Auctions Gathering of the Juggalos 2003

  • Everything Underlined is a link to a picture of that item. If you have a picture, please send them to us.
  • Prices listed are not values, but the price they went for at auction. Actual value may be higher or lower.
  • The Official Descriptions are taken from the Gathering 2003 program.
  • At the end, the winners competed in a dice game to narrow the field down for a winner of 25% of the money earned.

Gathering 2003, in the Crystal Forest. The Auctions happened midday of the Friday of the weekend on the Main Stage to a pretty large crowd. Once again, Netmaster Gordon held down the event, this year Stefan handled the money and it went off smoothly as usual. Well, except for the sun, which gave many burns to unsuspecting Auctioners.

  1. Psychopathic Records Plaque
    Final Price: $230
    Official Description: This heavy, solid glass plaque is slightly worn, as it has been chillin up at Psychopathic Records for about five years now. Made entirely of transparent, tinted glass, it would kill you if someone hit you with it. The letters are grey, vinyl stickers. This item is only one of its kind, and if it could talk, it would speak novels, as it was witness to just about everything.
    Notes: This was basically a piece of glass with some vinyl stickers on it. But, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and someone went home with this and was happy. Good times.
  2. The Wraith Promotional Singles
    Final Price: $170
    Official Description: This item features three CD singles of the radio and street versions of ICP’s song, “Juggalo Homies,” from The Wraith album. Also included is the promotional vinyl featuring the songs “Juggalo Homies” and “Ain’t Yo Bidness” in four different versions, each. These rare musical promotional items were distributed to clubs and radio stations nationwide in an attempt to have the songs picked up on their normal rotation.
    Notes: These items are not that difficult to find on the Internet, but perhaps not everyone in the world is Internetting these days.
  3. Comic Book Collection
    Final Price: $100
    Official Description: The collection has every #1 comic book that ICP has ever put out, in mint condition. First is the very first ICP comic book ever made: the black and white Wicked Clownz (1993). It features the artwork of Shaggy 2Dope amd a story by Violent J that depicts ICP going from gang members to murdering clowns. This is perhaps the first specialty item that ICP ever made, and is a must have for serious collectors. Also included in this collection is Insane Clown Posse #1 (June 1999), The Pendulum #1 (January 2000), which is very rare, and also features the even rarer Jeckel Brothers cover,
    Hallowicked #1 (June 2002), and Halls of Illusions #1 (June 2002).

