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So the Hallowicked tour is now over but the merch flow never seems to stop. I think we’ve got most of the new Hallowicked merch up but if you know of something we’re missing please e-mail me. Also I have heard seriously nothing about the show Blaze and The ROC did on Halloween night in Denver so if you have any information about the merch that was sold please get in touch with us. Also be on the look out for Psychopathics From Outerspace 3 and the Psychopathic Videos DVD this month and if you havn’t already, pick up both JCW Slam TV DVD’s as they are more then worth the money. Until next time, smell you later.



The Hallowicked Tour is officially off to a start and this morning we got some great new pictures of some of the merch they are currently selling. Much props to Counterfeit God for the sweet pictures.

Merch BoothHallowicked Tour Shirt
Hallowicked Killer Clowns ShirtViolent J Hallowicked Face Shirt
Shaggy 2 Dope Hallowicked Face Shirt
2007 Hallowicked Football Jersey
Boondox Cowboy Skull Shirt

Awesome. Remember if you’re going to any of the shows and can get us pictures of any of the new merch drop me a line. Bye For Now.



Long time no update from myself. I finally got all the new Gathering and webstore merch updates done, and wow there was alot of it. I havn’t put up the new hoodies yet because the images off Hatchet Gear are awful so I’m waiting until we get some good real shots of them. The Hallowicked 2007 tour is coming up and those attending the first couple of shows once again we’re looking for new merch info and pictures. I myself will be attending the Oct 31st Detroit show so that will be good fun times. Also Blaze and The ROC are doing a Halloween show in Denver so if you’re planning on hitting that up you should try and get us new merch info too. I’m jealous of you also because that looks to be a good one. But thats all I have for now but be sure to be on the lookout for the Slam TV Vol 2 DVD and the Psychopathic Videos DVD that will be released in the next month as those are sure to be hits. Bye For Now.

[Mr. Pete]


I would first like to say… that Chris is doing an awesome job doing shit that I would never have time to do. Blaze on tour with KMK, The Gathering, and HatchetGear gave us a ton of new stuff very quickly, and he’s doing an awesome job on keeping up with it. He does need your help though, so if you bought anything that you don’t see, or you have better pictures, always feel free to hit us up.

And of course, my posts wouldn’t be complete without shilling shit for other people, so…here is stuff my boy Chris is selling to try and pay me back money he owes me…. and right here is some stuff from PT Original redeyes13, if you are familiar with his work. Help both of thsoe assholes out!



It’s been pretty busy in the merch world as of late with the gathering and Hatchetgear updates. Speaking of HatchetGear they put up pretty much all of the new Gathering merch besides a handful of items, and we’re working on getting that stuff up this week so be patient as it’s alot of stuff. Thats all I have for now so until next time I tip my hat farwell to you.



Chris here with the first Gathering update. We got some sweet pictures of the merch booth and all the stuff they were selling. There was alot of new stuff and alot of it looks pretty dope so hopefully we see some of it up on soon. It will take me a few days to try and go through them all and name them so hold your horses. If you have any individual pictures of any of the stuff sold there hit us up with them, plus stuff like the booklet and what not. Until later, enjoy.

Blaze Merch #1Blaze/Boondox Merch #2
Twiztid MerchICP Merch #1ICP Merch #2Rydas/Lotus/JCW Merch #1Rydas/Lotus/JCW Merch #2Psy Merch #1Psy Merch #2Psy Merch #3



Holy shit, 2 updates in a week? something must be going down. This is just a super small update just to share with you a merch booth picture we got from The Strange Noize Tour that you can check out. Props to PIGGOFDOOM for that. Until next time, keep it sleazy.

Blaze Merch Booth



Long time no update from myself. Since my last update Hatchet Gear updated with a grip load of new Twiztid merch and Blaze has been out with The ROC on the Strange Noize tour. I’ve heard there is about 4 or 5 new jerseys and like 5 new shirts, but no one has sent any info or pictures of hardly anything. So if you can get us any info send that shit in. Also The Gathering Of The Juggalos is more then a week away and neither be nor Pete will be attending and in fear of getting in trouble, I’ll keep my feelings on it to myself. But if you yourself are going have a good one and make sure you get us any new merch info and pictures. Taking a picture of the whole merch tent would be grand, so I can make up some sort of list and work from there. And if you don’t mind right now I’d also like to kiss some ass and say congrats to The ROC for getting signed as he makes a great addition. Thats it for me, so bye for now.

[Mr. Pete]


Ah PT, it’s still here and going strong, mostly thanks to Chris because I do nothing except random change old shit that you probably don’t look at anyways.

