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  • The Prices in Green are the estimated values of a Audio Item.
  • The Prices in [[Brackets]] are the estimated values of a SEALED Audio Item. If there is no Sealed Price shown, both Sealed and Open Audio values are approx. the same.
  • Prices separated like — $10/15 — are prices for tape/CD of the same item.
  • Comments like (slim) refer to what type of case the Item is in.


  1. Mostasteless  PSY 1019
    Versions: 1) “OG” Mostasteless w/ Fetus Cover tape/CD  $$++
    2a) PSY 1019 Mostasteless clear yellow tape  $20 [[$25]]
    b) PSY 1019 Mostasteless solid yellow tape  $10 [[$15]]
    c) PSY 1019 Mostasteless CD  $25+ [[$30+]]
    d) PSY 1019L Mostasteless “Fetus Cover” CD  $20+ [[$30+]]
    Tracks: Twiztid; 2nd Hand Smoke; Diemuthafuckadie; Smoke Break; Murder Murder Murder; First Day Out 1998; Somebody Dissin You; Meat Cleaver; How Does It Feel?; She Ain’t Afraid; Whatthefuck; Anotha Smoke Break; 85 Bucks an Hour; Renditions of Reality; ???
    Comments: This was Twiztid’s first Psychopathic release. Here is the story. Legend has it that in Europe, a small, small amount of the “Fetus” covers were released/sold/given away. I believe Jamie said at the Gathering 2000 that 5 exist. I have also heard tapes exist in a small number. He also knocked down the rumor that a Mostasteless vinyl exists. Who knows if any of that is true. Anyways, Mostasteless was released in the Detroit area on August 2, 1998. The tapes first came in a clear yellow, but then got pressed as solid yellow tapes, and both came with a yellow sticker on the plastic I believe. Now.. Gathering 2002 rolls around, and they sell the Fetus Cover of Mostasteless. They say there are 2000 made, but you know how that goes. We keep the “OG” one up in the case that anyone has an original and there is a difference from the 2002 version.
  2. Mostasteless
    Versions: 1) Reissue Promo CD (full) [Never Sealed]  $20+
    2) Reissue Promo CD (plastic sleeve)
    [Never Sealed]  $40+
    3) Reissue Mostasteless Tape/CD  $15/20
    Tracks: Twiztid; 2nd Hand Smoke; Diemuthafuckadie; Rock the Dead; Spin the Bottle; Blink; How Does It Feel?; 85 Bucks an Hour; First Day Out; Whatthefuck; Bury Me Alive; Hound Dogs; Renditions of Reality
    Comments:Less than a year after its first local release, Mostasteless was reissued nationwide with a new cover, and some new tracks replacing a few that got taken off due to sample problems. This version carried two promos. The first is identical to the regular version, but it has a sticker on the front case and a hole in the barcode. The other promo comes in a plastic sleeve.
  3. Rock the Dead  $100+
    Tracks: Rock the Dead
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD. This promo CD marks Twiztid’s first “single” if you will. promoting Rock the Dead, from the reissued version of Mostasteless. You will also notice by flipping these over that they all have the blue bottoms, like that of a CDR.
  4. Cryptic Collection  PSY 1031  $25+
    Versions: 1) Madrox/Monoxide Cover
    2) Serial Killers cover
    Tracks: Intro; Whatthefuck (Extra Crispy Mix); I Could; Ain’t a Damn Thing Changed; Bad Dream; Somebody Dissin U; Blam; Something Weird; Meat Cleaver; Dr Jeckel and Mr Bones; Renditions of Reality; Put It Down
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD. They originally were only to be sold at the Gathering 2000 and during the Rock the Dead tour, but then they became a little more widespread, esp. with sales on the Web Store, which drove their pretty high value down a bit. There are two different covers, but each has the other picture on the reverse side of the booklet. This CD is a compilation of some unreleased, rare, and remixed songs that most fans would not otherwise get a chance to hear. Also of note, the Twiztid Covers were reprinted by Red Music Distribution (as seen here), and can be found in some national chain stores. While hardcore collectors care about the difference between OG and reprint, most do not, thus the overall value takes a little hit. There have also been sightings of CC’s with a new catalog number (PSY 4005A for the Podium Cover and PSY 4005B for the Serial Killaz Cover).
