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[Pete Goddamn]


I looked at my date book and realized it was about time for my quarterly update on the main page, so here I am! And I have a few things to say so that works out well.

This is old, but you may have seen an interview that one of our Message Board members conducted with StirCrazy, who is a producer for Psychopathic. Well, things got nutty and good times were had. If you haven’t heard it, I am here to supply you with links:

StirCrazy Interview: Part One
StirCrazy Interview: Part Two

Thanks to Josh, Jesse, and everyone involved with that little bit of business. I had nothing to do with it at all, so I can take no credit. Plus, this was like a month ago… so I’m stupid for just now posting it.

Next up… PT has been around for almost 11 years. And in that time, it has basically looked the same. Well, we’re getting a slight facelift, so be on the lookout for that. Nothing major… but we’re going to start with a slightly new look, then retooling of the sections, and we’ll go from there. Be sure to keep an eye on our Message Board for further updates.

[Pete Goddamn]


Why ‘ello there! I haven’t been around in awhile, but I figured this was important enough to come in for an update about, even though it is a little late

You may or may not have read about this on another site… but our Message Board had some problems lately. To sum it up, one or two people pulled a HUGE scam and ripped off numerous people for thousands of dollars by means of things like… sending empty boxes, selling the same item multiple times, other various claims that may or may not be true… you know, the usual. This caused us to completely change servers, which cost ME money. And that is where the line was crossed, good sir.

So basically this goes out to anyone who may have been a part of a deal within the past few months for large items. If you think you got caught in this scam, you can email me and/or go to our Message Board and discuss your story. Please believe that you can’t scam your way into it, because there are major details that have NOT been released, so you’ll get weeded out real quick if you are lying.

On that note, we also trashed our Traders List. Yeah, that was seriously what the page was built on ten and a half years ago…. which is totally fucked up that this site is that old. But anyways, it was long overdue. So now all of that traffic also goes to our Message Board. I think we still have the link up for the List, but it’s so outdated, it’s useless. Please come to our Board and use that for your Trading needs.

That’s all. I am sorry I don’t update, but Chris is a godsend, and he does 100% of the work. He’s the man.



Once again I’m here with another late night update. The Dark Lotus Opaque Brotherhood Tour started tonight and we thanks to the homies at we got some merch booth pics from the show tonight. To warn you all they are pretty big but thats so you can clearly see what there is.

Merch Booth #1Merch Booth #2
Merch Booth #3
The Opaque Brotherhood Deluxe CD

So the Lotus CD is actually the whole Opaque Brotherhood CD plus 4 extra tracks, and not an EP like first reported. In regards to the merch, it all looks like old stuff thats been on the webstore or recently at The Hatchet Attacks show plus a couple new pieces. If you have any pictures of the new stuff make sure to hit us up.

Also Hatchet Gear was updated today with some new merch which has all been added to there respective sections so take a look. Until next time, I’m out like Tylers credibility.



Chris here with a quick late night/early morning update. The Dark Lotus and Hatchet Attacks shows were this weekend and I’m sure they were a blast for those who attended. I heard there wasn’t any new merch at the Lotus show on Friday besides a few zippos, plus no Lotus or R.O.C. EP’s either. If we were misinformed drop me a line and let me know. There was only a couple new shirts at the Hatchet Attacks show on Saturday and was told the rest of the merch was basically a “Hatchet Gear Garage Sale’ so take that for what it’s worth. But thanks to Counterfeit God we got a shot of the new shirts that were sold on Saturday and a J4L hooked us up with a sweet picture of the event shirt. And of course as always we’re looking for any pics of the actual new shirts or items that were sold so send those on in too if you got them.

Merch BoothHatchet Attacks Event Shirt

Also my main man pvt27towner is selling a grip load of rare Twiztid merch on E-Bay. He’s got a lot of really cool stuff so check that shit out HERE

Also if you havn’t already make sure to pick up Boondox’s latest and greatest CD “Krimson Kreek” in stores now, along with The Dirtballs “Crook County” featuring Boondox on a track. So until next time I’m out like My Dad Is Better Then Your Dad.



Wow, it’s been a long time since I updated and I really do apologize. I’m pretty sure I have the worst computer in the world which makes it harder for me to update but I’m trying to fix that. Alot has happened since I last updated. ABK is back on Psychopathic so congrats to him. Dark Lotus released there 3rd LP and are going on tour with The R.O.C. later this month. It’s been announced that both the DL and The R.O.C. will have tour exclusive EP’s for sale so make sure you don’t sleep on either of those. Also Boondox’s Krimson Kreek CD comes out this Tuesday along with The Dirtball’s “Crook County” album featuring a track with Boondox so make sure you pick those up Tuesday May 13th. Also Last tuesday Big Krizz Kaliko dropped his debut CD which features Twiztid on a track so go out and pick that one up for your Twiztid collections or you’re wack. And who could forget the big Hatchet Attacks super show creeping up in mere days in Denver, CO. If you’re going to HA or the Dark Lotus show the night before and can get us merch pics/info we’d greatly appreciate it, same goes for the whole Dark Lotus tour. And if you havn’t already check out the PT Myspace page at , especially if you’re a hot chick who wants to get hit on by yours truly. Until next time I bid you farewell.

[Mr. Pete]


What’s up losers? Oh, nothing here…. I just wanted to check in while I remembered, so that you all don’t think we’re dead. We’re not. The site is always being updated, even if this main page isn’t.

Anyhoo… Twiztid is out on tour, Blaze is out on tour… I think Boondeezy is touring somewhere…. so that mean new merch. So where do you see this stuff? Well, really… you should just join our message board, because that is where it is posted asap. But you want it here, I know… so I am going to try to put some new things up here soon. also puts things out randomly, so you should always check that. One problem is… on a lot of things now, they use graphics, not real pics of items, so we usually don’t put those here. So always keep an eye on if you want to know what’s new and fresh and such.

That’s all. Enjoy… whatever you are doing, and I will smell you later.



I know it’s been a while since I last updated and I apologize. But enough about me, currently Blaze Ya Dead Homie is out on the road with The ROC on the Clockwork Gray tour and with a big tour comes the big line of new merch. Props to G4ngst4Fun for hooking these pictures up, even though I think I messed your name up.

Merch Booth #1Merch Booth #2
Merch Booth #3

Also hitting the road soon will be Twiztid and Boondox on the Toxic Terror Tour. It’s been announced that there will be a special edition EP for sale and that it will only be available at these shows so make sure you pick one up or you might be shit out of luck. Also coming out February 19th is DJ Clay’s Let ‘Em Bleed The Mixxtape – Vol 1 with appearances from all the Psychopathic artists and more, so don’t be an asshole and sleep on that shit. Make sure if you have any pictures of the new merch from the Clockwork Gray Tour to send that shit on in or if you have pictures/info on any of the stuff they sold at the JCW shows that happened this past week to send that in also. Until next time I’m out like Bobby Lashley.


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