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[Mr. Pete]


Oh, I love updating. That’s why I am here. Some HatchetGear stuff had to be added, so boom… it was done.

In other news, the Twiztid Auctions ended, so if you were watching those, I hope you got what you wanted! Maybe there will be a Round 2, so keep your eyes peeled.

Also of note, Psychopathic is hitting up some Comic Cons here in the month of December. I have gotten word on some of the exclusive merch they are selling, like a Red Ringmaster shirt, a Forest Green COC shirt, the “Promo Pack” of flyers and flats that have been sold at other Comic Cons, rare reprinted shirts like the Xmas RBox and RM Poster shirts, and a whole lot more. So if they are in your area, check it out and give us details.

Ah, I think that’s all I have for the moment. I shall return when I get more stuff to inform you about!

[Mr. Pete]


Uh.. I guess I haven’t been updating this much. I’ve added a bunch of stuff, but I think I always forget to actually TELL everyone what I am doing. Sorry about that. Lots of new merch on HatchetGear, but most of that has been added as it popped up, except for the last batch of ABK stuff.

Speaking of new stuff, the Twiztid Charity Auctions are up on ebay if you haven’t seen them yet. Some interesting stuff, and many more to come? We shall see.

I’ve also gotten a lot of emails about ebay scammers, like people who don’t send their merch, or people who are selling fake charms. We can’t report every ebay deadbeat and fake charm maker, because that is a full-time job. Just be careful when buying something on ebay, or from anyone for that matter.

Let’s see… new merch, Twiztid, ebay scammers… I think that covers it for now. I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend, and I will see you soon

[Mr. Pete]


The smell of Halloween is upon us. And that means.. oh yeah, some merch! has steadily been bringing in some new stuff, and both the Hallowicked and FrightFest shows are upon us! Expect some random updates with merch from all of the above sources.

I’ve also totally slacked on the Traders List, but I just added about 5 people. Good times. I still have a few more in my mailbox, along with some merch news, so maybe I will get on that. The fun never stops!

[Mr. Pete]


I guess I spoke too soon. I forgot that HatchetGear likes to update at the beginning of October with new stuff, and this year was no different. We have Halloween stuff, lots of new hoodies, knit hats, jackets, and more! If you haven’t checked it out, I recommend that you do. Or wait for us to get the stuff up, which will be soon.

I believe that is all for now. Soon to come, all the new merch, as well as other stuff I have been getting via my mailbox. Smell ya later.

[Mr. Pete]


I can’t just have one update in a month, so I figured I should come in here. I have nothing to say; I just wanted to check in and show everyone that I am alive.

There are some pics of new merch I have, but I just haven’t had the time to put them up, so if you sent in an email with pics or info, I still have them and it will go up when I can do it. Same with people wanting to get on the List.

Short updates are nice. I will see you soon.

[Mr. Pete]


Well, I’m sorry for the lack of updates here in the last little bit. Our server changed, so I couldn’t update for the past few days. I apologize to the people who all emailed in for Links of the Moment, but I will try to get all of those up here tonight.

I had a lot more to say before, but it’s all lost in the Great Move of 2005, so… I’ll let it be. I’ll be back soon with a more substantial update.

[Mr. Pete]


It’s another slow news day… or jus ta day I don’t want to update. But hey, I’m here. Twiztid is off on their Man’s Myth Tour, so that means…. new merch! Although I haven’t heard much, I have scoped out that there are 4 Tour shirts (Twiztid, Madrox and Mono solos, and an ABK), a new Chainsmoker bandana, and some FrightFest leftovers. If you have info, let us know!

In other news, the Soopa Villainz CD came out this past week, so if you haven’t gone out to get that, I request that you do.

I also come with another request. If you would go to MyCreativeStyle, and scroll down to vote for “Sara Lee,” it would be much appreciated. I was asked to spread the word of this by someone who helps our site greatly, so by helping them, you’re helping us… so spread the word, help PT, and help Sara.

That’s all for right now. Stay tuned for more exciting news as it breaks.