  5. Freek Show Sampler  [Never Sealed]  $10+
    Tracks: Freek Show Sampler
    Comments: This was given out by the Bizzar Bizaar Promotional team across the country, I believe. They also had them at Blaze’s instore at Terror Town in October 2000. It features Madrox as a radio DJ, playing clips of a few tracks off of the upcoming CD, including a different version of We Don’t Die.
  6. We Don’t Die  [Never Sealed]  $35+
    Tracks: We Don’t Die
    Comments: This was given to select radio stations to play We Don’t Die, the first single off of the upcoming Freek Show. There is a red sticker on the case, talking about the video on The Box. It is also one of those Enhanced CDs, where if you play it on your computer, you can view the We Don’t Die video.
  7. Freek Show
    Versions: 1) Freek Show Tape/CD $15/20
    2) Hallowicked Freek Show CD  [Never Sealed]  $40+
    3) Freek Show Promo CD [Never Sealed]  $20+
    Tracks: Intro; Mutant X; We Don’t Die; Fall Apart; Fuck on the First Date; Do You Really Know; Leave Me Alone; People Are Strange; All I Ever Wanted; I Wanna Be; Bagz; Wut the Dead Like; Empty; Where Itz Goin Down; Broken Wingz; Maniac Killa; Different; I’m Alright
    Comments:This marks Twiztid’s second national album, and it debuted at #51 on the Billboard charts. For the Hallowicked 2000 Shows, Juggalos were given a Box, which included Limited Edition versions of the Freek Show CD. 2000 boxes were made, so there were 2000 CDs produced. The Promo CD has a hole in the bar code and a sticker on the cover.
  8. Cryptic Collection 2 PSY 2400
    Versions: 1) Jamie Madrox Cover  $15+ [[$20+]]
    2) Monoxide Child cover  $15+ [[$20+]]
    3) CC2 Reissue  $15+
    Tracks: Freekshow Intro 2; Murder Murder Murder; Liquid Friend; I Remember; Smoke Break; Why the Children?; I Don’t Care; She Ain’t Afraid; Homebound; Unrational; We Don’t Die (Non-Rock); Anotha Smoke Break; Juggalo Party; Drunken Ninja Master
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD. Debuting during the last leg of the Freekshow Tour, this CD was only sold on tours, the Gathering, and the Web Store. These began to fetch some pretty high prices on ebay, until the Web Store rereleased them a few times. Also, they have been spotted at some stores nationwide, hence the #3 version above. The difference is easily seen, as the reprints have a PA logo on the cover, “Distributed by Red Music Distribution” is on the back, and the CD top itself is actually tinted red. I’ve only seen Mono’s like this, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t Madrox ones out there. In 2003, CC2 was rereleased with new PSY numbers – PSY 4009A for Madrox and PSY 4009B for Monoxide.
  9. Black Majik “Wrong With Me”  [Never Sealed]  $40+
    Tracks: Wrong With Me
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD. At Hallowicked 2001, flyers were given out, and if you sent them in to Psychopathic, you got this CD. It has one cut off of the Black Majik project, which has been scrapped. There is no word on how many were made or given out. They went for over 100 bucks at one point on eBay, but they leveled off after a little bit.
  10. Mirror Mirror Sampler    $5 [[$10+]]
    Tracks: M/M Sampler Track
    Comments: These were supposed to be handed out at all Mirror Mirror shows up until the release of the CD, but they didn’t start getting handed out until about a dozen shows in. When sealed, they are in a black sleeve much like the Hallowicked 2001 CD.
