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  1. Blood In, Blood Out $12+
    Tracks: Blood In; Heatseeker; Selfish; Scream My Name; Westside Wicked; God Only Knows; Takin It Away; Old Girl; All Day; Chips N Dip; Still Alive; Calm Down; Right Now; See Thru; Honor; Blood Out
    Comments: AMB had a few albums and such earlier in their careers, then they won the contest to join PSY and record an album…. and this was it. I think their may have been a sampler too, but it doesn’t appear that many people give, gave, or ever will give a flying fuck. If you do… my apologies.
  • Gods Hand  HH4704
    Tracks:Tears of Blood; Gods Hand Killers; Overcome; Regardless; Redrum Where I’m From; Grindin’/???; Scrub Life; F.R.E.S.H.; Underground Sorcerer; Apocolypse; Rose Garden; Canonize; Skeet; Peace; Karmakazi; My Brothers Keeper; Heart Attack; I Stay Wicked; Lord Help Me;
    Comments: Released on September 16th 2008, Gods Hand marks the return of the Axe Murder Boyz to Psychopathic Records under the Hatchet House label.
  • Strictly 4 The Scrubs 


The Garcia Brothers is the second release by Axe Murder Boyz on Psychopathic Records, and their first since their departure from Psychopathic’s sub label Hatchet House in early 2011, after their Body In A Hole EP released on November 30, 2010. It is their fourth overall release on Psychopathic/Hatchet House. Hatchet House releases fall under Psychopathic Records.

Slaughter is the second overall solo album from Young Wicked and his first studio album as well as his first national solo release. The album was released on September 4, 2015, on Psychopathic Records.


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