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  • Anything Underlined is a Link to a picture of that item.
  • The Prices in Green are the estimated values of a Audio Item.
  • The Prices in [[Brackets]] are the estimated values of a SEALED Audio Item. If there is no Sealed Price shown, both Sealed and Open Audio values are approx. the same.
  • Prices separated like — $10/15 — are prices for tape/CD of the same item.
  • Comments like (slim) refer to what type of case the Item is in.

  1. Chaos Theory PSY 3025   $12+
    Tracks: Intro; Outcha Mouth, In the Last Second; Mad Mad World; Chaos Theory; Ninjas in Action; Joke Ya Mind; Sammy Song
    Comments: Years in the making and Jumpsteady came through. Gathering 2002, his CD dropped, and disappointed few with his style of smart lyrics. We may never see another CD from him, but this CD will always be a staple of Psychopathic history. In late 2002, Chaos Theory (CTX167CD) was also pressed on Shock Records, for distribution in Australia. In 2003, it was redistributed in the US under the PSY 4006 number.
  2. Master of the Flying Guillotine PSY 4048   $12+
    Tracks: Intro; Master of the Flying Guillotine; Ima; If; Crom; Revenge; My Mans and Them; Spur of the Moment; Crazy Straight; Battlefield; There She Was; Universal Air Stance; Sonar; Dungeon Master; Amy’s Ghost; The Obsolete Man; Thirteenth Skull; True Stories Two
    Comments: You never thought Jumpsteady would release a full abum, but it happened in 2005. MOTFG features Violent J, Myzery, Samantha, Delusional, and a whole lot more. I also believe it is/was distributed in Europe, although I do not know if there are any variations on that release.
  3. Delusional – The Preperation  $10+
    Comments: Delusional was Jumpsteadys hype man for many years and in 2005 he released a solo album with Mr. Steady featured on the track Cause-N-Effect.Although it wasn’t released nationwide in record stores, it is still available online.


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