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  • The Prices in Green are the estimated values of a Audio Item.
  • The Prices in [[Brackets]] are the estimated values of a SEALED Audio Item. If there is no Sealed Price shown, both Sealed and Open Audio values are approx. the same.
  • Prices separated like — $10/15 — are prices for tape/CD of the same item.
  • Comments like (slim) refer to what type of case the Item is in.




  1. Golden Goldies  [Never Sealed]  $$$++Tracks: Intro; Golden Bullets; BBQ on the Boulevard; Booty Funk; Big Cadillac; Knowledge is Golden; I’ll Stab Your Fuckin Face; 13 Mile; I Love You (Michelle); Fools Gold
    This item was only produced on tape, which is titled “Gimme Them Fuckin Nuggets Bitch, Or I’ll Punch Your Fuckin Face.” Here is the story in a nut shell. In assuming that RBox would go Gold (selling 500,000 copies), Psychopathic Records put on a very small concert that was Invitation Only, I believe for members of the fan club. All of the members had different aliases, all dealing with Gold –Golden Toby, Golden Gram, The Golden Warrior, etc. All of these names can actually be found in the RiddleBox insert. J, Shaggy, Jumpsteady, Legs Diamond, Billy, and more were all in this show. During the show, they sang OVER an audio feed, similar to what they do now. This audio item, the Golden Goldies tape, is that tape that they sang over. There were only a handful made, if that many. I know of ONE original out there, and you can see it in the picture. You can also see that the picture here is altered, so if you try and bootleg it, there is
    information you won’t know. Most notorious are the beats for today’s “Spin the Bottle” and “Ain’t Nuthin But a Bitch Thang.” The Goldies can almost be called the forerunners of the Rydas of today, jacking other people’s beats, and singing about topics that ICP usually does not sing about. Now, in 2003, Mike E Clark started selling CD versions of the Goldies, complete with front and back inserts. Were these “left over” from 1995? Did he just make them on his printer to turn a fast buck because his career is going downhill like a barrel on Niagra Falls? Who knows..
  2. Psychopathic Sampler 1998  PSY 1018  $15+ [[$25+]]Tracks: Whatthefuck; Stimulated Dome; Mr Johsnson’s Head (Remix)
    This item was only produced on CD. It is in a slim case and was given away in early 1998 at shows on the House of Horrors tour. It contains 3 songs (ICP, Twiztid in their first Psychopathic audio appearance, and Myzery) and they are played as a skit where J takes over a radio station, and actually says that Twiztid consists of Bones and Hectic. There is also a little paragraph on the inside booklet from Alex Abbiss about staying underground.
  3. Phat or WackVersions: 1) Original Phat or Wack CD  $72) Phat or Wack Red Foil tape  $10 [[$15]]3) Reissue Phat or Wack CD  $54) Phat or Wack CD #3  $10+
  4. Tracks: Phat or Wack?
    Comments: This contains a skit promoting Jeckel Brothers and the reissue of Mostasteless, even though it was given out after AJB came out, at instores and during the WCFOS tour. The different versions started popping up, for no real reason. Just to keep the collectors on their toes, perhaps.
  5. Psychopathics From Outer Space  JJR 1002  $25Tracks: Dirt Ball; Murder Murder Murder; 50 Bucks, Blam!; Sleepwalker; R U A Ryda; She Ain’t Afraid; Slim Anus; Dead End; Red Neck Hoe 99; Old School Pervert; Who?; Somebody’s Dissin You; The Amazin’ Maze; Meat CleaverComments: This item was only produced on CD. This was marketed almost as a Forgotten Freshness, but for all of Psychopathic Records. Originally slated to be limited to 5000 copies on the WCFOS Tour, it was soon apparent that was not the case. The first 5000 have no Hatchetman on the back, and the “glitter ink” used on the front/back are different shades/textures when compared side by side. But, I have heard that the ones at the first show did have a Hatchetman, but later shows did not have it. Regardless, ones without the Hatchetman are slightly rarer and more valuable.
