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  1. Psychopathic Rydas’ “Dumpin”  JJR 1001  $25
    Tracks: Dumpin; Skrilla 4 Rilla; R U A Ryda?; Everyday; Ryda Killa; Slug N Ya Noggin; Ghetto Fantasies; Who?; Killa Ova Nuttin; Plug Dat Puss; Back 2 Crack; Rydin 4 Life
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD. The Rydas were sold the gangster alter-ego of Psychopathic Records, who used other people’s beats instead of their own, thus the origin of Joe and Joey Records, so no one could sue Psychopathic. Originally slated to be limited to 5000 copies on the WCFOS Tour, it was soon apparent that was not the case. The first 5000 have no Hatchetman on the back. But, I have heard that the ones at the first show did have a Hatchetman, but later shows did not have it. Regardless, ones without the Hatchetman are slightly rarer and more valuable.
  2. Psychopathic Rydas’ “Ryden Dirtay”  JJR 1003  $15 [[$20+]]
    Tracks: Intrizzo; Gangsta Shit; Nobody in Dis Game; Never Gone Quit; Boom; Ride 2 Da End; Bye Bye; Dem Bitches; There It Goes; Ryden Dirtay; Ride Out; Thumpin; Murder Follows Me
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD. The highly anticipated follow-up to Dumpin finally dropped just before the Gathering 2001 at Hot Hits and the Web Store. There are some versions where the front is spelled “Rydin.” These are rarer, but right now, it is hard to tell how many there are or what the demand for them will be. Also note the exclusion of Twin Gats, as Myzery was long gone from Psychopathic by this time.
  3. Psychopathic Rydas’ Scrimps Single/EP   $15+
    Tracks: Scrimps; Sleep Wit The Fishes; Rydas Don’t Dance; No Luv
    Comments: This CD was sold in limited edition at the Gathering 2004 for 5 bucks, but it sold out, thus the guess that they will fetch a little more money on ebay and such. I can only assume these were the CDs that were going to be given away at the Lotus show in Detroit that got cancelled. Either way, we have a few new tracks here that are good times.
  4. Rydas’ “Check Your Shit In Bitch”  J&J 1000   $15
    Tracks: Intro; Time 2 Ride; 4 My Rydas; Pimpsuit; Crackin; Gunsmoke; Scrimps; Ride Off; Money Green; Murder Fo’ Hire; Guilty; Run That; Last Ride
    Comments: Rydas is pretty damn popular, and 2004 marked the year of their 3rd album being released. The Gathering 2004 was the spot, and it was even highlighted with a short performance.
  5. A Ryda Holiday $15
    Tracks: A Ryda Holiday
    Comments: Jacking the beat from Run DMC’s holiday classic “Christmas In Hollis” this was given away at the 2007 Psychopathic Big Ballas Christmas Party in Detroit and was the official Psychopathic Christmas song for 2007.
  6. Psychopathic Rydas – Eat Shit N Die

This is Psychopathic Rydas 5th full-length album, originally released the the 2011 Gathering of the Juggalos.

      7.  Psychopathic Rydas – Backdoor Rydas

This is Psychopathic Rydas 1st EP, originally released the the 2011 Gathering of the Juggalos. and the last album for now

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