  11. Mirror Mirror  PSY 3001  $15
    Tracks: Mirror; Reflection; The World; 4 Thoze Of U; Through Your Eyez; Whatz That; Leff Field; Dirty Lil’ Girl; CNT; Alone; Your The Reazon
    Comments: Twiztid’s much anticipated EP Mirror Mirror finally dropped on April 9, 2002, and left everyone satisfied. No promos, singles, or special versions that have surfaced yet. In 2003, it was redistributed with the PSY 4010 catalong number
  12. Concrete Corner    $10+
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD. This showed up at records stores in early June of 2003, and it has Twiztid’s first single off of the Green Book, The Darkness, as well as the Deftones, Powerman 5000, Marilyn Manson, AC/DC, some enhanced videos, and more.
  13. “Darkness”  $5+
    Tracks: Darkness
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD, as it was the first single from Twiztid’s upcoming release. I am not sure if this was available before the Green Book came out, but it did get some minor minor radio play, so I assume it did. This promotional disc was also available for sale on the Green Book Tour for 3 dollars, I believe. We shall see how rarity and value move from here. There were also 2 track CD-Rs that were distributed to radio stations, containing Darkness and Frankenstien, I believe.
  14. Green Book “Sampler”  $10+
    Tracks: Speculationz; White Trash wit Tat-2’s; Hydro
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD. It actually started to appear through TwiztidShop orders well after the Green Book was out, but in theory, it falls here in the discography. Anyways, this CD-R was packed with ordered from in early 2004, and features three tracks from Twiztid’s lastest CD.
  15. The Green Book  PSY 4014  $15+
    Tracks: The Green Book; On The Other End; White Trash wit Tat-2’s; Afraid Of Me; Wondering Why?; Call Me; I’m The Only 1; Speculationz; The World Is Hell; Nikateen; U Don’t Wanna B Like Me; Serial Killa; Marsh Lagoon; Bobby’s Dad; Hydro; Frankenstein; Everybody Diez; Fat Kidz; Hom-Sha-Bom; Darkness
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD, as most are nowadays. This was a pretty big album for Twiztid, and only time will tell how things go for them from here. No “real” promos have surfaced, although there was a CD-R that was sent to radio stations with an insert, which is the cover art onthe front, and the track listing and such on the inside. In Australia, the Green Book was distrubuted by Shock Records/Method Records, it comes with no card cover over the CD, and has a yellow sticker that says, “Featuring ICP, Tech Nine, E40… etc”
  16. Fright Fest 2003  $30+
    Tracks: Welcome; Pimples On Ya Pumpkin, Sweet Tooth; Wake Up; High on Halloween
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD. Fright Fest 2003 marked Twiztid’s first annual Halloween Show, and everyone in Denver enjoyed it greatly. Much like Hallowicked 2000, upon leaving you received a box, which among other things included this CD featuring Twiztid, Blaze, ABK, JD, and The ROC. Here is where it gets fun. I’ve heard they were NOT sealed, when people opened their boxes. However, more and more sealed CDs started coming out. Eventually, started giving them away for free with orders (over $50 I believe). They still fetch a little on ebay and such for now. We shall see how flooded the market becomes, and how value goes from there.
  17. Cryptic Collection 3  $15+
    Tracks: Trash Intro (Remix); Static; 4 Those of You (Remix); Keep It Movin; 2nd Hand Smoke (Remix); Listen; She Said (Remix); Shock & Awe; Joker; Lil’ Secret; Fucmyself; Know Good; Wrong With Me (Remix)
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD, as most things are nowadays. Anyways, this installment of the Cryptic series came out in late May 2004, and featured a few remixes of older Twiztid songs. No promos in sight for this album as of yet, although I do not expect any to pop up.
  18. Chainsmoker LP  $10+
    Tracks: Lite It Up; Drive Thru; See Me; Whut Would You; Blaze; Outta My Way; Bring Me Down; I’m Out; Slut; Rite Quick; Shoe Fitz; Change; Evil; That’s Real
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD, go figure. Anyways, they hyped it for a while, and finally The Monoxide Child’s solo CD came out in November of 2004. No promos or anything special thus far.
