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  1. Varsity/Crew Jackets  $$$++
    Comments: Psychopathic has often made Crew Jackets for… the crew. The first was a RiddleBox, then following that there have been Milenkos, AJBs, Mostasteless, and Psychopathic. Also, I believe in one of the very first Catalogs, they sold COC Varsity Jackets, and it could be personalized. Only one of these is around that I know of. Also of note, we got an email saying that the Milenko jackets were sold at a HOH show (in KC I believe), and they sold out quick.
  2. Coaches Jackets
    Versions: 1) Psychopathic Records  $50+
    2) Twiztid Freek Show  $50+
    3) Juggalo  $60+
    4) New Style Psy. $60+
    Comments: Coaches jackets are very light windbreakers. To wear this to stay warm.. is not gonna work. The Psychopathic and Freekshow Coaches Jackets were first available, I think, on the Freek Show tour. More recently, the other two have become available on the Web Store.
  3. Psychopathic Leather Jacket  $300+
    Comments: These were supposed to be available at the Gathering 2000, but got delayed until that winter I believe. Since then, they have been a fairly hot item to have. In late 2007 these were re-released on the webstore although they don’t look nearly as heavy.
  4. Hatchet Gear Logo  $100+
    Comments: These jackets became available on the Web Store, and are a good medium between the light Coaches Jackets and the heavy Leather jackets.
  5. Mirror Mirror Coaches Jacket  $60+
    Comments: These were sold on the Mirror Mirror Tour, and later made their way to the Web Store.
  6. Mirror Mirror Street Team  $$+
    Comments: These are Coaches Jackets were given to each person per tour date (Starting in mid-April 2002) that joined the One Day Twiztid Street Team. Props to Jessika from RealJuggalos for the info and pictures. Now, starting in mid-May, they started giving the people Psychopathic Street Team jackets. I don’t know if they ran out of the others, or what the deal is.
  7. 10th Anniversary Psychopathic  $100+
    Comments: These were first sold at the Gathering 2002, but did not seem to sell well. They are much heavier and more durable than the Coaches Jackets, but obviously not as thick as the leather jackets.
  8. Prototype Psychopathic  $$+
    Comments: This red jacket was auctioned off as part of the Psychopathic Lot at the 2002 Gathering. It appears to be very thin, and plain.. perhaps why they never made them for sale.
  9. The Wraith: Shangri-La
    Versions: 1) Coach Wraith: Shangri-La  $60+
    2) Pullover Wraith: Shangri-La  $90+
    3) Varsity Wraith: Shangri-La  $250+
    Comments: These jackets debuted on the Web Store in late 2002 in the first wave of Wraith merchandise. The Coaches jacket is the usual light button-up jacket, while the pullover is slightly heavier. Not too often to the varsity style jackets go on sale, so scoop those up quickly if you wish.
  10. The Wraith: Shangri-La Leather Jacket  $$+
    Comments: This leather jacket was auctioned off at the Gathering 2003, as well as given away as prizers to a few of the contests.I believe the program said only 20 were made, so they are pretty rare, obviously.
  11. Psychopathic “Circle” Varsity  $250+
    Comments: This varsity style jacket debuted on the Web Store in October of 2003. It features the two small patches on the front, and the new “circle” logo for the Hatchetman on the back.
  12. Psychopathic Wool Jacket  $200+
    Comments: This jacket debuted on the Web Store in November of the year 2003. It has a small pocket on the front, as you can see, and it appears to be a full zipper… and it’s made of wool. Past that, I can’t say much about it. If you get one, let us know more.
  13. Psychopathic Leather Jacket: Version 2.0  $400+
    Comments: Well, in November of 2003, instead of just reissuing the old Leathers, they came out with this. Notice the different designs on the front, and the different font on the back. This one also looks very thin compared to the OG, but it’s hard to say. If you pick this up, let us know anything you can about it.
  14. Esham “Repentance” Jacket  $$+
    Comments: Repentance came out in November of 2003, and Esham had an in-store where this jacket was auctioned off. I’m sure they were also used as Crew Jackets on tours and such at the time.
  15. Twiztid “Blood Logo” Coaches Jacket  $45+
    Comments: These light jackets debuted on in April of 2004. As you can see, they have the Hurricane Hatchetman on the front, with the Blood Logo in red on the back.
  16. Twiztid “Blood Logo” Pullover Windbreaker  $45+
