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Ok traders, here goes nothing. Less than ten people can even see this right now, but within about 24 hours, that’ll be changing. Welcome to the PT overhaul. I’m a little overexcited about getting this done and I think it’s about 90% done, except for the archives. It’s WAY easier for us to update everything now, which was kind of what was stopping us, or moreso, me. I’d get sidetracked and I can now update on the fly and go back and fix it later, or throw something into a draft and already have it there when I hit the site when I get back to a computer. I’m legit hype. In Psychopathic news, the Twiztid Khaos and Khronic tour is already underway, and old school PT’er @MCBobbyK is there tweeting up a storm from VIP. Big thanks to him for the pictures that’ll be here later.  Also, ICP has announced a random show on the 28th in Columbus, Ohio, taking place on Violent J’s birthday.  In closing, let us know what you think, and keep in mind we’re still working on getting everything 100%.  The theme may even change a few times, especially if someone makes a real dope one, or I figure out how to.  Until next time, Juggalos!

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