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What exactly is this “trading game” you speak of?
For many years, the Internet has been running wild. ICP were getting bigger, and more fans were getting online. They soon started to make pages with what items they had, and what they were looking for. They started to buy, sell, and trade over the Internet. The original PT came into form, bringing people together, then eBay hit, and things really started to explode.

How do I buy items off of your lists?
Oooh, you can’t. We provide a list of items that are out there, and their approximate values. To actually acquire something, you need to hit up individual traders, check our message board, or the Psychopathic Web Store (

I see an item that I want. How do I know where to look for it?
Well, you have to go to everyone’s web pages, and read their lists, and see what they have. Or, go through chat rooms, message boards, and such.

So you’re telling me I have to look through everyone’s pages? That’s wack. You should keep track of who has what items.
This was an ACTUAL set of questions. Dude wanted me to go look through everyone’s pages for him. He also thought we should keep a list by each item, of who all owns that item. Well, let me tell you… that would be IMPOSSIBLE, for reasons obvious to those with half a brain. So, I am sorry to say, yes, if you want something, you have to do a little work. Not a perfect system, but it’s as good as it gets.

How do I join the Traders List?
All you have to do is send us an email with your email addy, your stash link, your city/state, and the name you want to be known as. It’s that simple! If you don’t have all of these, you will probably not be added, so if you don’t see your name up there after a few days, get back to us.

I sent you an email to be on the Traders List, but I am not on yet. What is up?
Well, perhaps you didn’t give us all of the information needed, so be sure that you did. Most likely though, we just haven’t done it up yet. It usually takes a few days to get everyone together for each update. Keep checking the News Page to see if you were added there, and check your links to make sure we didn’t make a mistake. If say, 7 days go by with nothing, hit us with an email. Also, make sure to Right Click-Refresh the page/frame, because sometimes that does the trick.

Do I need to be a “member” of PT to trade with people or to be on the Message Board?
Not at all! You can feel free to email the people on the list, trade with them, and use PT to the full potential. If you want people to easily see your stuff, join the list, but you don’t have to.

Can I 100% trust everyone on the PT Traders List?
No, that is a slight flaw. You can never really 100% trust anyone you trade with online. Obviously, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. And even with the most popular/well-known traders, bad things happen, so always be careful. Refer to our “Tricks of the Trade” section for more help.

Where is the Bad Traders List? I got ripped off by someone and want to warn others.
Ah yes. For a while, we had a Bad Trader list, but that was flawed from the very start. We finally decided to take it down, so we can’t really help you there. But there are always trading message boards to warn other traders, as well as notes on your own page. Again, refer to our “Tricks of the Trade.”

I see someone using pictures from your site on their web page/ebay auctions. Does that mean that is selling it? Do you mind if I use your pictures?
No, not at all. We welcome people to use our pictures, if they wish… but that is why we paste our name across them – so that people cannot use them and claim they have the item, when they may not. If someone is using one of our pictures for say, an eBay auction, they MAY have the item but just don’t have a digital camera or what have you… but that should throw up a little red flag to potential buyers that the item they are getting may not be in the same shape or condition as the pictures, and it may not even exist.

I tend to disagree with one of your values, and I have some information you are missing. I have a valid reason, and here it is…
Thank you for emailing us and not being a dick. If you present us with what we have done wrong, we’ll correct it, if you come off as trying to help us. Some people come to us like that because they need to sell their stuff for more money, or they just come off abrasive. But, we realize this is not an exact science, and that some things get forgotten or overlooked. We pride ourselves on trying to involve EVERYONE into, so any bits of information you share with us, we appreciate greatly.

Are your values in American, Canadian, or other?
American dollar. It would be damn difficult, and against 90% of our viewers to do it any other way. If you don’t know what your foreign money is worth to the American dollar, check out The Universal Currency Converter.

Someone is trying to sell something for more than you have it listed for. What gives?
Remember, our prices are guidelines, not set in stone. To some people, thing are worth more. Some, less. Trading is very relative and in the eye of the buyer/seller. Also, times before tours/Gatherings bring out rarer items for cheaper because people need the money.

Where is the *Insert numerous variations* Section? PT really needs it to be complete.
Ah yes. Well, if you are looking for more Misc sections, like head gear, promo stand ups, and stuff like that, rest assured, we’ve been working on Misc. sections over time, and we will eventually get stuff up. If you’re asking about pre-Psychopathic Esham and ABK audio, or HOK shirts/posters, you MAY be out of luck. Esp. in the case of Esham, there is just TOO MUCH pre-Psy stuff for us to list, especially if we are We could half-ass it, but that wouldn’t really do any good for us, or you. Maybe, one day, we can venture into these areas, but only time can tell.

What is the “Half Way There” CD? I saw it online, and I should order it!
This is, by far, one of the most asked questions we get. “Half Way There” was the name for Mutilation Mix before it got released and named… Mutilation Mix. There are some online stores that still say they have this, but if you check, they are out of stock, and will never be in stock because it never came out.


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