    Comments: This lightweight jacket also debuted on in April of 2004. It has the Hurrican Hatchetman on the front, and the Twiztid Blood logo on the back, both in silver.
  17. Dark Lotus Coaches Jacket  $50+
    Comments: This jacket debuted on the Dark Lotus Tour of early 2004. It sold for 50 dollars, and I do not believe it ever made its way to the Web Store.
  18. Psychopathic Coaches Jacket  $50+
    Comments: This jacket debuted on in mid-2004. And, umm… yep. It’s red, if you didn’t notice!
  19. Hells Pit Coaches Jacket  $50+
    Comments: This jacket debuted The Web Store and the Hells Pit Tour, I believe. it’s quite nifty, keeping you dry in a light rain.
  20. Psychopathic Varsity “Block Letters”  $250-350+
    Comments: This jacket debuted on the Web Store in October of 2004. They ran small, so be warned. Also, the price varies because the Mediums were 250, XL-2X were 3, and 3X were 350 bucks.
  21. Psychopathic Diamond Quilt “Block Letters”  $90+
    Comments: This jacket debuted on the Hells Pit Tour and the Web Store in November of 2004. This style was made popular among some fans by Tech N9ne’s merch, so I suppose Psychopathic decided to jump on it.
  22. Psychopathic Coaches Jacket 2005  $45+
    Colors: Black; Red
    Comments: The wind gets chilly, and we get some new jackets. How different are these than earlier Psy. Coaches jackets? Uh, not very… but you can get these at if you are in the market for a nice light cover for the fall months.
  23. Twiztid ‘Bats Eyes’ Coaches Jacket 2005  $45+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This jacket came out on the Web Store in October of 2005. We have the new Twiztid faces on the back, with the nice little logo on the front to support both Man’s Myth and Mutant.
  24. Psy. Military Jacket  $180+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This jacket came out on the Web Store in December of 2005, to keep you warm during those winter months. Maybe it’s not meant to keep you warm.. maybe it is only supposed to look cool… I dunno. For 180 bucks, it better be warm.
  25. Psy. Gas Station Jacket  $80+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This lightweight jacket came out in December of 2005 on Perfect for those brisk spring and fall days.
  26. Fuck Off Coaches Jacket  $45+
    Color: Burgandy
    Comments: This jacket came out during the FTFO Tour, and was then available via in June of 2006.
  27. Riding Jackets 2006  $140+
    Versions: 1) Twiztid Splatter Logo
    2) Icp Lightning Logo
    Comments: These jackets debuted in November of 2006 on This “riding” jacket is made of heavy canvas with a fleece lining, perfect for… riding.
  28. Varsity Jackets 2006  $250+
    Versions: 1) Twiztid Freek Show Faces
    2) Icp Lightning Logo
    Comments: These jackets also came out in November of 2006. It’s not often they sell varsity jackets, so this should prove to be popular among the juggalos who can drop 250 on a jacket.
  29. Blaze Raiders Logo Coaches Jacket  $45+
    Comments: Blaze’s first coaches jacket brings back the old Raiders logo in style.
  30. Boondox Face Logo Coaches Jacket  $45+
    Comments: Boondox’s first coaches jacket debuted on the webstore in April 2007 with a funky Prince Purple Rain touch.
  31. ICP Possesed Faces Coaches Jacket  $45+
    Comments: The Possesed ICP faces gimmick hits a coaches jacket and the webstore in April 2008.
  32. Twiztid Green Mostasteless Logo Coaches Jacket  $45+
    Comments: The Mostasteless logo is still going strong 10 years later after landing on this coaches jacket. Another April 2008 debutee.
  33. Dark Lotus Cross 2008 Coaches Jacket  $45+
    Comments: Although similar to the 2004 Lotus coaches jacket, I know you real Lotus-alo’s can tell the difference. This debuted along with all the other new Lotus merch in April 2008 right before The Opaque Brotherhood hit stores.
  34. Juggalette Mudflap Coaches Jacket  $45+
    Comments: The Juggalette Mudflap logo finally makes it’s way onto a coaches jacket. Do girls even wear coaches jackets? I don’t know. But here it is just in case. This was on the webstore and also sold on Twiztid’s Toxic Terror Tour.
  35. Psychopathic Army Coaches Jacket  $45+
    Comments: The Psychopathic Army gimmick has it Jerseys and shorts and now a coaches jacket. This also debuted on the webstore in April 2008.
  36. Monoxide’s Crew Leather Jacket From The World Of Webs Tour in 2010


Monoxide’s MNWKA Crew Leather Jacket



Green/Black/Faces (Diamond Quilt)

Black/Blue/Lettering/Lungz (Diamond Quilt)

Wind Braker



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