  19. Story Of Our Lives  $10+
    Tracks: Story of Our Lives; The Joker
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD, as most albums are nowadays. Anyways, this was sold on in early June of 2005 to promote the first single offof the upcoming Twiztid CD, Man’s Myth. It also had the Joker track from CC3 as the ‘B-Side’ track.
  20. Man’s Myth  $15+
    Tracks: Introduction; Karma; Story Of Our Lives; Won’t Die; Get It Right; So High; Off The Chain; Controversy; Get Ready; Fuck U; Feel This; Entity; The Arguement
    Comments: Twiztid’s double album started off in late June of 2005 with Man’s Mutant. Also included was a DVD full of Twiztid goodness.
  21. Mutant  $15+
    Tracks: The Transformation of a New Civilization; Get Off Me; Stardust; Familiar; Madness; Fuck You Part 2; Jenny’s a Fat Bitch; Fantasy; Who Am I?; The Truth Will Set You Free; Respirator; Triple Threat; Starve Your Fear; Manikin; Note 2 Self
    Comments: The second half of Twiztid’s 2005 project came out at the Gathering that summer. Like Man’s Myth before it, this CD also contains a DVD for your viewing pleasures.
  22. Man’s Myth Sampler  $10+
    Tracks: Sampler
    Comments: Not quite sure if these were actually given out before MM dropped, but they were given away free during the Gathering at the merch booth. Oddly enough I’ve never heard of a Mutant Sampler.
  23. Fright Fest 2005  $15+ [[$20+]]
    Tracks: It’s Halloween; Bag Snatchin; In The Dark; Need Some Help
    Comments: Another Halloween weekend, and another Twiztid-sponsored Fright Fest. This year marks the return of the random EP, full of new Twiztid holiday cheer and goodies.
  24. “Phatso” Sampler  $10+
    Tracks: Phatso Sampler
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD. So far, it has only been given away at the Twiztid Mystery Show of 2006, but I am sure it will turn up in other places, as the Madrox solo draws closer.
  25. Phatso  $15+
    Tracks: Hey Phatty; Get Em; Customer’s Always Right; Freak Out; This Is What We Got; This Bitch; Big Gunz; Keep On; Sour Patch Bitches; O.M.G.; Pledge Allegiance; 4Fist2AxeHandles; Tear Jerker; Take It 4 What It Is
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD. Monoxide got a solo album, so it’s only fair that the portly Madrox also gets one. This came out in May of 2006, and all of the Twiztid fans rejoiced at the first taste of solo Jamie since the Mr Bones tapes.
  26. Phatso (Earth 2 Edition)  $25+ [[$30+]]
    Tracks: Hey Phatty; Get Em; What’s Wrong Bat?; Freak Out; This Bitch; Big Gunz; Keep On; Sour Patch Bitches; Paid Commercial Break; O.M.G.; Pledge Allegiance; 4Fist2AxeHandles; Goodbye; Take It 4 What It Is
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD. Now, this is very similar to the normal Madrox solo you can find in the store; however, it’s totally different. You have a few different tracks here, and the ones that are the same are remixed here, with different beats and guests and such. Also fear not collectors, this CD is only available on tours and
  27. Dead Creep Orchestra’s Self Titled  $15+
    Comments: Jamie Madrox appears on the track “Fuck You”. DCO are a group from Sweden but you can pick there cd up from sites like I believe they have broken up but I don’t know if that will affect the availability of the CD.
  28. Subnoize Souljaz “Droppin Bombs”  $15+
    Comments: Released in August 2006, Twiztid makes an appearance on the track “Droppin Bombs” with the 150 other Subnoize acts.
  29. Potluck’s “Straight Outta Humboldt”  $15+
    Comments: Released in September 2006, Twiztid appears on the tear jerker “Funeral”. Alot of guest spots popping up in the Summer of 06.