Speaking of old shit, one of our OGs is trying to make some money, so he’s having an old fashioned ebay sale, selling a very rare and original charm. Check that out… here for all of your Bling needs.


Quick update from the Chris man. Yesterday Hatchet Gear updated with a bunch of new stuff. A couple of jerseys, shirts, new hats, and some SPAZMATIC!!! energy drink. Remember if you plan on going to any of the remaining Tempest tour dates and can get us info/pics of the stuff they are selling, E-Mail me and let me know. We put up a couple of pictures of some stuff they are selling but not alot, so if you have any info at all let us know. So long Artie.



Chris here updating finally with some TEMPEST MERCH!?!!. Mad-Man from the board snapped some pretty good pictures of what they are currently selling on tour. You can see them here:

Merch #1Merch #2
Merch #3Merch #4

Also the 2007 Gathering details have been announced and I don’t know if I’ll be able to attend. In my personal opinion it’s at a real bad location in the middle of nowhere, but hey what can you do. If I don’t get a chance to go I’m relying on you guys to get me merch pictures, or else!

Also if you’re looking for good rare merch check out Necrojuggalo50187’s From The Vault Ebay auctions Here

Anyways that is all I have, so Bye For Now.



Just a quick update from me this morning. The Tempest Tour starts on April 26th (2 Days from now) so we need anyone who goes to any of the shows to get us pictures of new merch or a list of what is being sold. With it being ICP and Twiztid on the tour, I’m sure there will be lots of new merch to report on. Also I created a Myspace page for PT so you have something else to look at while your porn finishes downloading. Theres not much on it right now but take a look anyways Right Here. Also if you havn’t already, check out the Slam TV episodes that are currently on They are very well done and I really think they should release these episodes, say maybe on a multi-disc DVD set at the gathering perhaps? We can only hope so. Anyways that is all for me. Bye For Now.

[Mr. Pete]


Hey hey! Looong time, no update. As you have seen, we have a new member of PT who has taken the challenge of picking up my slack, and he’s doing a damn fine job. I can honestly say that I could not be happier with the job he is doing. So please welcome Chris into the fold, and expect big things in the future. Big things!

Speaking of people named Chris who are preparing to man up… I have an ebay link for you. DJ Steakburger’s Auctions are now up on ebay, and ready to be purchased. The main thing he has up now is a Twiztid Serial Killers poster, which everyone always seems to want. I also believe he will be adding stuff all week, so keep an eye on it, and help him pay some debts.

Speaking of NOT manning up, I was at work last night, and I saw a few flyers in car windows. I guess our favorite ex-Psy artist ABK is having a local show in a venue that fits a few dozen people. Big time! Although… flyering less than ten cars in front of a hair and nail salon probably won’t bring in many fans. Someone needs a new street team.

That’s all. Vote for Sanjaya. Bye for now.



Just a quick note, The Tempest CD came out today so you should run and pick that up cause I know you want to. Inside the booklet theres an ad for a new ICP EP “Eye Of The Storm” to be released at this years Gathering. Lets hope unlike the Shaggy EP last year that this one actually happens. Also today is the last night of The Tempest Release Partys and so far I’ve only heard of one new merch item being sold and that was a Boondox shirt but if you know differently let me know. I also wanted to give a quick thank you to everyone who’s helped me with pictures over the last few weeks, it’s greatly appreciated. Bye For Now.



Just a small friday update. Hatchet Gear put up some new stuff today including some Tempest Audio, a Jersey and some Skateboards and you know I’ll be buying that Blaze one. Anyways a whole lot of stuff has been updated in the past 2 weeks and you can see what it is on the right. Like always if you have any merch news/info e-mail me and let me know. Bye For Now.



Wow My first update. I’ve been a member of the site for over 6 years now and check it religiously almost everyday, so to be an actual member of the main site is a huge honour. Much much props to Pete for letting me be a part of the “team”. Anyways, enough nutswinging. Hatchet Gear had a big update with new Tempest merch including Hats, Jerseys, Shirts, etc. Most of that stuff is up right now in it’s respective sections. Also the Tempest Release Party Tour kicked off yesterday, so if you have any information on any new merch they are selling or just a list of what you saw, e-mail it to me. Rumor has it nothing new was at the first stop but hopefully that changes. Anyways The Stern Show is calling. Bye For Now.

[Mr. Pete]


Happy New Year! Yeah, I never update the main page anymore, sorry. But the main stuff still gets worked on, so… it’s all good, I suppose.

Anyways, if you have ever wanted a legit Dark Lotus mask, look no further than ebay — Dark Lotus Mask. This is being sold by a longtime PTer, and it’s 100% legitimate.

Yep, that is all. Have a good one.

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