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[Mr. Pete]


Have I really not updated here in this long? I don’t believe it. I have been doing site updates, but I guess I haven’t been checking in with you guys here. Sorry about that.

First off, has had like, 3 huge updates in the past two weeks. I don’t know if any of it has gotten onto PT yet, but I have everything ready and saved, so don’t worry. Otherwise, just go to and buy your new shirts, jerseys… pins, dog tags, flip flops, and other assorted products.

Also before I forget… it’s old news now, but I am sure you noticed or heard that SCN left If you recall, PT and JN were going to do some stuff together, but it never happened. Well, this is why. Peezy was instrumental in the process, and when he decided he didn’t want to do it anymore, our plans fell apart. Maybe things will pick up again with the new people. Time will only tell. But I wanted to officially thank him for the support, and I wish him well in future plans.

That is all for now. Smell ya later.

[Mr. Pete]


Still hard at work, putting up merch from the Great Update of 2006, so that has been keeping me busy. It doesn’t help that the Gathering stuff still needs to be done, and now we have the Hallowicked Tour. Fun times.

Speaking of Hallowicked, that tour has kicked off, and the new merch is flowing. We currently have a new shirt up in the Psy. section from it, but in addition they are selling — J and Shaggy Hallowicked hockey jerseys, a Hallowicked basketball jersey, a tour shirt, J and Shaggy shirts (like the door posters), Skeleton Hatchetman shirt and hoodie, posters for the Wraith remix album, a Faygo shirt, and much more! Per usual, if you have any pics of this or any other merch we need from tours (I know we need some of the new Blaze shirts), please hook it up.

That is all for today. Have a good one.

[Mr. Pete]


Daily updates? Say it isn’t so. Anyways, I just wanted to drop in with some quick news, like usual.

I am doing the new merch, and right now I am in the middle of… hoodies. A few notes here. First up, there should be sections for Boondox and AMB. Yes, finally they are making their way onto PT, one section at a time.

Also you may notice that I have a new way to scar each picture. Instead of the text of “” across them, we have a nifty, yet simple little PT graphic, made by Joel of our Board. I know people hated the old way, and people will hate this way… but I’ll never win with everyone. So that’s going on the new stuff, and will slowly infest its way onto all older pictures as well.

And if you made it this far, and you do not check, you may not know that the wonderful runner of said site is selling some stuff. You can check that link out here.

That’s all for now. Adios.

[Mr. Pete]


As you may know, is back with a new design, and a TON of new merch. The “New Items” link isn’t working for me at the moment, so I am going through each section, and there is indeed a lot of stuff. See for yourself! I made a rough count of stuff that PT covers (shirts, jerseys, etc), and I counted 99 new items up there right now, plus a ton of reprints like Basement Cuts and Sanity/Insanity shirts! All of this on top of the GOTJ and Tour and Hot Topic shit I am working on… lots of additions to PT soon.

So stay tuned daily, as you are sure to get a little bit of new stuff piece by piece… cause I sure can’t do it all in one sitting!

[Mr. Pete]


Well, all good things must come to an end…. or they may not even get started at all. Anyways, is, as of right now, so far, probably NOT joining as I had previously stated it would.

Why, you ask? Well… there are multiple reasons, and I am sure they will come out in due time. But just know that we’re staying right here. But that doesn’t mean things will be shitty, no! The Traders List is being reworked, I will update more, there may even be a new layout.. although that’s reaching a little. We’ll see!

So expect some new merch to be updated very soon. And hey, is coutning down for a re-open… maybe they will have some new stuff also! The fun never stops over here.

[Mr. Pete]


You may or may not have noticed that there are some changes going on. First off, for all of your Traders List needs, you have a new email — That sends you right to the right people, and boom. For those of you had emailed in the past, those emails have been sent along to them, so you should be up and running soon. I believe there are big plans for the List, so stayed tuned for that.

On my side of things… the move is still going slow (read: at a dead stop). But no worries! It’s still just working itself out. Again, I’ll keep you updated. It would help if I got a day off of work, but that’s another story.

[Mr. Pete]


It’s been a little bit, so I thought I’d inform you on where we are at with everything. Answer is… nowhere. I’ve bene trying to hold out putting all new merch up until the move, but I don’t think that can really happen. So starting today, I may start tinkering here. That may result in some broken links, weird pics, etc etc… but it should work out. Blame the JN guys, because I am actually ready to move!

