Lex The Hex Master Audio

The Black Season EP MNE 016

Versions: 1) Twiztid-Shop Version

  2) INgrooves Version

Tracks: Intro; Raw Shit; Ninjas; Bomb On ‘Em; Anarchy; The Outside

Comments: Black Season was released on Blaze Ya Dead Homie’s “The Casket Factory Tour”. The album reached No. 10 on the Billboard Top Heatseekers album chart, No. 49 on the Independent Albums Chart and No. 40 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, all on the chart week for April 30, 2016. Original version on tour and available on Twiztid-Shop did not have the INgrooves logo on back.


Mr. Ugly

Versions: 1) Gathering 2016 Version (Paper Sleeve)

  2) Twiztid-Shop Re-release (Slim CD)

Tracks: Intro; Victory; Tuff Work (Remix); For The City; Blackout (Remix); D.O.A.; Kick In The Door; 2 Words; Bang Out (Remix); Dying To Live

Comments: In March 2016, Lex appeared on Kung Fu Vampire’s single “Little Girl Big Mouth” which was his first ever guest appearance outside of Majik Ninja Ent. since signing. July 10, 2016 it was announced that his mixtape Mr. Ugly would be available at the Gathering of the Juggalos 2016. Originally released in a black paper sleeve it was re-released as a slim CD with cover art in Ocotober 2016.

Lex the Hex Master & The Unholy Trinity

Tracks: Intro; These Streets; Never Quit; Controversy; Torment; I Dream

Comments: On September 19 2016, Lex announced yet another new release that he’s dropping!  It will be a Tour Exclusive EP and will only be available on Twiztid’s Spooktacular Horror Show Tour, or Lex and SCUM’s Merciless Assault Tour.

Contact MNE 031

Pre-Orders: 1) Bundle 1

      2) Bundle 2

      3) Bundle 3

      4) Bundle 4

      5) Bundle 5

Tracks: Intro; Takeover; Where Was You?; The Boss, The Teacher And The Preacher; Domination; Go Wild; I Don’t Like Your Face; Disgusting; Off Beat; Army Of One; My House; Dance In Eternity; Go Forth

Comments: On August 8, 2016 it was announced via Facebook that he would release his first full-length album, Contact, on November 11, 2016. The first single from the album is titled I Don’t Like Your Face featuring Jamie Madrox and was accompanied by a music video. The second single titled The Boss, The Teacher & The Preacher was released on October 31, 2016. The third single titled My House featuring Chris Rivers and Billy Danze was released on November 11, 2016. The third single titled Army Of One was released on November 21, 2016.

Mr. Ugly Part 2

Tracks: Introh; Thousand Degrees; Survival Of The Fittest; Wrong; Going Off Pt. 1; Cry For Me; Check; Going Off Pt. 2; Flyers; Night

Comments: A flyer for Mr. Ugly Part 2 was revealed by Twiztid-Shop announcing a release date of May 15th. The flyer also stated the album would be available at the merchandise booth on The Murder tour starting May 15th. However Lex found out MNE got an early shipment of this CD and released it May 10th.


Beyond Redemption 

Versions: 1) Regular Edition

  2) Deluxe Edition

Pre-Orders: 1) Bundle 1

      2) Bundle 2

      3) Bundle 3

      4) Bundle 4

Tracks: It Ends; Beyond Redemption; Beast; Jokes Ova; Attributes; Shadow Army; Gangstas; Broken; Bully Foot; Samurai; Arrival; It Begins; [Picture Me Rollin]; [Get It]; [My Block]; [Venting]

Comments: Lex’s follow up to his 2016 release, Contact was long awaited and the wait is over. Beyond Redemption is Lex’s sophomore full length album and he is proving why he is in fact beyond redemption. The album dropped October 31st however with all pre-orders you received the deluxe edition which included 4 bonus songs not available anywhere except Twiztid-Shop. No physical copies of the regular version have been seen at this time, some say it was just for digital, others are saying they go on sale after the deluxe version sells out, only time will tell.