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[Counterfeit God] 03/15/12

Juggalos, I have returned. Apologies for the delay, many things have been going on. Tours have…ok, well, that is not a valid excuse. Regardless, big things, big things. We got Blaze on the real world cast! Anyways, the site will be updated in a few days, and an overhaul -might- be coming eventually as well. In other news, beware of people on Facebook and the like that claim to have rare or crew items and insist on you sending first, and sending cash. Especially stuff like black/blue Split J football jerseys, ahem. They may not be legit, at all. Keeping this short and sweet like the Santino’s Rumble Record, I’m out, and send us pics from the upcoming Twiztid tour!

[Counterfeit God] 11/21/11

We’re almost a month removed from Hallowicked, and what a show it was. First, it was the first Hallowicked in ten years that had the lineup of Blaze, Twiztid, and ICP. Second, we had the ability to purchase the VIP gimmick for the meet and greet, along with the Faygo Armageddon. Personally, just getting on stage was worth it. Shit talkers eat a fat dick. I ended up going through it with the old school, mod making homie Suplex. That Tebow lover was all about it as well, and we had a great time at the meet and greet, as well as on stage with many old school PT’ers. Now, instead of the normal tour shirt, we were given a different Hallowicked shirt. They eventually sold it at the merch booth but it went quickly since they were just selling the overs. It only had a front print, but I dig it. Also note the single came in an orange sleeve. LABEL IT NOW WITH A SHARPIE IN CASE THEY DO THIS NEXT YEAR TOO! Then, sing my praises next year, for I am genius. Most of the other stuff from the tour has hit, so hit that up. Odd note, someone picked up a football jersey the first night of tour, and it wasn’t seen on any other dates. Also, this whole tour was filmed for an upcoming DVD from Psychopathic, so keep an eye out for that as well. Upcoming, show wise, is the Rock the Dead JCW iPPV coming at you live from PHILAFUCKINGDELPHIA!. Ahem, excuse me. I am very excited to see a JCW show at the ECW arena. That’ll be popping off on 12/30, and on 12/31 we have New Year’s Evil 4 at a NEW venue, the Alrosa Villa in Columbus. You can also check out ICP’s New Years Party with JCW at the Palladium in Woopsta, Ma. Either are sure to be hype, this will actually be the first year since New Year’s Evil started that I’ll be MIA for it. I’m not pleased, but I also refuse to go to that venue in C-Bus, so that takes the sting out of it a little bit. For all you Native Funkers, ABK is touring and has his own VIP package available. I THINK that’s everything. Until next time.

[Counterfeit God] 9/26/11

Back from the dead, in case you forgot! A lot has happened since my last update, so I’ll try to keep this as topical as I can. Let’s see, this year’s GOTJ was another huge success and not a giant outdoor sauna, Twiztid SLAUGHTERED the shit out of their set, JCW stacked the card again, and more. Cryptic Collections 1-3 have been re-released, 4 has been released, the American Psycho tour kicked off tonight featuring ICP, Twiztid, and Blaze, and there are random Dark Lotus dates and Rydas afterparties. In fact, this tour is about as close as you can get to the Hatchet Rizing tour from 10 years back, and that was quite the amazing tour. Odd fact, the Philly date is October 16th, and it’s 13 years to the date of the Juggalo Funhouse Supershow date, my first show. Let that soak in. Anyways, here is a picture of the merch booth for the tour, courtesy of that lovable scamp penis! Everything else is on the website except for a tour hoodie, no word on what’s on it, I imagine the tour graphic on the front, and a blank back. Note the tour beanie in the picture, a new thing for Psy. I also hear Twiztid is wearing orange hockey jerseys with Mostasteless logos on the front, and nameplates on the back, always nice to see new crew jerseys pop up, lets see if any varients pop up and if they make their way out into the crowd throughout the tour. One last note, you can purchase the VIP meet and greets at HatchetGear for $100, you get in an hour early and meet the artists on the bill, pretty cool. Beats waiting for 5 hours at GOTJ. You even get the tour shirt and the tour CD! Did I mention the tour CD? No? LIAR, I JUST DID! Catch us at Hallowicked, where you can see everything go down in Detroit with JCW at the afterparty!

