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  1. The Harvest Sampler
    Tracks: Sampler Track
    Comments: In 2006, Psychopathic was hyping
    the fact that they had a new artist on the horizon. This sampler was put out
    to introduce the world to Boondox.
  • The Harvest
    Tracks: Intro; Seven; Out Here; It
    Ain’t A Thang; Diggin Myself Out; Lady in the Jaguar; They Pray With Snakes;
    Rollin Hard; The Harvest; Sippin; Lake of Fire; Red Mist; Angel Like

    Comments: July of 2006 brought us The
    Harvest, only on CD like all albums nowadays. The first of many albums by
    the scarecrow from Newton County… or the next AMB? We shall see.
  • Punkinhead EP
    Tracks: Resurrection; Punkinhed; Sleep
    Stalker; Southern Nights; Suffering; They Pray With Snakes (Remix); Seven

    Comments: Released on May 1st 2007, Boondox’s
    second release on Psychopathic is a short EP consisting of 5 new songs and
    two new remixes. Hatchet Gear was selling these for $5 at the time of it’s
  • Krimson
    Creek Sampler
    Tracks: Sampler Track
    Comments: These were given out at the
    2008 JCW Slam TV Tour to promote Boondox’s upcoming Krimson Kreek album. The
    sampler features cuts from the album intertwined with a story of 2 Tuff Tony
    and Cpl. Robinson locked in a haunted house. The tour was short so I don’t
    think there will be as many samplers given out compared to The Harvest’s samplers
    in 2006.
  • Krimson Creek
    Tracks: Intro; Country Life; Untold/Unwritten;
    Inbred Evil; Freak Bitch; Heathen; Walking After Midnight; Love/Hate; Cruel
    Cruel World; Straight Out The Crops; Outlaw; Path I Walk; Trailer Park Creepin’;
    Fear; Death Of A Hater

    Comments: Released on May 13, 2008, Boondox’s
    2nd LP made all juggalos and the population of Newton County rejoice.
  • The Dirtball “Crook
    Comments: Suburban Noize Records artist
    The Dirtball released his third LP on the same day as Krimson Creek and it
    featured Boondox on the track “Tried, Trued And Tested”.
    May 13 2008 was a very happy day for Boondox fans.
  • South of Hell  $15+
    Comments: Boondox’ 3rd full length album, this comes to Juggalos with a DVD of the documentary Southern Bled. Shortly after the album dropped, Boondox embarked on a small tour with Cousin Cleetus to promote the album.


Abaddon is the fourth studio album by horrorcore rapper Boondox and his first since his return to Psychopathic Records. This is his last album under Psychopathic Records before departing to do “his own thing” in 2015.


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