[Mr. Pete]


The bandwidth on our server is blowing up this month. It must be because everyone is checking in about the Gathering merch! Well, that’s the only thing I could think of. Well, do I have some news for you!

We haven’t gotten one single email about any merch that was available. Nope. Nothing. I’ve seen some bad pictures of the merch tables, where you can’t tell how something is different than another, what type of jersey something is, what the back of a shirt looks like, etc., so I won’t go by any of those. I heard there is an SV shirt with the track listing on the back, and I saw a SV baseball jersey on ebay… but past that, nada mas. So.. yeah, we wait.

It could all be for the best, since I’m way behind on other shit, like new CDs that have come out in the past… 4 months. But yeah, if you keep coming back to see GOTJ merch, I’d give it a good little bit before we get any news on that. But if you have pics/info, hit us up.

That’s all for me. Time to go pay some bills.

[Mr. Pete]


Hey, it’s me again. I don’t update as much as I should, but when I do, I bring the fire.

First, some merch related news. As you know, SportsRock has a store in the Livonia Mall here in the Detroit area. Well, they recently moved across the mall, so they are closer to Sears now. I have also been told that they now have merch BEFORE it hits the web store or tours. What does that mean? I don’t know… you may have to go peep it out for yourself.

In Zug Izland news, you may or may not know that they will be performing on July 23rd at the X-Fest in Mt Clemens, MI, on the same day as Grinder, Mind Candy, Critial Bill, and Sponge. So if you are a Detroit rock fan, go check that out.

Now, the Gathering is this coming weekend, and for the first time, I will not be going. So I am going to be relying on you guys for merch reports and such. I know forsure of some people that come with the good info, so give me a few days after the event to post what gets emailed to me, then if you see anything missing, let me know. Who knows… does the SportsRock store have the new stuff already?

That’s it for me. I’ll try to check in before this weekend, but if not, I’ll see ya later with the Gathering merch updates.

[Mr. Pete]


Oh HatchetGear.. it never stops keeping me busy. There were a few new Twiztid items a few days ago that I have to put up, and today they dropped some new SV merch. Simple, plain… I like it! And you may too, so go check it out. Check out the new LOTM also, which is sponsored by… me!

In the meantime, I need to get some stuff done. Quick updates rule.

[Mr. Pete]


Ah yes.. just a quick update/reminder. Tomorrow is the Twiztid in-store at the Sportsrock Store in Livonia Mall, which is on 7 Mile and Middlebelt Rd. It starts at 4, which by Psychopathic time will probably be closer to 5. They are also raffling off two Man’s Myth banners, so check it out.

Also, I noticed some weird Gathering 2005 shirts at Hot Topic, so hey… even if you’re not camping out under the stars this year, you can still get the Mall Merch that says you did.

That’s it… smell ya later.

[Mr. Pete]


Good afternoon, one and all. Not much going on, but there is a little Gathering news that is related to the PT World, so I figured I’d drop it in here.

The Gathering website has updated with a list of all of the Raffle Prizes. This is something they haven’t helped us out with i na few years, which si why I’m a few years behind on Gathering auctions/raffles. Anyhoo, there is some pretty decent stuff there, such as FrightFest boxes, some nice vinyl banners, costumes, posters, and the linke. So save up your dollars and enter that raffle.

There is also rumors of a Twiztid In-Store appearance on June 29th, 4pm, at the SportsRock store in Livonia Mall, here in the Detroit area. If you are in the area, check it out.

I told you not much was going on. I shall return at another time in the future with even more updates!

[Mr. Pete]


What is really goin on? Not a damn thing here at 9am, but I am am updating fool. I added some people to the Traders List which is always good. I aslo put up the new merch from, which was Twiztid shirts, and ABK’s newest shirts and jerseys. I also have had up last weeks web store goodies, so if you didn’t see those, I dunno where you have been.

In other news, Zug Izland played HarleyFest last night, and it was an interesting show to say the least. HarleyFest is always funny times. I did notice two new (to me) Zug shirts, so if anyone ever gets pictures of them that would be coolio.