  30. Cryptic Collection 4  $30+
    Tracks: The Best Time of the Year; Juggalo Party; Green Pumpkinz; Nosferatu; Waited Till Halloween; Need Some Help; When It Gets Dark; Spiderthing; Nightmares
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD, and so far it was only sold on Halloween night of 2006 at the annual Hallowicked concert. They went fast, they sold for a lot on ebay, and now… you are probably looking for one. I wish you luck!
  31. Independent’s Day $10+
    Versions: 1) Independent’s Day
    2) 2008 Reissue
    Tracks: Welcome Home; Monster; Sex, Drugs, Money & Murder (Feat. The Dayton Family); Hurt Someone (Feat DJ Quik/Dogg Pound); Jus Like Me; Bussyoheadopen (Feat. Blaze Ya Dead Homie); Feel Me (Feat. The ROC; Raw Deal (The Juggalo Song); How I Live (Feat. Proof); My Favorite (Feat. DJ Clay); Weak Shitz Out (Feat. (hed) PE); Wet Dreams (Feat. Bizarre); Monster’s Ball (Feat. Insane Clown Posse); Bury ‘Em All (Feat. Tech N9ne/Potluck/Big Krizz Kaliko);
    Comments: Released July 3, 2007, this album originally had a cool gimmick of having succesful independent artists on each track but as time went on some songs and guest spots were scrapped. In 2008 a reissue was released to correct spelling and track errors that were included on the original.
  32. Bizarre “Blue Cheese ‘n’ Coney Island”  $15+
    Comments: Bizarre made a guest appearance on Twiztid’s Independent’s Day record so it’s only fitting that they return the favor for Bizarre’s 2nd LP on the track “Wicked” which also features King Gordy. Unfortunatly the cd credits the boys as “Twisted” but hopefully that will be fixed in future pressings.
  33. Toxic Terror EP  $15+
    Tracks: Toxic Terror; The Sickness; Wile Out; If They Don’t Come For Me; Sex, Drugs, Money And Murder Version 2; So Addictive (Original); ???? (Feel Me Original Version)
    Comments: These were sold on the Toxic Terror tour in late winter 2008 and pormised to only be a tour exclusive. Featuring the infamous Master P version of “Feel Me” and other new tracks only available on this EP, it’s gonna be a hot item to get your hands on. Who knows if this will end up on Hatchet Gear or somewhere else down the line.
  34. Big Krizz Kaliko “Vitiligo”  $10+
    Comments: If you don’t know Krizz Kaliko is Tech N9nes right hand man and performs on alot of his songs and on May 6th, 2008 he released his debut LP on Strange Music Records. Twiztid is featured on the track “Peek-A-Boo” along with Project Deadmans Prozak.
  35. That’s Wicked Single    $20
    Tracks: That’s Wicked
    Comments: These were given out at Twiztid’s 2008 New Years Eve show in Cleveland and gave everyone their first taste of what to expect from the upcoming “W.I.C.K.E.D.” album. These technically could come still “sealed” with the sticker still being intact on the back.
  36. W.I.C.K.E.D.
    Versions: 1) Standard Version  $15+ PSY4201
    2) DVD Version  $15+ PSY4202
    3) Bonus Tracks Version  $15+ PSY4203
    4) Comic Book Version  $15+PSY4204
    Tracks: W.I.C.K.E.D. (Intro); Kill With Us; Buckets Of Blood; Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha; Death Note; Krossroads Inn; All Of The Above; Killing Season; Whoop-Whoop; That’s Wicked; They Told Me; My Enemies; Bella Morte; When I Get To Hell; Woe Woe; [Catch The Show]; [Gothic Chick]; [It Dont Stop]
    Comments: Released on March 17, 2009, Twiztid’s W.I.C.K.E.D. album flew off shelves and landed on Billboards Top 100 at number 11 and came in 4 different versions. The first being a standard release, the second available in certain stores included a DVD with the videos for “Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha” and “Buckets Of Blood”, the third available at Best Buy included 3 extra songs “Catch The Show”, “Gothic Chick” and “It Dont Stop” while the last was sold at Hot Topic and included a Twiztid comic book based on the song “Bella Morte”. Now the comic release came in two different versions, one with the comic included with the cd and the other dubbed “The Counter Version” where you recieved the comic at the counter of the store. Each version included 1 of 10 special “Dark Carnival Trading Cards” while some lucky versions came with the cards autographed.