Regardless, in merch news, Blaze has hit the road with AMB and Boondox, and they have a good number of new items for sale. You can see pics right here, from AxeMurderBoy on our message board:
Merch #1Merch #2
Merch #3Merch #4

Hopefully some people buy that stuff, or it ends up on the Web Store so we can get some more info on them

Speaking of, the newest Weekly Freekly from Psy. gave us some merch news as well. There will be a new Shaggy line of clothing with “new character drawings” of all 6 jokers cards. Also, they said all merch will be revamped on What does that mean? I don’t know! I guess we’ll find out together.

I guess that is all for now. I’ll let you know how things go with the slow transformation of PT, and hopefully all will be smooth and done… maybe by the next Gathering!

[Mr. Pete]


The Gathering has come and gone, and… yeah, I’m still here. PT is still here. I’m learning that JN is much like us here at PT in the fact that… deadlines often come and go. But I can’t complain, because I know those guys are busy.

Anyways, there was a slew — yes, a slew — of new merch at the Gathering. If you want to see the list, please check out the Traders Forum on our Message Board, and it’s one of the first threads. I have a few pictures, but if you have anything, please feel free to email them to me. There was a lot of new stuff, and I only have a half dozen pictures.

That’s all for now. Tune in next time for more fun and hilarity.

[Mr. Pete]


After the last post, there was an out-poring of support. Actually, I think I got two emails, which validates that no one really cares. Regardless, there was a little stir on the Message Board, and some people contacted me about possibly changing my mind on the deal. I considered other alternatives, but I still feel that the move to JN is the best for the site, for me, for you, and for everyone. You are going to have to trust me on this.

One thing you do not have to trust me on… is that I thought we’d have it ready for the Gathering. Yeaaaah. Looks like JN and PT have more in common than we thought! So, I will still be updating the merch and such for the time being (whather I ‘post it’ or save it for the move I have yet to determine), so if you get any new stuff at the Gathering, feel free to snap some pictures, and send them here per usual.

One thing I believe will happen with the move… is a group of people want to work on making the Message Board and the Traders List a cohesive unit. I’m totally up for that, since those are two things that need constant attention, and time that I do not have. I’ll let you know what goes on there.

So as I said before, no goodbyes just yet. Not really a goodbye at all. Just an upgrade, albeit a delayed one. So keep it tuned here, and we’ll keep on keepin on.

[Mr. Pete]


The time has come for me to let go of This probably comes to no surprise of those seeing that I update this front page barely once a year.

Fear not, however, because the majority of the content of PT will be moved and infused into, where SCN, KayZoo, and the rest of the guys can give it the full attention it needs in terms of time, effort, a new design, and all of that goodness that it deserves. I wouldn’t have left it to anyone who I didn’t think could -improve- on the site, and I think they have proven they can take a flailing site and make it better, which is exactly what PT needs.

I have a bunch of random thoughts that you may be asking yourself, so let us address them here:

~When can you expect this to happen? We were aiming for the Monday after the Gathering to have everything moved over and PT@JN be running smoothly. I’m not sure if that will happen, but it’s our goal. What better way to get them into the PT Spirit than 25 new shirts and jerseys from the Gathering?

~Will everything from PT be moving to JN? Not exactly, and probably not at first. Right now, a majority of the Sections will be making the move, as in Audio, Shirts, Jerseys, Hoodies/Jackets, Posters, and Zippos. The rest? Well, I fucked up our Jewelry section, so they may have to build that up from scratch, which probably isn’t a bad thing. Other sections like Passes, Comics, Newsletters, Auctions and the like may just get “Regular JN” sections, and not “Trading” sections. I’m not sure, but that is all in the capable hands of JN. And they will be adding sections for your favorite new artists like AMB and Boondox, which I never got the chance to do.

~What will happen to the Traders List? I don’t know. As of right now, JN will NOT be taking the Traders List. Keeping both the List and the Merch updated is quite a task, which is a reason this is all happening. Maybe with JN handling the Sections, I can handle the Traders List for a little bit. I realize that is an important part of PT and of how traders contact each other, so I don’t want to abandon it entirely…. it’s just a colossal pain in the ass to keep updated and working. I would hope maybe once they have the other stuff 100% mastered, they will figure out a way to bring The List over. But that’s not guaranteed at all. So until then, I will keep it here, and work on slimming it down. So I guess people can still email me to be added to it; I just need a chance to clean it up.

