Boondox PSY Audio

The Harvest Sampler PSY-3070

Tracks: Sampler Track

Comments: In 2006, Psychopathic was hyping the fact that they had a new artist on the horizon. This sampler was put out to introduce the world to Boondox. It came in a white cardboard sleeve.


The Harvest PSY-4061

Tracks: Intro; Seven; Out Here; It Ain’t A Thang; Diggin Myself Out; Lady in the Jaguar; They Pray With Snakes; Rollin Hard; The Harvest; Sippin; Lake of Fire; Red Mist; Angel Like

Comments:  The Harvest is the first full-length album by Boondox. Released on July 11, 2006, the back cover was printed with a mistake, the tracklist does not include the song “Diggin Myself Out”, the same applies to the inside cover. As far as I know this error has never been corrected.


Punkinhead EP PSY-4065

Tracks: Resurrection; Punkinhed; Sleep Stalker; Southern Nights; Suffering; They Pray With Snakes (Remix); Seven (Remix)

Comments: Released on May 1st 2007, it was his first EP and his 2nd overall album on Psychopathic, consisting of 5 new songs and two new remixes of songs originally on his first album. Hatchet Gear was selling these for $5 at the time of it’s release.


Krimson Creek Sampler 

Tracks: Sampler Track

Comments: These were given out at the 2008 JCW Slam TV Tour to promote Boondox’s upcoming album, Krimson Creek. The sampler features cuts from the album intertwined with a story of 2 Tuff Tony and Cpl. Robinson locked in a haunted house. The tour was fairly short so there was less samplers given out compared to The Harvest samplers in 2006.


Krimson Creek  PSY-4400

Versions: 1) Krimson Creek CD

  2) Krimson Creek CD (Shock Records) CTX404CD

Tracks: Intro; Country Life; Untold/Unwritten; Inbred Evil; Freak Bitch; Heathen; Walking After Midnight; Love/Hate; Cruel Cruel World; Straight Out The Crops; Outlaw; Path I Walk; Trailer Park Creepin’; Fear; Death Of A Hater

Comments: Released on May 13, 2008, Boondox’ 2nd LP is a more personal work than The Harvest, with songs inspired by events from Boondox’ life. The liner notes included with the album contained excerpts from all 15 tracks on the album, also included was a foldout poster featuring a larger, complete depiction of the cover art. Album was also released in Australia under the Shock Records label, also of note was the red advisory sticker, the red sticker is the highest warning in Australia’s music designation.


South of Hell PSY-44012

Tracks: Intro; Cold Day In Hell; Color You Dead; Red Dirt Road; Some Kind Of Devil; Love Of My Knife; We All Fall; Toast To The Fam; In Between; Family Tree; Lezbehonest; Just Die; Nothing to Lose; Watch Your Back; Where Do I Go?

Comments: South Of Hell is the third studio album and 4th overall album by underground rapper Boondox. It was released on May 11, 2010 and was produced by Mike E. Clark, the album also features a documentary directed by Paul Andreson about Hutto’s life and the making of the album titled Southern Bled.


Abaddon PSY-5001

Tracks: Intro; Abaddon; The Sober Truth; Bloody Regrets; Dope Boy; Kikdoe; Pillin’ Spree; Betrayal; Prophet; Monster; My Night; Black Eyed Kids; Movin’ On; Kill ‘N Tell; Psycho Symphony

Comments: Abaddon is the fourth studio album by horrorcore rapper Boondox, released on May 13, 2014. This album would end up being his last on Psychopathic as he would leave again in April 2015, and to later sign with Majik Ninja Entertainment in December 2016.

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