  37. End Of Days   $15+
    Tracks: It’s Pulling Me In; Hell Ride; Hold On 2 Me; Hell On Earth; End Of Days; Death Note (Eric Davie Remix); Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha (Akuma Remix)
    Comments: Like last year on The Toxic Terror tour, Twiztid pumped out another small EP for the End Of Days tour in Spring 2009. Featuring new songs and remixes off the “W.I.C.K.E.D.” CD this was sold on the tour and so far nowhere else. Also note that these were randomly autographed on the OUTSIDE of the cellophane, but there doesn’t seem to be a demand for either version over the other.
  38. Cryptic Collection: Holiday Edition   $100+
    Tracks: You Ain’t Never Heard Of Santa?(Big Stank & Lil Poot); Come All Yea Faithful(Jeb’s Baptist Revival); Waiting on Christmas Gifts(Twiztid, Blaze, Violent J, & Syn; Christmas In Da Hood(Twiztid, Blaze, Wolfpac, Lavel, & The R.O.C); Enough About The Pretzel(Twiztid & Lil Johnny); Murder City Christmas(ICP & Twiztid); Ryda Holiday(Psychopathic Rydas); Favorite Tings(Bobby Batallia & Frank Kachevitz); Decorate Your Christmas Tree(Twiztid & Blaze); Sad Christmas Song(Twiztid & Blaze); Psycho Killer(Twiztid); All Of The Above (Glitch Mix) (Twiztid)
    Comments: This CD was handed out to the first 100 people into the Big Baller Christmas part 2009, and this CD was never sold. Supposedly and handful extra were made, but that is still speculation and I would say less than 150 were ever made. Now, Psycho Killer is NOT a cover, and it says Previously Unreleased, but I haven’t heard or seen half the tracks on this disc before. Sadly, a former PT’er by the name of JohnnyC decided it would be a great idea to bootleg a bunch of these and make some quick cash. Thankfully, some people caught this and let us know, but beware of fakes. An easy way to tell once they’re opened is the disc will be lightscribed, alone with the sticker being in the wrong spot, and the cellophane wrap being different.
  39. Heartbroken & Homicidal   $15+
    Tracks: Spiderwebs;, I’m Just Sayin’; What I’m Feelin; Apple, Circles; PS; It Don’t Matta; I’m Stuck; Heard Enough; Please(skit;, Cyanide; Set By Example; What Ya Really Want; Keys to My Mind; All The Rest
    Comments: Dropping in 2010, this CD was met with probably the biggest mixed reactions since Mirror Mirror, if only because of them doing their set at GOTJ, telling the crowd they’re going to play the CD, hitting play, and walking off the stage. It’s a great idea, but it didn’t work out because no one would really hear it clearly, so a lot of people didn’t even want to hear the CD once it dropped. Personally, I think it was a great step forward, but not everyone agrees. This album’s booklet appears blank, until you either read it under a blacklight, or use the included pencil to rub over the pages and reveal journal entries of those going, or have gone mad, along with the thanks at the end. You can also catch it at the right angle if you look at it in regular light, but it’s not recommended.
  40. New Years Evil 3/???   $15+
    Tracks: ???
    Comments: Given away at New Year’s Evil 3, the track has no official name, and was never sealed. time will tell if it makes it’s way onto a collection in the future.
  41. Abominationz

Abominationz is the ninth studio album by Twiztid. Released October 22, 2012, it was their last release under Psychopathic Records, as they left the label following its release.

This section was done with 100% help from Dr. Brad Sadler.


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