  6. Psychopathic Sampler 2001  $20+ [[$25+]]Tracks: One Track including clips of: ICP and Marz w/ Fuck Them; Dark Lotus w/ Ali Baba, Call Upon Your God, and I Hurt Myself; Blaze w/ Maggot Face, Hood Rats, and Saturday Afternoon; Marz w/ Steal My Shine, L-I-V-I-N, and Hooray For the Bad Guy
    This item was only produced on CD. It was given away on the last leg of the Bizzar Bizaar Tour in mid-2001. Now, it was brought to my attention that you can have a sealed CD, because when you open the sleeve, it was glued shut. So, now we have a sealed price up.
  7. Juggalo Show Box Set  PSY 10000  $150+
    This item was only produced on CDs. This set of 4 Double CDs dropped at the Gathering 2001, and can also now be found on the Web Store. Included is a 12″ x 12″ booklet with a ton of sweet pictures, as well as all 3 Juggalo Shows from 105.1 and the 4th show that was never aired. Supposedly only 2000 were made, but they are also on every webstore and Hot Hits, so they either didn’t sell, or there are way more than 2000.
  8. Hatchet History  PSY 3020  $15+Tracks: Intro; It’s Time; Second Hand Smoke; Gang Related; Toy Box; Casket; Losin It; Sunny Day; If I Ever Die; Southwest Song; Hollowpoint; Juggalo Anthem; Different; Slam; Bitches; Your the Reason; Chaos Theory; Juggalo Family
    This item was only produced on CD, and was released at the Gathering of the Juggalos 2002 in Peoria. Originally, the track listing on the back of the CD was really jacked up, but I believe that was fixed, so there are technically two versions. However, I don’t see a big push for people to collect both, so rarity/value right now is about the same. In late 2002, Hatchet History (CTX166CD) was also pressed on Shock Records, for distribution in Australia. In 2003, it was also rereleased in the States with the PSY 4008 tag.
  9. Big Money Hustlas Soundtrack  PSY 3015  $15+Tracks: Intro; Big $; Sugar Bear; Fuck the World; Cotton Candy; Bury Me Alive; Bring It On; Ninja; Bitches; Rock the Dead; Spin the Bottle; Human Tornado
    This item was only produced on CD. It was sold on the BMH Tour. At many shows, they were give out to some people for free at the door. Also of note, the regular ICP/Twiztid songs are not instrumentals; they are just the normal songs. Eventually these made it onto the webstore.
  10. Backyard Wrestling: Psychopathic Music Sampler   $15+Tracks: Murder Rap; Fire; Oldie But Goodie; Hated Me; Hydro; Sunny Day; Cotton Candy & Popsickles; Juggalo Chant
    ICP was featured in the Backyard Wrestling game in 2003, and with it came promotional items like this sampler, which gives people a taste of everyone on Psychopathic’s newest CDs. There is also a two-disc BYW CD, which can be found in the “Audio w/ ICP” Section.
  11. Psychopathics From Outer Space 2  PSY 4022   $15Tracks: Intro; Conquer; Hollywood, I’m Coming; Oldie But Goodie; Warrior; 10 Bodies; Out There; Y; Demon Face; True Stories; Some Fuckin How; 24s on a ’84; Mr Sesame Seed; Do It; Yuwannahoe; Wicked WIld; We Live; Bitch Shut Up; Under the Big Top; Stayin Alive; Killin Spree; Graverobbers; Free Studio
    This item was only produced on CD. After being rumored about for many years, the sequel to PFOS finally came out in December of 2003, featuring new tracks from ICP, J and Shaggy solos, Twiztid, Blaze, Zug Izland, Esham, Jumpsteady, ABK, and even a new Lotus track.
  12. Gathering 2005 EP   $20+Tracks: Intro; Still Here (ABK); For The People (Blaze); In The Woods (ICP); Whatever It Takes (Twiztid)
    You always get something with your Gathering tickets, and in 2005, it was this EP. With a song from all the major players, it is a rarity that a lot of people have been looking for.
