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Originally formed back in 2006/2007, Zodiac MPrint debuted on Blaze Ya Dead Homie’s album Clockwork Gray released on August 21, 2007 on one official song and one unofficial song. After The R.O.C. retired in 2009 the group disbanded until at the 2012 GOTJ when Blaze Ya Dead Homie announced that Zodiac MPrint was working on new music. After 2 years of The R.O.C. hyping the album, Zodiac MPrint made their return on Twiztid’s For Tha Fam Vol. 2 released on March 27, 2014, on 2 songs (“Beware Of The Wolf”, and “Gettin Wu Wit It”). In March 2016 it was announced that Zodiac MPrint will release their debut album titled Ride The Stars EP on May 20, 2016.


“Ride The Stars” EP


Bundle 1
Bundle 2

Blaze Ya Dead Homie and The R.O.C. come together to form Zodiac Mprint. The long awaited debut EP from Zodiac Mprint entitled “Ride The Stars” Released May 20, 2016