Tour merch picture

[Counterfeit God] 6/7/11

Hey now, look, another update! I’ve been slowly updating things behind the scenes, and by that I mean dealing with personal issues and commending Marlin on helping us rebuild the board and such. Seriously, dude rules. ICP recently had their triumphant return to NYC and it was most excellent, and included a midnight Clown Cruise, and they capped the weekend off with a show at the Bamboozle, and made the front page of the New York Times. The new GOTJ infomercial is out, so you should go check that out, tickets are on sale now, and there will be another one soon with even more wigsplitting info! If you have trouble reaching the forums, please let us know. We’re probably going to blame Safari since we’ve fixed just about everything else it could be, but just let us know. We know there are HUGE gaps in the shirts/jersey sections, so please send in what we don’t have and we’ll get it up as soon as we can. One thing to note, the Purple Pimps were reprinted again, and they actually made posters too. I neglected to get pictures because I sold mine before they both were unwrapped because someone forgot to order them and I wasn’t going to hang them for a while, so, we need the actual pictures of those too. That’s it for now, stay wicked, Juggalos!

[Counterfeit God] 3/28/11

We’re….back? Yes indeed, after a ton of nonsense and server related staleness, we’re back in full effect! Unfortunately our whole message board had to be 86’d, so you have to reregister, but it has a whole new look thanks to Marlin! I’m going to keep this short, but we’re back, and we’re not going anywhere.

[Counterfeit God] 6/1/10

Are you Juggalos having some Happy Daze? The new ICP tour is in full swing, Twiztid is recording a new album, Blaze is about to drop another classic, and Georgia’s own Boondox has just dropped a CD so epic, you’ll sell your soul to the devil for a .45, a black cowboy hat, and a switchblade knife! Good thing the joke is on the devil, Juggalos can’t go to Hell’s Pit! Available on the Happy Daze tour is ICP’s: The Old Shit. A nice collection of older tracks from about 92-99, it’s a great war for newer Juggalos to get acquainted with ICP’s history. Make sure to scoop that and some of the new ICP merch on the Happy Daze tour. Head on over to Hatchet Gear to play the slots and win up to 25% off or a free jacket. If you have any tips or you hear anything, please email us!

[Counterfeit God] 3/29/10

How is it going out there, traders? Over here on the east coast, we’re recovering from the madness that was ICP’s Oddball Extravaganza. A SOLD OUT house saw a night full of wrestling, freak shows, , music, and a full performance from ICP! Mike E Clark even went old school and spun some Golden Goldies during his epic set. How many people today even remember the Goldies? Sadly, I don’t only bring epic, wigsplitting news. Some real assholes out there are trying to make a dishonest dollar by bootlegging Cryptic Collection Christmas and the Fetus cover of Mostasteless. It looks like the majority of the face CC:C were sold JohnnyC and the Mostasteless by a Mr. Rotten Treats(note the spelling), so please beware and check our forums before opening yours! If you have any tips or you hear anything, please email us!

[Counterfeit God]

We’re about a week and a half away from ICP’s Oddball Extravaganze show, and Juggalos are getting hype! A bunch of ninjas also plan on hitting up the La Coka Nostra show in Atlantic City on St Patrick’s Day, so that’ll be an added morsel of bonus flavor. We’ll be tweeting from the show, maybe even with live results for the JCW matches. Check us out on Twitter, @PsyTraders! The Twiztid Slaughterhouse tour is still going strong, make sure you hit up that tour if it hasn’t hit your area yet. Head on over to our boards and choose your sides between Pete Goddamn and Andy D.

