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  1. Born Dead
    Versions: 1) Born Dead Tape  2/10
    2) Born Dead OG CD  2/10
    3) Born Dead Reprint Version 1 CD 2/10
    4) Born Dead Reprint Version 2 CD 4/10
    5) Born Dead CDr Clam Shell Release 8/10
    Tracks: Go To War; Let It Go; Losin It; Bigga Balls; From The Get Go; The Graveyard
    Comments: Available on tape and CD, this album was the first ever produced by Psychopathic Records that was not ICP. It includes a track with ICP and one with Esham. Other than ICP’s appearance, this album shows little signs of being a Psychopathic release. Also, be careful of the more recent reprints that have surfaced. You can tell the reprint easily because it says “Featuring ICP and Esham” on the cover.  There are actually 2 different versions of the reprints each with slightly different features on the discs and inserts.  Project Born also re-released most of their catalog including Born Dead on CDr versions featuring black text on silver discs enclosed in a clear plastic clam-shell.
  2. Born Dead 2 CD 1/10
    2008 CD release that featured ICP on the track Fuk Wit Me.
  3. The Very Best of Project Born CD 1/10
    This was a greatest hits CD put out in 2013 by Anti Authority records that included Graveyard and Fuk Wit Me tracks featuring ICP.

Project Born has also has put out a few items on their own that do not feature ICP, such as the following:

  • Losing It Single Tape featuring Esham 5/10
  • Crap or Natural Tape 6/10
  • Jack the Reaper CD 2/10
  • Gathering 2000 CD 5/10
  • Rent is Due CD Version 1 1/10
  • Rent is Due CD Version 2 2/10
  • Ghetto Celebs CD 1/10
  • Once Upon a Time in Tha Projects CD 1/10
  • Forever N The Jects CD CDr Clamshell 8/10
  • Project Mob Mix Tape CD CDr Clamshell 8/10
  • A Child’s Nightmare Compilation featuring PJB track “I Don’t Give a Fuck” 8/10

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