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  1. 2 Krazie Devils’ “Flipped Insanity  $$$++
    Tracks: Intro 1; Flipped Insanity 1; Flipped Insanity 1(instrumental); Flipped Insanity 2; Flipped Insanity 2(instrumental); Intro 2; Rollin’ Deep; Psycho; The Cellar; Were Ganna Get You; Wicked Ones Rhyme; Lettin’ You Know(feat. The R.O.C.); Join Us; Gang Bangers Anthem; Death Bed; Back 2 Our Gravez(feat. House Of Krazees); Back 2 Our Gravez(feat. Mr. Bones and The R.O.C.)
    Comments: Long story short. Blaze was known as Psycho C; the man you know now as Skrapz was Krazie. They worked together, and got HOK’s ROC to produce their album, and the rest of HOK to make a guest appearance. Due to lack of money, it was never pressed, so it only existed in dub forms between the members, and has recently leaked out to the public, mainly due to one person who Skrapz trusted with a copy. Also, some people say they have “remastered” it so it sounds better, and they charge more for their copy. But the truth be told that any copy of this is not going to be a masterpiece of quality. Props to PT’er H2SkAbZ for hookin us up with this info.
  2. Blaze Ya Dead Homie  PSY 2101 $15 [[$20]]
    Tracks: Back From the Dead; Real G Shit; In Case U Forgot; I Go To Work; Put It Down; Shittalkaz
    Comments: This item was only produced on CD. At first, was only sold at the Gathering 2000. But it made its way to the Internet and some select music stores. When he “left” Psychopathic, these were supposed to have been pulled from shelves, but I don’t believe they were in any massive quantities. That is all just bullshit internet speculation anyways.
  3. 1 Less G N Da Hood  PSY 2750   $15
    Tracks: The Eulogy; Grave Ain’t No Place; Casket; Juggalo Anthem; Nasty; Str8 Outta Detroit; Maggot Face; Here I Am; Hood Rat; Hatchet Luv; Saturday Afternoon; Given Half the Chance; U Can’t Hurt Me Now; Thug 4 Life; Hatchet Execution
    Comments: Blaze’s full length CD finally dropped at the end of October 2001, and it disappointed no one. In 2003, it was rereleased to all of the Blazealos, with the PSY 4004 number.
  4. “Mama I Ain’t Changed” Single   $20+
    Tracks: Mama, I Ain’t Changed
    Comments: After far too long, the Colton Grundy project is finally up and running. There were contests on the website and Twiztid hotline to get this first single, which was limited to 500 copies, and they arrived in May of 2004. Time will dictate if these will be worth much. I assume they will go for high quickly, then drop off soon thereafter like many things of this nature do.
  5. Colton Grundy Tha Undying  PSY 4043  $15+
    Tracks: Bump This Shhh; The Touch of Death; Shot Gun; Etched Out; If I Fall; Hey You; Out Tha Gate; Stick Ya Hands Up; Further From Truth; Dayz of my Neighborhood; Roll It Up; Mr. Deadfolx; 2 Many Bitches; Time Line; Climbing
    Comments: Blaze comes through with Tha Undying, which was 3 years in the making, in October of 2004.
  6. 1 Less G In The Hood Deluxe Edition    $15+
    Tracks: Intro 2 Da World; Real G Shit; In Case U Forgot; I Got To Work; Put It Down; Grave Ain’t No Place; Casket; Juggalo Anthem; Nasty; Maggot Face; Hood Ratz; Hatchet Luv; Saturday Afternoon; Given Half the Chance; U Can’t Hurt Me Now; Thug 4 Life; Look Out; Mama I Ain’t Changed; Garbage
    Comments: Blaze Blaze… we’re all waiting for a new CD, but June of 2006 brings us this. It’s cool for those who maybe never got his first CD, and it does have a few bonus cuts, but we are still waiting for that new album.
  7. Strange Noize Tour    $10+
    Comments: During summer 2007 Blaze and The ROC headed out on the Strange Noize Tour with Tech N9ne, KMK, (hed) PE and 53 other Suburban Noize acts. They had a deal where you could buy a special VIP package that included a meet and greet (although without Blaze), and other crap including this CD. The only Blaze track included is “Blaze Up” from the upcoming Clockwork Grey album. To the best of my knowledge this was only sold with the VIP deal, but that may have changed.
  8. Clockwork Gray Sampler    $10+
    Comments: This was given out at the Strange Noize tour Blaze was on a month before the album dropped. Like normal these went for more then they are probobly worth on ebay, but hopefully it evens out.
  9. Clockwork Gray    $15+
    Tracks:Contact From The Other Side; The Crypt Creeper; Blaze Up; Toe Tagz ‘n Body Bagz; Ill Connect; Keep It Simple; Some Of Them Thugz; Egg Plantz; Zip Codes ‘n Time Zones; Inside Looking Out; Dead Neck; Escape Artist; Wishing Well; E.O.D.;
    Comments: Finally after almost 3 long years Blaze drops his new highly anticipated LP Clockwork Gray in August 2007. Featuring the Psychopathic family, Big B, Kutt Calhoun, a SWK track and the debut of the new Supergroup Zodiac M-print consisiting of Blaze and The ROC this is sure to be a Juggalo classic. One of the best in my opinion. Hopefully it won’t be another 3 years for the next one.
  10. Big B “More To Hate”  $15+
    Comments: Released in August 2007 Blaze is featured on the song “How Quick” off the album “More To Hate” by Suburban Noize Records artist Big B. Big B as you remember was a guest on Blaze’s Clockwork Gray record and Blaze returns the favor appearing on this album.
  11. Gang Rags  $
    Tracks: Intro; Back From The Dead; Swine Flew; Deadman Walking; Ridin The Whip; Dub Sack; Another B&E; Damn Bitch; Monster Inside; Party Til We Get Arrested; Another Birthday; Holy Shit; Lights Out; Wicked Sorcerer; Tokyo Spa;;
    Comments: Released Summer 2010, this is
    almost like Drive By without ABK. Coming with a bandanna in one of 4 colors,
    you can color coordinate for whatever the occasion.
  12. Gang Rags Extended  $15+
    Tracks: Shits Fucked Up; Napalm; Give Em What They Want Ghetto Benefits ft ROC and J-10/Dead Gangsta; Flavor of the Week; Ghost Bars; Rock it Out(OG Version); Simply Fresh ft J-10/Just Another Fish; 10 40oz; Rules 2 Tha Game ft ABK; Zombie King; Lost & Found;
    Comments: Released on tour, this extended version isn’t so much an extension, as it is a new album. We were then given a NEW extended edition when J-10 was Future Endeavored, with 2 tracks being changed, and King in Zombie King being spelled incorrectly on the back. It’s an easy way to tell them apart if you don’t know the 2 track titles since the UPC is the same.


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