L.A.R.S. Audio

Foul World

Pre-Orders: 1) Bundle 1

Tracks: L.A.R.S; Put Me Thru; Fuck Yo Baby Daddy; Loose My Mind; Mothers Best Friend; Savage Life; I’m A Celebrity

Comments: Released on October 30th, 2017, the debut offering from Bizarre and King Gordy on MNE after the August 16th announcement that they had signed. Calling themselves Miles High Davis and Blaxl Rose aka L.A.R.S. the Last American Rock Stars, Foul World is a Mixtape that gives you something new with a little bit of what Bizarre and Gordy do best. Only 1 bundle before release, it was also included in 2 bundles for the full length album, Last American Rock Stars.

Last American Rock Stars

Pre-Orders: 1) Bundle 1

      2) Bundle 2

      3) Bundle 3

      4) Bundle 4

      5) Bundle 5

      6) Bundle 6

Tracks: Intro; Stomp; Just Got Out the County; Cocaine in Miami; LARS Spangled Banner; Lit; California; Rock N Roll; Suicide; Ganja Man; No Lights; Start A War; I Belive I Can Fly