That is all for now. I shall go back to updating random stuff.

[Mr. Pete]


As I am sure you have seen,, formerly is now gone, again. For all of your Psychopathic news, please redirect those browsers to Give them a few days, and all will be back to normal for them.

Speaking of normal, my date for being 100% back in the saddle is this weekend, so expect massive updates. Then expect me to be a few days late. Regardless, it will be good times for all soon enough.

[Mr. Pete]


Updates updates! Thanks for rejoining us here at, and I hope you have enjoyed your break. But now, it’s time to get it on. I am almost fully on my new computer, so updates should be coming regularly from here on out. Well, as regular as updates from me come. There has been a LOT of new stuff out on lately, which I will be putting up as quick as I can.

I apologize to anyone who sent in a Link of the Week that I was unable to post. I hope everyone understands, and that all should be better from now on.

[Mr. Pete]


This isn’t much of an update, but it is important nonetheless. I have a lot of stuff to update about, esp. a lot of Links of the Week that people have sent in lately. However, I am in the process of getting a new computer, so it will be difficult for me to update for the next week or so. I will try to get in the Links and Traders soon, but other updates may have a slight delay.

Thanks for understanding, and sticking with us for the next few days.

[Mr. Pete]


It’s Friday the 13th, and I come with some scary and spooky news! Not really… anyways, you may remember that SportsRock has a store in the Metro Detroit area. What you didn’t know is that they are having a special raffle on May 16th, which is this Monday, which is the day before The Calm comes out. If you spend $25 on any items at the store, you will be in a raffle for one of three prototype jerseys, as well as a giant 9′ Violent J vinyl wall banner deal that hangs in the store. They will be open until 1am, so get down to the Livonia Mall on 7 and Middlebelt and get some goodies. And tell them PT sent you. Nothing will happen, but it will be good times. I may even have to make it down there if I am not working, which I am sure I am.

I don’t think much else is shaking. If anything pops up, or I get any more details on the SportsRock deal, I will let everyone know.

[Mr. Pete]


Updating is fun. I should do it more often! Anyways, HatchetGear has been coming pretty strong with new stuff lately, as I am sure you are aware. All of the stuff from last week should already be up. I noticed some new stuff today like two Jumpsteady shirts, a new Psy hoodie and shirt, so those will all go up soon. I’ve also been digging through the emails to add stuff people have sent me. Even if it’s been months since you sent in that picture of some random item, I probably still have it… I just don’t have time to do everything. The only pic that won’t work is the Twiztid Silver Hatchetmen shirt, so if you ever sent that in… the file is broken for some reason.

In other news, I also added some people to El Listo the other day, although I think we already have two in the on-deck circle.

That’s really it… or at least all I have time for. I am sure I will be back with some more updates soon.

[Mr. Pete]


It’s not often that I come with news that is new… so I hope no one else reported on this. There was some new Merch at the Twiztid show last night, and who brings it to you? Oh yeah. We have two new Twiztid shirts up on the… Twiztid Shirts section. Check it out. I hear there may have been a new Blaze shirt also? We shall see what kind of news pours in on that one.

I also realize that came strong with a lot of new stuff this week, and that is slowly oozing onto PT as we speak. Working 7 days a week doesn’t do wonders for my online time, but I’m trying, dammit!

That’s really it. Smell ya.

[Mr. Pete]


I bet you’ve been wondering where I’ve been. Probably not, but I’ll tell you anyways. Work sucks, as we all know, and I get the fun of working everyday now, so online time is few and far between. I can’t even go to any Pistons games in the forseeable future, so please keep me in your prayers.

Regardless of all of that, I still make time in my day for all the PTalos and PTalettes… or whatever… so I’m always here for you in spirit, and occasionally in text and via emails. I’ve gotten some pics of stuff I need to put up, I’m always having List people in my mailbox, and all of that, so I’m a busy guy. So busy that I will let you go now, and I will hopefully update again soon.

[Mr. Pete]


Wow, I haven’t updated here in awhile. Work will do that to you. Anyways, some stuff has been happening, blah blah… Hatchet Gear new stuff… tours… links.. etc, etc.

