $20+
    Color: White
    Comments: This features the debut album cover on the front and I’m assuming the tracklist on the back. I’m not quite sure exactly when this was released plus I always thought it was a bootleg, but I’m told it’s real so here you go.
  7. Group Shot  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This is a really weird one. This popped up in Hot Topic stores in November 2007, almost a full year after AMB left Psychopathic. Were these produced in 2006 and just never released? Are Psychopathic trying to squeeze one last profit from this failed experiment? Who knows.


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