Axe Murder Boyz PSY Audio

Blood In, Blood Out PSY-4057

Tracks: Blood In; Heatseeker; Selfish; Scream My Name; Westside Wicked; God Only Knows; Takin It Away; Old Girl (All Mine); All Day; Chips ‘N’ Dip; Still Alive; Calm Down; Right Now; See Thru; Honor; Blood Out

Comments: Brothers James and Mike Garcia formed Axe Murder Boyz in 1999, naming their group after a lyric from the Insane Clown Posse song “Bring It On”. After releasing a series of locally released albums on their own label, Axe Recordings, the Garcia brothers formed Canonize Productions in 2004. The following year, Psychopathic Records held a Underground Psychos contest at the year’s Gathering of the Juggalos, which resulted in contenders AMB being awarded a one-album contract deal with the label. Blood In, Blood Out was released on April, 18 2006, it is the group’s first nationally released album, and their first release on Psychopathic Records.


Gods Hand  HH-4704

Versions: 1) Gods Hand CD

  2) Gods Hand CD (Shock Records) CTX438CD

Tracks: Tears of Blood; Gods Hand Killers; Overcome; Regardless; Redrum Where I’m From; Grindin’/???; Scrub Life; F.R.E.S.H.; Underground Sorcerer; Apocalypse; Rose Garden; Canonize; Skeet; Peace; Karmakazi; My Brothers Keeper; Heart Attack; I Stay Wicked; Lord Help Me;

Comments: After the release of Blood In, Blood Out, AMB had fulfilled their contract and left the label for two years. Released on September 16th 2008, Gods Hand marked the return of the Axe Murder Boyz to Psychopathic Records under the Hatchet House label. Once again Shock Records released the album for the Australian market.


Body In A Hole PSY-4711

Tracks: Intro; Body In A Hole; Funky Disfunktion; Set It Off; Nightline; Crazy; Outro

Comments: Originally Body In A Hole was to be released in November 2010, on the Truth Rising Tour, but for one reason or another the album was pushed back and premiered in December on The Old Shit Tour. Two days later, the album appeared on, the EP never went to stores. At the end of February 2011 AMB left the label and the EP was pulled from HatchetGear.


The Garcia Brothers PSY-5000

Tracks: Intro; Us Against The World; M.O.E.; I Get Even; Smoke Kush; Might Go Mad; Roaches; Shine; Bleed; No Trust; I Keeps It Movin; Listen; Runaway; Nobody Get Hurt

Comments: After AMB left the label they began working on their new album The Garcia Brothers in 2011. For almost 2 years they worked on songs and scrapped them. Along the way, they released the mixtape Strictly 4 The Scrubs as well as the Young Wicked Mixtape on their own. They resigned with Psychopathic in early 2013 and The Garcia Brothers was finally released on March 25, 2014. 


Young Wicked – Slaughter PSY-48072

Tracks: Slaughter; Break Me; Kill ‘Em All; Drinkin’ On My Fiff; Dope; Yeah Hoe; Scathing; Uzi (Interlude); Go; Menace; Fallen Angel; Gone; All Night Long; Y.W.G.

Comments: On the inside of the booklet for the Killjoy Club album it was revealed that Young Wicked would release his debut album Slaughter soon. In August 2015 the Slaughter Sampler was released and the preorders for the album went up. The album was released on September 4, 2015 and was his second overall solo album and his first studio album as well as his first national solo release.

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