As you can tell, I really don’t have much to talk about. I have some people to List up, and some new merch to add, but other than that, it’s… pretty quiet around PT Land. Stay tuned for more exciting stuff as it develops.

[Mr. Pete]


I’m real tired. But hey, I come with a quick update. Sportsrock has been busy, as you saw from our last update. Well, they now have up and running. Now you can choose from many different and original designs on multiple colors of shirts, and boom.. you have a unique wardrobe. Not a bad idea… so go check it out…. if you dare!

I guess Road Fools came out today too. So if you need that, go out and grab it. But I’m grabbing sleep, so I’ll see you all later.

[Mr. Pete]


Another weekend, and another grand update. This time, I actually come with some news that I haven’t seen elsewhere. For you Michiganders, there is now a Sportsrock store. As you know, Sportsrock is the company that makes Psychopathic’s clothing. Well, they have a store in Livona Mall (7 Mile and Middlebelt), so you can pop in and buy all the newest Psychopathic merchandise without having to order it online. I was in there today, and they don’t have much out yet, but they do have the brand new, not yet released “Crop Circle” shirts from Violent Wear. Livonia Mall is a dump and I am sure they put the store there because rent is incredibly cheap, but you should still go check it out. There’s a good Coney in the mall, so go around lunch time.

Also in the news is some new merch. There are a few new hoodies on HatchetGear, as well as some new Hot Topic merch that I am sure you’ve run across on other sites and such. I’m being a loser and staying home tonight, so I will quite possibly update all of those. There is also a new Jumpsteady shirt from the All Star Tour that I am about to put up.

I think that is all for now. Stay safe, have a good week, and I will see you soon.

[Mr. Pete]


Here we go, another fun-filled update. The Psychopathic All-Stars Tour dealie is underway and you may be wondering… where is the Merch 2005 page? Well, as of right now, there are only a handful of things being sold there that are not on the Web Store, so unless that changes, we won’t have one. All of the new ABK, Blaze, Jumpsteady, and Esham merch from HG is at the show was well as the Tour Shirt and Poster, two new Jump shirts, a new ABK shirt… and I think a Blaze hat. No sign of the new Blaze line of clothes, I don’t think. We’ll have the Tour Shirt up soon, but the rest we need pictures of, so if you hit up a show, help us help everyone else.

Umm.. Gathering tickets go on sale soon, so that is a big deal. Get ready for that if you plan on attending. I think Zug has some shows coming up, so check your local listings for times and dates. I did some updating of The Traders List, so that is almost up to date. I’ve also been monkeying with loose ends on some posters and shirts and stuff… that is always fun.

But yeah.. I’m out of fun things to talk about. So, I bid you farewell.

[Mr. Pete]


Happy March, everybody. It’s almost spring, although you wouldn’t know it around here. Anyways, I don’t have much time, so I will be brief. You may notice that the Message Board is pretty much back in business. So if you are an old fan or a new Interneter, reregister and come on through.

In slightly bigger news, HatchetGear updated with a lot of new stuff this week, including 2 new Blaze shirts, some promo posters, an ABK shirt… lots of goodies. They should be up on PT soon. The one Blaze shirt looks miiighty familiar. Perhaps it’s one that a PT Board member designed? It could be!

I think that is all. Time to roll, so I shall see ya later.

[Mr. Pete]


You may be here because you are curious what the deal is with the Message Board. Well, I have no idea. It was having some problems, then it got an entire overhaul. Needless to say, I was not, and still am not in favor of how it got revamped, so we are working to get it back to how it was. Give it a few days, come back, and hopefully all is fixed.

In other news, I don’t think there is much other news. So I’ll keep this brief like the Knicks chances at the playoffs, and I shall see everyone at a later time and date.

[Mr. Pete]


Hello there. My computer decided to not be gay for a little bit, so I updated with the new HG merch – Jumpsteady shirts, ABK Shirts, the Blaze jersey, a hoodie, and a PSY shirt, I believe. Good times.

