Triple Threat Audio

Triple Threat EP

Tracks: I’m Not Dying; I’m Low Down; In The Face

Comments: Triple Threat, originally a song from Twiztid’s Mutant album featuring Blaze Ya Dead Homie, later evolving into a super group of the same name, released their first EP on Twiztid’s Psychomania 2017 Tour. There was no tracklisting on the cd anywhere, just a release date for the full length album.

Triple Threat Mystery CD

Promotion Versions: Sketch CD 1

      Sketch CD 2

      Sketch CD 3

      Sketch CD 4

      Sketch CD 5

Extra Versions: Extra Sketch CD 1

     Extra Sketch CD 2

     Extra Sketch CD 3

     Extra Sketch CD 4

     Extra Sketch CD 5

Tracks: T.D.W.F.W.U.

Comments: A flyer was posted in early July of 2017 about a promotion Twiztid-Shop was having where you bought a mystery CD and you would receive a random MNE CD or a Triple Threat single that featured an unreleased song (at the time), each of the 5 limited CD’s also featured a 1 of a kind sketch by Jamie Madrox. Since all of the sketches were different each CD is technically 1 of a kind. The 5 from the contest had cover art and a COA. A few extras that didn’t make the cut for the promotion have since made their way into collectors hands but did not come with covers or COA’s. Funny thing, the original pic Jamie posted on instagram of the 1st sketch CD never made the cut and hasn’t been seen since.

Triple Threat LP

Tracks: The Introduction; Fuck Them; I’m Not Dying; R.I.P.; Aspirations Of A Thug; T.D.W.F.W.U.; Throw It Up; Hell Yes I’m Down; I’m Low Down; Fa Life; Imma Shoot; In The Face; Don’t Let Up; Ain’t Shit To Me

Comments: Announced in January of 2017 along with a bunch of other albums from MNE. First song we heard from Triple Threat was titled R.I.P. and was released on the MNE 2017 Sampler. The EP and single came shortly after, with the EP came the release date of the album which turned out to be September 1, 2017.