~So will still be here? Technically yes. I just renewed the domain name, and I believe our web space is still good. I will probably keep the List, all of our archives and such, and Trading Sections that haven’t made ‘The Move’ up and running, just so everything will be -somewhere- for you to find in the middle of the possible chaos of moving.

~What about the PT Message Board? That I am also unsure about. I would think maybe in the future, JN’s message board would open their Traders Forum for use, but again, I can’t say what they will choose to do.

I’m sure there may be more that pop into my head, or that people ask me, so I will come back and update this if needed. has survived for 8 and a half years, it’s had good times and bad times, and has numerous accomplishments that I am proud to have been a part of. I would love nothing more than to be able to continue on with it, but it’s the right time to move it into better hands. I will always be available for any help JN needs with the content, so I will not go away fully until they don’t want my help anymore.

Obvious thanks go to Aaron, Tom, James, Chris, and everyone else who has worked on this site, as well as everyone who has ever sent in an email or picture, selflessly trying to help the site for the good of everyone else… which is what I always wanted PT to be all about. Thanks to Psychopathic Records for allowing us to do what we do, even though there were a few times I got the feeling they hated PT. But we did get on “Dot Com,” we helped with the discography in Behind the Paint, and we got to work with SportsRock, so it wasn’t all bad. Thanks to Eric for getting us real webspace, which was a big step in going from a shitty fan site to a legitimate site.
And so on and so forth. If you think you deserve a thanks, you probably do, so Thank You.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me, and I will get back to you or address them on here. I am also assuming JN will set up a Traders Email for you to contact and submit things to them, so if I get a hold of that, I will let everyone know what it is.

Bye for now.

[Mr. Pete]


Two updates this month? You should be honored. Please forgive the non-updates, but soon all will be told. And thanks for the email complianing that I don’t update your Links of the Month often enough. Like I… didn’t know I don’t have time to update without you reminding me. But I am still keeping up on the new stuff coming out, as well as some old pics I never had time to put up before.

Anyways, I believe by this time next week, I will be able to tell you more on what is happening to PT. So tune in, and prepare to be…. amazed!

[Mr. Pete]


Wow, I didn’t think it was that long since I’ve updated. Ah well. It hasn’t been easy for me to update PT as much as it should be, as you can probably tell. Numerous things are making it impossible for me to give the site as much attention as it needs and deserves.

If all goes to plan, this years Gathering of the Juggalos will be a big turning point for the site. Of course, knowing my track record, that will probably get pushed back… but I’m trying. We’re going to get this going, things will happen, people will be helping, and things will be totally different.

In the meantime, I will try to try to get all of the stuff up that has been released recently, i.e. the Madrox stuff. We’ll see how that works out.

[Mr. Pete]


I’m really trying here, but it’s hard to come up with news when there is none. Regardless, there is some now, so here I am. Shaggy 2Dope has started his solo tour, so there is some new merch. We already have the Tour Shirt up, so check that out. I also have a report of a new Blaze shirt, which I should have up very soon. There’s probably AMB stuff there too if you are interested in them.

Also, has restocked a lot of stuff, along with some new items… so check that out as well. I’ll get those up when I can.

Yes yes… what an update. I’ll see you again in like, 2 months.

[Mr. Pete]


Ah, once a month updates. So anyways, I have cleared out my mailbox of LOTMs and people for The List, so that’s good. If you aren’t up there… either I fucked up, or you did something wrong. Either way, sorry.

In other news, there is an interesting site out there called for all your ebay sellers who may want some extra promotions for your sales.

While I have your attention, there are some shirts I am looking for pics of — Twiztid had some solo shirts on their last tour, and no one ever got pics of them. I’ve also heard that ABK had a shirt at his New Years Eve show… so hey, if you guys have any pics of these shirts, hit us up!

I always say things are coming up, and then… nothing. But I actually have something coming up that should change PT. We’ll see how everything pans out.

[Mr. Pete]


Nothing like not updating for a month, especially over the Christmas and New Years weekends… and the PT Birthday! Well, what can ya do? Things are always under control though, so no worry. Actually on that note, someone may be coming aboard to help clean things up and such… we’ll see. Things are only looking up.

Hmm… updated with some new Shaggy Solo merch, for his new CD which comes out soon. He’ll also be on the new Howardf Stern show the day F.T.F.O. comes out, so either go buy Sirius, or wait until someone uplaods it.

Man, I dunno… I’m going to try and make it a point to do some updating here this morning while I listen to Stern, so that is good. If anything pops out of that, I’ll be back to let you know. See ya later!


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