[Counterfeit God]2/18/10

Twiztid’s Slaughterhouse tour kicked off tonight in Buffalo, NY and we have updates! Twiztid tweeted a picture today of Monoxide in front of a ton of SIGNED copies of Sacrifice from Mr Bones. They’re going FAST. Big ups to Michellez for getting us pictures of the merch booth. There seems to be a nice mix of jerseys including a few new ones. Check out the pictures below, and enjoy the tour!
Picture 1
Picture 2

[Counterfeit God]1/1/10

Happy New Year Juggalos! I made it out to New Year’s Evil 2, and there was absolutely no exclusive, and nothing was givenaway. The most we saw was a white Twiztid hat with the WICKED logo on the side in black. We’ve gotten a lot of the audio pages up to speed, along with more updates to the passes sections thanks to Boston Juggalo, and Derf. Big ups. Twiztid now has a twitter as well, hit them up @tweetmesohard and don’t forget about us over at @PsyTraders! One last bit, Twiztid’s SLAUGHTERHOUSE tour is getting ready to kick off and they’re bringing along the dead homie, Big Blaze. Will we see previews of bangers from the new album known as Gang Ragz? I hope so. Tickets are on sale NOW, as are tickets for ICP’s Oddball Extravaganza show in Philly on 3/20. Now, this is awesome for me because this is a home town show. Many people are coming for this show, so it should be one hell of a PT party up in there, as well as the La Coka Nostra show in Atlantic City on St. Patrick’s Day. Our last note, we now have a special forum set up to fill in the blanks of what we don’t have, come check it out, and submit any info you may have. See you on the Slaughterhouse tour!

[Counterfeit God]12.27.09

What’s up Juggalos? First off, a word of warning. Since HatchetGear is using mock ups, what you receive may NOT be eactly what’s pictured. Slim Chonson recently ordered the Blaze “76’ers” shirt. I approve, as I greatly enjoy Blaze showing Philly some love. Unfortunately, the picture didn’t match the shirt, as is the case with the logo on the back of the “Detroit” shirt. On the site, it’s a hollow logo, the real shirt however, has pot leaves all over the logo on the back. This is fresh for some Juggalos but not everyone hits the life force energy, if you catch my drift, and may not elect to wear merch with it on there. The trading world has been whipped into a fervor in the past week with the Hatchet Gear sales and the Big Balla Christmas Party bringing us the VERY exclusive Crytic Collection: Christmas from that demented duo known as Twiztid. Now typically, most Juggalos get the bone since only 100 were given away, but not this time! Psychopathic hooked up the Juggalos with FREE downloads of the album! I’ve seen this CD go for upwards of $200 on eBay already, so we’re ecstatic to see everyone gets to witness the flavor! Big props to CDTODD for shooting us some pictures of the newer zippos for the site, those pics will be up shortly. New Year’s Evil 2 is very quickly approaching and I’ll be in the house again along with many other PT’ers. If you see us, give a dap and snap a pic. In Twitter news, we finally have one, follow us @PsyTraders. In BIGGER news, Big Violent J and Boondox now rock Twitter! Follow them @bigviolentj and @BDX_Skarcrow for the latest in OFFICIAL Psychopathic news! As usual, hit us up with any merch info you may have as we close out 2009 in a most W.I.C.K.E.D. fashion.

[Counterfeit God]12.17.09

So, here is my grand entrance. A lot of you have known me for a long time since I’ve been around a while, but for the rest, I’ll do up a short introduction. I’ve been down since 1997, and on the site since around 2002 and it’s been a huge part of my life. I’ll leave the rest for the About Us page, when I eventually get around to that. I’ll be trying to fill in the holes to start, and I hope to get everything current as fast as possible. If you have info or pictures on anything we don’t have here, you can either email us, or post the info on the New Merch section of the board. PLEASE, only post unscarred pictures, or email them to us if you must scar them to post them. The Psychopathic Big Ballas Christmas Party is going down tomorrow, New Year’s Evil 2 is going down at the end of the month, the Big Money Rustlas premiere is in January and it just continues on from there, even through the ICP Oddball Bonanza Show in Philadelphia in March. I think I’ve run out of things to say, make sure you keep it tuned to Psychopathic Traders for the latest and greatest in merch news!


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