    Notes: Again, this was not something that couldn’t easily be pieced together on the Internet, but perhaps the winner just wanted to start up their ICP Comic Collection in style. Nothing wrong with that.
  4. Wraith Clock
    Final Price: $230
    Official Description: This cheap plastic clock was a prototype that was never made. It is none-the-less very interesting. It features a large image of The Wraith, centered around 6 other Joker’s Card images and six Hatchetman logos. This is the only clock of its kind in the known universe, and it shall remain that way throughout all of time.
    Notes: Cheap plastic clock is right. The pictures do this clock no justice. Although, it is one of a kind, and it’s a cool little novelty. I’m sure it’s correctly telling time on someone’s wall as you read this.
  5. $100 Bill
    Final Price: $200
    Official Description: That’s right, a crisp, legitimate, one-hundred dollar bill with no strings attached. It’s the kind you wanna take to a strip club amd slap a tittie dancer on the ass with. Is this a chance to make a little money and get in the dice game? Let’s sit back and see what happens with this one.
    Notes: Now, everyone hated on this, but it makes sense. There was nothing special with it… just a Hundy. But, it was basically a lottery ticket; a chance to get in the Dice game and take home a wad of cash. And it almost worked, as the guy who won this almost pulled off the dice game. Fuck off haters.
  6. Two Hallowicked 2000 Box Sets
    Final Price: $200
    Official Description: Only two thousand of these special gift boxes were ever made. They were passed out at both of the 2000 Hallowicked shows. Unfortunately, some boxes were never claimed, and have since been sitting in the Psychopathic warehouse. Inside, you will find special Bizzar and Bizaar CDs that have a different cover and inserts than the originals, a special edition of Twiztid’s Freekshow CD, Hallowicked 2000 CD, Hallowicked 2000 T-shirt, promotional flat and sticker, and a numbered certificate of authenticity. These slightly dented boxes are among the last of those not claimed, and will never appear for auction again.
    Notes: Ok, get serious. Can we go a Gathering without 2 of these popping up? It will be the Gathering 2057, and there will be “the last two Hallowicked boxes left” for auction. Regardless, two for 200 isn’t that bad of a price on these.
  7. Murder Mayhem Show and Wraith In-Store Diagrams
    Final Price: $170
    Official Description: These are five templetes for the Murder Mayhem stage set used during Insane Clown Posse’s Shangri-La Tour, and the Shangri-La trailer used during their Wraith In-Store tour. On these diagrams you will see the measurements and drawings for each piece of the stage set, before it even went into production. All of these diagrams were approved, and the stage set and trailer have since been made and used for their respective purposes.
    Notes: The Auctions wouldn’t be the same without the ol diagrams. And it wouldn’t be the same without the same fuckin guy winning them every year. Seriously guy, get us some pictures. I see you all the time at shows, so help us out here!
  8. Riddle Box Collection
    Final Price: $260
    Official Description: Both of these items are extremely rare! The first is a “Chicken Huntin” sampler, still in its original plastic wrap! These samplers were passed out during the Riddle Box era to help promote the album. It includes the full “Chicken Huntin” song, snippets from other songs, and an amusing portrayal of a circus entertainer trying to entice a crowd inside so he can steal their souls. The other item is a mint condition original Riddle Box Christmas shirt. This was sold duing the 1995 Christmas show. It could very well be the only on left in existence! It features a red and green Riddle Box wearing a Christmas hat on the front, with “Merry Fuckin Christmas Bitch” on the back.
    Notes: And then we get one of these kinda auctions. Not impossible items to find, but not everyone has the means of trusty eBay. Most would argue this went for a little more than it possibly should have… but in the heat of the moment, money is no object.
  9. Australian Package
    Final Price: $150
    Official Description: This package, courtesy of Shock Records, contains posters and CDs that are only available in Australia. Included are six small Wraith promotional posters that were distributed all throughout Australia. There are also three “Juggalo Homies” CD singles that have three different versions of the song, as well as the songs “Bloody Bitch” and “Juggalo Chant.” These items mark the beginning of an Australian connection that was long overdue.
    Notes: Either all these auctions are weak, or I am just running out of things to say about each one. Or both. Again, while not as much as others, you can find these items on ebay if you were looking. Although, who wants to pay for shipping from Australia, right?
  10. Mystery Box
    Final Price: $700
    Official Description: The mystery of this box is shrouded in secrecy. There is something of worth inside, but what is it? How much is too much to bid on the unknown, or is this a chance for you to walk away with a total steal? Once the highest bidder has paid for the Mystery Box, it will be opened, and the contents revealed to all. Splaaaa! Slapping you in the face with it! Indeed, it’s taking a risk, but remember, you’ll never make it great at anything by playin it safe!.
    Notes: Ok, this was REAL funny. Dude looks in the box, and it’s an AJB flat….. yeah, that’s IT. But hey.. that’s not all, we are told. God I hope not, or this kid is gonna be killing everyone on stage. They bring out.. hard to explain, but it is the 18″ x 24″ Dark Lotus poster and it appears to be matted, or on a thick piece of cardboard. Regardless… is that it? No.. then they bust out the same deal with the Twiztid Batman and Robin poster. Ok, get to the good shit, seriously. Then they bust out with another poster deal, but this is of ICP and Twiztid, like the picture from the Hallowicked 2000 flat. Not bad. Then he gets the Gathering 2002 vinyl banner. That is it. Not bad.. but I hope he didn’t fly to the Gathering, cause getting that shit home would be rough.
  11. Four Giant ICP Poster Proofs
    Final Price: $300
    Official Description: These four huge (6′ by 4.5′) posters are the proofs for the Insane Clown Posse stand ups. They feature the band in their new Wraith paint schemes standing against a green background. These proofs have since been approved, and turned into the Wraith promotional stand ups. These posters appear nowhere else, and were never for sale.
    Notes: I always heard about these, but I gave them no real recognition. They are basically posters of the 6 Foot stand ups, and they also have a little picture of ICP on them, which I assume was used for the 12″ ones. While these aren’t the only 4 around, there aren’t many floating around.
  12. Framed Poster Proof
    Final Price: $580
    Official Description: This devastating poster was a prototype, which for some reason was never made. It features an artistic collage of various artists on Psychopathic, including ICP, Anybody Killa, Zug Izland, and Esham. Nicely mounted in a black frame, it is also autographed by the artists themselves, making this a true treasure to adorn your wall.