  13. Soopa Villainz “Furious”   $15Tracks: Intro; To The Rescue; Furious; Mr Club; The Van; Guided Missiles; Black Plague; Hostile; List of Demands; Pussy; So What; I Shot The DJ; Hook Up The Cut; Danger; Its Over
    August of 2005 finally brought us the SV cd, which consists of Esham, Lavel, Violent J, and Shaggy 2 Dope. Rumor has some Soopa Heroes not too far off, but we’ll have to wait and see.
  14. Drive-By “Pony Down [Prelude]”  PSY 4054 (PSY 4605)Versions: 1) Pony Down [Prelude]  $25+2) Pony Down [Prelude] Re-Release  $10+Tracks: Hear Us Commin’; The Arrival; Whistle; Pony Down; This High; Hear Me Now; [Yellow Tape]; She’s Out There; Black Khakis; [By My Side]; All I Know; The High (Remix);
    They talked about it for years, and the ABK/Blaze collab known as Drive-By finally came out in October of 2005. This album didn’t really sell, maybe because ABK left Psychopathic and these were no longer sold. Now fast forward to Summer 2008. ABK is back on the label and Pony Down gets a nationwide re-release featuring 2 new tracks that were going to be on the Drive-By full length LP but never saw the light of day.
  • Psychopathics From Outer Space 3  PSY 4602   $15Tracks: Blast Off; Further Away; Truth Dare, Shake; My Addiction; My Van; Put It Down; Just A Song I Wrote; Last Day Alive; Zombie; Girls They Love Me; If I Was God; Torn Possession; Reason; Hatchetman; Landing;
    Released on November 20, 2007 this is the third volume in the highly popular Psychopathics From Outerspace line. Featuring all new tracks from ICP, Twiztid, Blaze, Boondox, Zodiac Mprint, Dark Lotus and Hatchet House members DJ Clay and Motown Rage this was released on Hatchet Gear and in stores for all to pick up.
  • DJ Clay – Let ‘Em Bleed – The Mixxtape Vol. 1  HH 4700  $10+Tracks: Start; Follow Me; Let ‘Em Know (Jamie Madrox); Alley Cat Remix; Frankenstein (Violent J); I Murder (Boondox & Esham); Sickness (Twiztid & Blaze); Fall Apart (Shaggy 2 Dope); Somethin’ Outta Horror Flick (Jamie Madrox & The R.O.C.); Diemuthafuckadie! (The R.O.C.); Get Ya Wicked On Remix; Off The Post (Boondox); Blaze & Monoxide (Blaze & Monoxide); Write A Letter (Jamie Madrox); Kill 4 You; Trife; Global Warming (Violent J); End;
    We’ve all seen DJ Clay Dj’ing for ICP on tour now for the past few years and have heard him on WFuckOff Radio with Shaggy, and in early 2008 he dropped his first Mixtape on the Hatchet House label. Featuring new remixes, covers and the first apperance of Esham on a Psychopathic album since 2005, this really is a special album in the world of Psychopathic.
  • The R.O.C. “Welcome To The Dark Side”  HH4702
     $10Tracks:Cosmic Adventure; About 2 Expire; I’m Here; Voices; Hello; Stress Release; Spawned;
    This EP was produced under the Hatchet House sub-label and originally released on the Dark Lotus Opaque Brotherhood Tour and then later Hatchet Gear, although it was never available in stores. It was announced at the 2008 Gathering that The R.O.C. will no longer be touring with Psychopathic, which could either mean he’s cutting ties altogether or he might be making more music with them at a later time. So who knows what will happen and who knows how long this EP will be available on the webstore.
