PT Miscellaneous Movie Prop’s

This will Be a list of items that have been sold I will try to get all photos and descriptions but it will take time so be patient.

Big Money Hustlas

Alex Abbiss Autographed Movie Worn Suit Most Rare $$$$

“The canary yellow suit originally came all the way back from the Brotherhood of Justice. Take my character (Hazad) and the preacher man character, that’s 2/3rds from the original Brotherhood of Justice of the National All-Star Wrestling alliance. which of course was our backyard wrestling promotion.” -Alex & Violent J talking about the suit on the Big Money Hustlas dvd and It was one of the prizes given out at the 1st annual Gathering of the Juggalos in Novi, MI in 2000. It’s been autographed by Alex.


Big Money Rustlas

Raw Stank Costume (sold at GOTJ 2015 Auction) Most Rare $$$$

Dusty Poot (sold at GOTJ 2015 Auction) Most Rare $$$$

Sheriff Sugar Wolf (sold at GOTJ 2015 Auction) Most Rare $$$$

Big Baby Chips (sold at GOTJ 2015 Auction) Most Rare $$$$