PT Morton’s List

Jumpsteady Crew Morton’s List Jersey 1/1 of 9 total made sold at the Gathering Of The Juggalos Auction 2016 (#17) Most Rare

Morton’s List 2001 Shirt first batch of Morton’s list shirts from 2001

Morton’s List The End to Boredom Game (made in 2001) 1st Edition Rare

Morton’s List Gaming Stores Double Sided Card Stock Poster These were distributed to gaming stores that carried mortons list, most of these were thrown away when major stores stopped carrying Morton’s List so there are very few of these left.

Morton’s List Flier First Karmic Gathering was just an event for Morton’s list players usually at game conventions or small conference centers.

Morton’s List Safety Vest sold from 2007-2011 on there convention tour’s. Original Price was $30.

Morton’s List CD Case sold in 2009. Original Price was $15

2009 Morton’s List Flier

Yellow Misprint Shirt

2013 the yellow shirts were misprinted completely so they were only given away as prizes, there were only 12 made

Green Shirt

shirts were released in 2013 there were only 12 made


From right to left 2015, 2016 and 2014 each one there were only 24 made. Far left was designed by Diesel a d there was a physical copy of the drawing he did for the design. Middle and right were designed by Rachel Paul. Far right was also printed into posters that were given away only one hundred posters we made.
Morton’s List Knit Hat’s


GOTJ 2001 These we’re left on the promo table’s (I’m led to believe there are 13-15 different versions)

Morton’s List Sticker

Morton’s List Sticker

Morton’s List Sticker

Morton’s List Sticker

First Prototype of the Morton’s list ring there were 7 made in different colors all plastic

2nd Prototype 3D printed in stainless steel

This was 3d printed in stainless steel but there was a copper impurity in the metal so we didn’t sell them, this would be prototype number 2 also had 7 made

 Finished ring printed in aluminum
This was the finished ring printed in aluminum and there were 16 made and sold for $30 Originally

Morton’s List Watch You Could Only Win

Master’s Tournament at the Gathering 2016 Only 25 Exist

This was used as an invitation to play in a master’s tournament at the gathering 2016
Morton’s List 2016 Chaos Crow Pendant this was a prize for the first chaos crow tournament at the gathering of the juggalo’s in 2016

MVP Tournament at 1st DCG CON 2017

This was the invitation for the MVP tournament at dcgcon only 30 were made
MORTONS LIST CHARM STAINLESS 2.5 Only made 13 of these they are 2.5 inches tall

2015 Game Charm (Only Could Be Won) Really Rare

Morton’s Karma Coin Medallion (m/13initially the first pressing had 90 total, in 2017 the second pressing for dcgcon there were 30 made




This will take some time to try to track different things down so try to be patient.