Zodiac Mprint Audio

Ride The Stars EP 

Versions: 1) Blue Version MNE 023

  2) Green Version (Misprint) MNE 023TS

  3) Green Version (Stickered)

Pre-Orders: 1) Bundle 1

       2) Bundle 2

       3) Bundle 3

Tracks: Nova; Into the Cosmos; Ride the Stars; Keep It Jumpin’; Beware of the Wolf; Don’t Stand Too Close; What’s Yo Sign?

Comments: Over ten years ago, a side project was announced by The R.O.C. and Blaze Ya Dead Homie. This duo would be known as Zodiac Mprint, and an album was rumored for the longest time. Only sporadic tracks from various releases would appear over the years as Zodiac Mprint. Fast forward to May 20th, 2016 and a release has finally seen the light of day. There are two versions of Ride the Stars. The blue version is produced by Seven, while The R.O.C. produced the green version. The track listing from the back of the green version differs from what plays on the cd so Twiztid-Shop slapped a sticker on the back with a corrected track listing, so there are technically 2 versions out there for the collectors.