PT About was born on January 10, 1998, by JackJeckyl as the first Insane Clown Posse Audio Traders Page. It soon included values and descriptions, spawned Posters and Shirts pages,
then came together as you see it today. Many people have had a hand in the page you are looking at today, and they all have left their marks in one form or another. From JackJeckyl, ClownDogg2, RedHatchetman, and RingmastaSuplex who all ran/worked on the page earlier, to people who send us pictures to use, to the Traders on the List, they all have a piece of that they have laid down. Like a quilt, you can go through and pick out what pieces individual people have contributed over the years that are still prominent today

We pride ourselves in being the first, longest-standing, most informational, and all around best Traders Page on the Internet. We don’t do it for ourselves, but for the people who view and contribute to the page. They are the body of the page; we just provide the skeleton. This page is for everyone who collects Psychopathic merchandise and wants to see what others have, how much their collection is approximately worth, and what else there is out there to collect. This site should by no means be taken as Absolute Truth. Values, by nature, are relative.

Anything that is said on this page or its message board is the views and opinions of the person writing it, and not the opinion of
the page as a whole. The content of this page is geared towards those over 18 years of age, and anyone younger or who is offended should not be here. Most anything talked about or shown on this site is property of Psychopathic Records and Pictures used are ‘scarred’ with our initials not so that others cannot view and enjoy them, but so that shady people cannot take and use them to give the appearance that they own the item, as to steal from other Juggalos. Any information given on the page can be used in other places, but credit must be fully given to’s Accomplishments

  • In 2001, PT is featured on “Dot Com,” the last song on the Dark Lotus “Tales From the Lotus Pod” album, which names off numerous sites, clubs, etc.
  • In 2002, PT is featured on in the Links section (before the high.low bandwidth layouts).
  • In 2002, PT conducts an interview with the The Monoxide Child of Twiztid. A portion of this interview was later used in Twiztid’s “4 The Fam” EP, available on
  • In 2003, Violent J’s “Behind the Paint” is released, and Peter of PT is credited for help with the Discography.
  • In 2003, PT is chosen to be a part of the “Twiztid Top Ten,” which was voted on by the fans to allow ten sites to ask Twiztid ten questions for a collaborative interview.
  • In late 2003 and into 2004, PT helps to promote shows for local rapper White Boy Ric. In turn, Ric gives props on his web site, at shows, and even on the popular “Buckhead Show” on Channel 955 here in Detroit.
  • In 2004, PT is chosen to be a part of the “Zug Thug Studio Invasion,” which was a vote by the people at Zug Izland’s message board to send six sites to Zug Izland’s studio for an interview, an album preview, and more.
  • In 2004, PT is used to help Sportsrock with new Psychopathic merchandise ideas/graphics.
  • January 10th, 2008 marks ten full years that has been on the Internet, making it one of the longest running Psychopathic fan websites.

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