I also have been slicing and dicing the Traders List. Last year, I browsed all of the sites, and emailed people whose links appeared old/broken, or who had Email Stashes, to see if they still wanted to be on. Well, I am once again going through the links, and a lot of deadweight has been cut. A good number more will get cut soon. If you get your PT pinkslip, but you still wanted to be on, just email me. Not a big deal.

Gathering 2005 Info has started to come out via and such, so if you plan on attending, start your plans now. Right now, I plan to go do something, so I will see you later.

[Mr. Pete]


I laid down the challenge to force me to update more, and Psychopathic came through. HatchetGear has added a lot of new stuff this weekend, and some restocked items over the past week or so, so there’s lots for you to browse over. New Jumpsteady merch, a new Blaze jersey… and more! The sad part is that my computer is being gay, and I can’t easily save the pictures off of the Store, so it may be a little bit until they are added here to PT. I’m working on it…

Speaking of working on it, I have a handful of people to add to The List, so that will happen soon also. So if you’re waiting, just wait a little bit longer!

That is all for now. Thanks for dropping in.

[Mr. Pete]


Hey now… it’s been quite the while between updates. Blame it on me, blame it on my job… blame it on no new merch at all coming down the pike. Regardless, don’t blame me. Ah, blame me.. I don’t mind. Alas, you all know that I still update pictures, links, and all of that jazz, so I am sure you are all sleeping at night. And hey, we’re not a news site that thrives on daily news. is like USA Today that you get everyday; we’re like the dictionary that you only dust off when you’re writing a paper. And I am ok with that.

Anyways… uh, not much has -really- happened. That whole ICP split deal lasted a few days… the All Star Tour is kicking off soon… ABK’s new CD/DVD is coming out soon, as well as Jumpsteady’s and Esham’s CDs… I still hate my job… you know, all the usual stuff!

Well, I’m beat from all of that massive updating, so I will let you go now. It’s good to see everyone though, and perhaps we can do this again sometime real soon.

[Mr. Pete]


It’s early on this Martin Luther King Jr Day, so I figured I would update with some stuff. I will most likely update the List here in a minute, then I’ll see what else I have time for.

There was a big Weekly Freekly on that I am sure you have all seen. If not, check it out. The ‘splitting’ of ICP brings up many interesting points on this side of the spectrum, like… does this mean no more ICP merch, will we get that much more solo merch, etc? Only time will tell.

Speaking of nothing, Zug Izland has a few dates in Michigan planned in the coming weeks, one in Lansing with Sponge, and one with Mind Candy and Jocaine at the Emerald. Both should be good shows! I think I have to work both nights, so it may be a no-go for me. And speaking of Zug, if you go to Jocaine’s website, there is a Preview of his new DVD, and Syn is on it. So…. I dunno, if you like JoSizzle and ZI, there is something for you. Pick that DVD up at a show though; I’ve had numerous trouble with ordering online from them.

Hmm… I think that’s it. It’s time for me to do some updating, go to the Pistons/Suns game, then work all week. Lucky me. I’ll see ya later.

[Mr. Pete]


Hello once again. Today is January 10th, so you know what that means. Christopher Daniels was put out of Ring of Honor one year ago today by the Second City Saints… but it’s also PT’s Birthday, so I figured I’d make a little update.

It’s been seven years that in one for or another, has been here. That’s pretty damn ridiculous to me. But, it’s cool that there has been enough interest for this long to sustain it. Thank you to everyone who has ever been a part of the site in any shape, form, or fashion.

What will this year bring? I don’t know, to be honest. Some changes need to be made, and I will try my best to get that done. And if I can’t, we’ll get some people in here that can. Hopefully, 2005 will be another great PT Year.

With that all out of the way… not much is going on in the Psychopathic World, and if it is, you’re seeing it elsewhere. No new merch or anything, but I’m sure it will all drop in large quantities soon enough. I have enough updates and such to keep me busy anyways.

But hey, I think that is it for right now, as I am working on no sleep. So, we may get another good update this weekend, so stay tuned, and I will smell you all later.


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