Sh​!​t Bowl ft. Hopsin (Produced by Nobe)

released December 13, 2010

I’m Ready w/ The Inf Gang (Produced by Blacklight Music)

released January 3, 2011

Got Filth Mixtape

Team G​-​Mo Anthem

released December 22, 2012

Got Filth Mixtape 2: The Great Adventures of G​-​Mo

released October 31, 2012

The Android FiLFTEEN EP

This is my first project made with all original music. Shout out to all the producers that made it possible and big props to my brother C-Lance! Jedi Mind Filth! released May 10, 2015


My Filthy Spirit Bomb


Bundle 1
Bundle 2
Bundle 3
Bundle 4
Bundle 5

My Filthy Spirit Bomb is the debut album by G-Mo Skee. The album was released on December 2, 2016 on Majik Ninja Entertainment. The album charted at #191 on the Billboard 200, #9 on the Independent Albums, #4 on the Rap Albums, and #91 on the Top Albums.