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  • Anything Underlined is a Link to a picture of that item.
  • The Prices in Green are the estimated values of a Audio Item.
  • The Prices in [[Brackets]] are the estimated values of a SEALED Audio Item. If there is no Sealed Price shown, both Sealed and Open Audio values are approx. the same.
  • Prices separated like — $10/15 — are prices for tape/CD of the same item.
  • Comments like (slim) refer to what type of case the Item is in.

  1. Para La Isla EP  PSY 1017
    Versions: 1) Para La Isla tape/CD  $15/20
    2) Para La Isla 12″ Vinyl  $20
    Tracks: Para La Isla; Stimulated Dome; Stack It Up; If I Ever Die; Witching Hour; Para La Isla (Instrumental)
    Comments: Myzery delivered one album, and it was the 6 track EP of Para La Isla. The CD and tape can still be found at select places. Now, they have been reprinted and can be purchased at the Comic Conventions. The Vinyl was a pretty rare and expensive album, until it was apparent so many were produced that almost anybody could find one. But recently they have dried up, and rarity may rise. There was also a Promo Tape, looking much like the regular tape, with a hole in the barcode.

There was also a CD sold by Myzery at the Gathering 2001 called The Four Faces of Myzery, a product of the ill-fated gimmick of four personalities from ol Nay Nay. It was only sold for one day before problems arose, so I guess it is rare. But for straight Psychopathic trading, I do not know if collectors seek this. He also put out The Red Eye at the 2002 Gathering, with a Twiztid/Blaze diss.

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