  • DJ Clay – Let ‘Em Bleed – The Mixxtape Vol. 2  HH4701  $10+Tracks: Intro; Snake Bite (Boondox); Knee Crackaz (Shaggy 2 Dope); Get Em All (Dj Clay & Jamie Madrox); Karma [Rock Mix] (Twiztid); They Know (Boondox); In Love With A Hooker (Violent J & Esham); Filthy (Shaggy 2 Dope); Rollin’ Over [Rock Mix] (Insane Clown Posse); Juggalo (Bizarre); My Life (DJ Clay); So Preventable (Boondox); Dangerous (R.O.C. & King Gordy); 4 Ever Detroit (Blaze, Violent J & Awesome Dre); Birds & Bees (Twiztid); Dead Man Walking (Violent J); Outro;
    July 8th, 2008 saw the release of the second installment in the DJ Clay Let ‘Em Bleed series. Featuring new tracks, remixes and a bunch of other crazy crap you wont see on regular Psy releases.
  • DJ Clay – Let ‘Em Bleed – The Mixxtape Vol. 3  HH4705  $10+Tracks: Opening; Ima Get Mine (AMB & DJ Clay); They Shootin’ [Rock Mix] (Shaggy 2 Dope); Lets Ride (Tech N9ne & DJ Clay); Walk Away (ABK); Rare Never Heard Milenko Skit (Insane Clown Posse); Touch Of Death [Remix] (Blaze Ya Dead Homie); Fuck The Devil (AMB); Duke Of The Wicked (Violent J); Get Paid (Jamie Madrox & Bailz); Another Love Song (Boondox); Can’t Hold Me Back ’08 (Awesome Dre, Big Herk, Esham, Merciless Amir, Shaggy 2 Dope & Boss); Can’t Fuck With Us (Shaggy 2 Dope); You’re The Reason [Remix] (Twiztid); Keys 2 Life (DJ Clay); Kept Grindin’ (Entire Hatchet Family); Closer;
    November 11th, 2008 saw the release of the third installment in the DJ Clay Let ‘Em Bleed series. Featuring new tracks, remixes, lost gems and a James Bond gimmick . This is said to be the last Let ‘Em Bleed release to be made available in stores but we shall see.
  • Motown Rage “With Us Or Against Us”  HH4707   $15+
    Tracks: Intro/Get Your Axe Up; No Contest; Ready For War; Tear It Down; With Us Or Against Us; Broke Pimpin’; I Like Them Hoes; Look In My Eyes; Never Stop; Can’t Take; Welcome To The Slaughterhouse

    Motown Rage, the Detroit based heavy metal/rap fused band have been playing Psychopathic shows for a few years now and finally on April 3rd, 2009 they released there Hatchet House debut “With Us Or Against Us”. These so far have only been available at shows and on the webstore and not released in stores for whatever reason.
  • Mike E Clark – Psychopathic Murder Mix Vol. 1  PSY4608  $15+Tracks: Intro; Whoz Going Next? (Triple X Mashup); Fuck Off (Remix #2); Chicken Pluckin Huntin (Remix); Rock The Dead Body Man; Neck Cutter (The Loons Remix); Out Here (Remix); The Only Ones; ILL Connect (Remix); Frankenstein (Remix); How Long Will You Juggalos Be Down?; Murder You (Remix); Mike Tries To Play Violin While Willabe Rags Argues With Violent J; Southwest Mash-Up; Outro;
    Released on June 23rd, 2009, Psychopathic Murder Mix Volume 1 is made up of seven remixes and three mashups as well as five original tracks from original ICP producer Mike E Clark. Pretty cool for old school-alo’s and new fans alike.
  • 2012 Psychopathic Sampler $15+
    Front Back
    Tracks: To Catch A Predator; Juggalo Island; News At 6 o’clock; We Don’t Die; Woe Woe; My Addiction; Blaze Up; Dub Sack; Party; Nervous; Last Chance; Hey Y’all; They Pray With Snakes; Toast to the Fam; Sippin’ on Down; Rock The Dead Body Man; Chicken Pluckin Huntin; Wagon Wagon/I Do This
    Comments:Originally sold at Hatchet Attacks 2012, this is the newest sampler to show off the latest musical offerings of Psychopathic Records. We’ll see where else this pops up, IF this pops up anywhere else. Nothing we haven’t seen before, but still not a bad mix.

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