    Notes: First off, my personal speculation is that this poster was to be the original Diamonds Raining Tour poster, for if you recall, Zug Izland was supposed to be on that tour. Anyways, that being said, this was a pretty nice item, and it fetched a pretty penny.
  13. Debonair Male Slave
    Final Price: $340
    Official Description: This suave, Charismatic, and able-bodied stud is here to be of service to whoever bids the highest. He has many female admirers, and now he can be all yours, Sunday between 11am and 6pm. As a slave, he will perform any task you lay out for him, as long as it does not break his own morals or is sexual in nature. So have him hold your place in line, clip your toenails, or carry you on his back. The limits are only left up to your imagination, and who knows where things could lead? Perhaps you’ll find a new friend, perhaps more.
    Notes: At first, it was wrestling superstar Adam Gooch, as you can see in the picture. And dammit, I’d be a liar if I didn’t admit that I wanted to win. Gooch, on the off-chance you’re reading this, I always thought you were a gomer-ass, terrible worker… but you’re the man, seriously. Anyways, enter Mad Man Pondo, a piledriver through a table, and MMP is your new suave male slave. This was one of the hottest back and forth struggles in Auction history, as two ladies battled dollar by dollar for Pondo’s services. In the end, he went for $340, and everyone happy. Except me, because I was worried for Gooch. We recently got the pictures from the winner’s day with Pondo, and here are some quality shots.
  14. Sexy Female Slave
    Final Price: $500
    Official Description: This young, attractive, and curvaceous Juggalette is the fantasy and dream of many a Juggalo. Her expert services are up for grabs to the highest bidder so that you can have your very own personal escort. She will do whatever you ask as long as it does not break her own morals or is sexual in nature: anything from massaging your shoulders, to carrying your bags, to looking for a friend of yours. Don’t think of her as a friend, think of her as a slave, ’cause that’s what she’ll be from 11am to 6pm on Sunday. Hey, who knows, you two might just hit it off, but with a body like hers, you would probably end up being her slave when it was all said and done.
    Notes: Umm.. I dunno what to say here. Like last year, it was two females up on the auction block, but unlike last year, Vince didn’t win them. But from the picture, I think Adam Gooch was trying to make them his slaves for the night.
  15. Ultimate Vinyl Sticker Collection
    Final Price: $300
    Official Description: THis is a mixed collection of 40 prototype and rare vinyl stickers (all are 8″ except one of the Psychopathic ones, which is 13″), and includes the following: Psychopathic (2), Psychopathic Records 10th Anniversary (4), Gathering of the Juggalos (7), Juggalo (3), Juggalette (10), Major League Psycho (2), Carnival of Carnage (1), Twiztid (2), and Esham (9). A good percent of these are unique prototypes, while some were only available at last year’s Gathering. A few may be put into regular production. No matter what, you’ll never find a more diverse, rare collection of stickers!
    Notes: Again, this caught a lot of heat with people, but aside from ten Juggalette stickers, I thought this was pretty cool, as each sticker was different.
  16. Framed Jack Jeckel Jersey
    Final Price: $600
    Official Description: This jersey, nicely mounted and matted in a large and expensive frame (2.5′ by 3.5′), has the autograph of every single artist currently on Psychopathic Records. Taken right from the Psychopathic Records’ office, this art piece was made specially to adorn its walls with flavor. It is one of the best items for auction this year.
    Notes: This seems to be a trend each year, the framed jersey. This year we get the Jake Jeckel football jersey, autographed by everyone at Psychopathic.
  17. Ringmaster Clown Suit
    Final Price: $560
    Official Description: This suit has somewhat of a history. It was made for Insane Clown Posse’s performance at the very first Gathering of the Juggalos. Then it was stolen by a juggahoe from the backstage area, and not seen again for two years. Amazingly, the idiot who took it tried to sell it, but through a string of connections we got it back before he made a dime. It is in perfect condition, and one of the first ones ever made.
    Notes: Another year, another clown suit. Compared to last years suits, this one went for a lot of scratch.
  18. Three Violent J Michael Jackson Jackets
    Final Price: $560
    Official Description: These were all used during The Wraith Tour, by Violent J himself, during his Michael Jackson routine onstage. They are incredible pieces of work, and utterly eye-catching. One is gold, another blue, and the third black. All are 100% sequined-out, sparkly devastation. Ther very large jackets have seen it all, yet are in perfect condition!
    Notes: Psychopathic pulled the ol switch-a-roo, and when the Gathering came around, we had three Black jackets, no gold or blue ones. That disappointed many Auction viewers, but someone still went home happy, probably moonwalking to their car..
  19. Official Wraith Tour Jacket
    Final Price: $1050
    Official Description: Every time a Joker Card drops, Psychopathic has a fresh-ass jacket made so that its artists and employees can represent on tour. This item is one of the brand new Official Wraith Tour jackets. Only 20 of these devastating jackets were ever made, and they will never be for sale. This white and blue XXXL jacket has a huge Wraith image on the back, as well as three Joker Card images on each sleeve. Also, on the front, is an Insane Clown Posse patch, with Hatchetmen logos on the pockets. Prepare to blow ninjas’ wigs off when you show up on the scene wearing this flavor.
    Notes: This jacket was given away as a prize to many contests over the weekend (i.e., the Tattoo contest), and one was auctioned here. It was a pretty hot item, as the price seemed to skyrocket to a G very quickly.
  20. Ultimate Prototype Collection
    Final Price: $1880
    Official Description: For real. Get schooled. This item is the ultimate collection of unique prototype merchandise. There is simply too much flavor to even TRY to mention it here. So, so much flavor. If it were all listed here you’d bust a nut just from reading about it. From T-shirts to jerseys to hoodies – shit. This collection is so vast and phat it has never been seen before, and will never be seen again. You’re gonna have to check it out on display at the Information Tent to truly comprehend this auction item’s level of flavor. We recommend you strap your wig to your head beforehand.
    Notes: Well, everyone got schooled. We had ten, count em, ten pieces of clothing in this lot. They included: Psychopathic Basketball Jersey; Juggalette “Half-Jersey”; Black/Silver Psychopathic Hockey Jersey; White/Green Twiztid Baseball Jersey; Wraith Baseball Jersey; Wraith Football Jersey; Psychopathic Throwback Jersey; Black Psychopathic Hockey Jersey; Psychopathic Hoodie; and the Dark Green
    GOTJ 03 “Puzzle” shirt like that sold, but with nothing on the back. One lucky man won the whole lot, and he was nice enough to hook us up with pictures, so thank you.


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